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After the banishment of Nightmare and and before the Luna's return, for more than a thousand years Princess Celestia has ruled over Equestria with all of its diversity as its sole monarch.

Despite such a centralized power, the nation have saw such long lasting peace and stability its miraculous. However, what if somepony tells you that Princess Celestia was never alone? What if throughout her long life as ruler, a loyal unknown figure has always been assisting, guiding, and taking care of her?

What if somepony tells you that achievements of and sustainability of the Equestrian civilization would all be impossible without a certain human behind the scene?

Inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization Series, this story is set during the founding of Equestria as a civilization with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as its early monarchs.

However, this story will mostly revolves around strategy and policy making on one side, and slice of life kind of fluff between the characters... with a twist!

I try my best to refer as much as possible to canon history, politics, governance, and geography based on mostly the TV Series and MLP Wikia, but I may alter some for plot purposes.

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Comments ( 2 )

Good start keep it up!

My god boys, never thought I would see a sid meirs mix with MLP story. I do hope it is one of the older game most of this story will be based on.

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