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Jerry was a broken man, working at an unrewarding job, slowly losing the fight against a depression born from paternal abuse and resentment. With no surviving family or friends beyond hollow acquaintances, he turned to drink in order to dull the pain of the same routine and all its awful reminders.

In one night, lost amidst the haze of inebriation and regret, his old life was reduced to nothing more than the ashes of a bad memory. Reborn into an unfamiliar world, and with a body just as alien, how will he adapt with nowhere to call home?

Special Thanks to:
Flaming Reign (Proofreading/editing)
Hyper Atomic (For the awesome description update as well as notes and proofreading!)
Cloudy Serrano (For going back over my original chapters and doing some MUCH NEEDED editing!)
jjamess10 (For EPIC Cover Art)

Chapters (13)

A paramedic for a busy ambulance service saves a young girls life while on the job one day. Afterwards, a gift is given to him from the little girl that she says will "come in handy someday." He appreciatively takes the gift, but had no idea that the little girl was right... Now after an accident that should have ended his life, he wakes up in a world which seems to be his own. But he soon finds out differently.
Now, magically transported to Ponyville, he must learn how things are done and ultimately make this place his new home.

Cover Art by jjamess10

Chapters (11)