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Yet Another Snippet of the New Story, A Fresh Avatar aaannnddd... 59 Followers!!! · 3:51am May 19th, 2014

Fighting the encroaching lethargy the painkiller was still bringing on, she approached the left side of his bed. Rising up onto her back hooves, she placed her good foreleg on the mattress, allowing an unimpeded view of the colt. She looked onward from her vantage, making sure that her movements wouldn’t harm or dislodge any of the medical adjuncts secured to him. With a deep breath and crude movements, a little leap from her back legs brought her up onto the bed, landing on her

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It's weird reading OG stories from when the fandom was just starting out. Even weirder to know that many bronies that were once so involved in the writing of these stories have just... disappeared. Moved on, I guess. Lost interest?

Maybe he got bored writing?

nope he left us high and dry

he lost interest

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