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A Colt's Tale - my_little_medic

The following is the story of a grown man who comes to find himself in equestria and how he gets along as a pegasus colt.

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A Place to Stay

I looked up and noticed that Twilight was whispering something to Applejack. She said something into the brown mare's ear and Applejack replied with a nod. Twilight jumped a bit as she turned and noticed that I had been watching her. An uncomfortable smile spreading over her face as she took a couple steps closer to the bed.

"So Phoenix... what were you doing out in the Everfree Forest all by yourself?" She asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

'Crap... what do I say here?!' I wondered.

I knew this was going to come up but hadn't had time to think about what I was going to say. I let my gaze drop to my hooves as I tried to think of what my answer should be. The truth was always the easiest thing to remember but what was the truth? I really had no idea how or why I ended up here, nevermind the fact that I was a little winged colt.

"I...really don't know..." I said as I raised my gaze back to meet hers. "I just kind of woke up there..."

It wasn't a lie, and it was the only truth that I had after all. She exchanged a worried glance with the other two before looking back at me.

"So then, where are your parents?" She asked.

I let out a sigh as I once again dropped my gaze. Another question that I should have been prepared for. After all, I was just a child in this new place. I should have realized that it would be only a matter of time before someone asked where my caregivers were.

"They're gone..." I said in a solemn tone.

There were several seconds of a very uncomfortable silence that filled the room.

"Wha...What do ya mean gone?" A childish voice said, breaking the silence.

I turned my head only to be met with Applebloom's sad and tearing eyes. The little filly obviously knew what I meant but it seemed she was hoping that what I said carried a different meaning.

I turned my head back down to look at my hooves once again.

"....You know what I mean..." I answered in a hollow tone.

Suddenly, I could feel I was being squeezed. Applebloom had wrapped her forelegs around my neck and was giving me a huge hug. I turned my head in her grasp until I was looking at her. Her eyes were closed and she had tears flowing down her cheeks, dampening the peach colored fur of her face. I felt the heat building up in my eyes and could feel the tears were soon to follow.

'Damnit! She's making me cry now!' I thought in frustration.

I shut my eyes as I tried to stifle my tears but it didn't do any good. I pushed Applebloom away from me and dropped onto my stomach. Quickly I buried my face in my hooves as I started sobbing.

'It's been three years since mom passed away. Why am I so sad about it all of a sudden...?!'

My sobbing was interrupted as I felt a hoof gently stroking my back. I looked up from my hooves to see a familiar pale yellow face. She was standing next to my bed and had such a warm and caring look on her face. Her blue-green eyes full of the tender love that only a caring friend or relative should possess.

"There there..." She said as she came close and nuzzled the side of my face. A sudden blush had sprung up from my cheeks as I felt the fur from her face brushing against mine. It felt wonderful, like I was a child that had dropped my ice cream cone and my mother was there to console me and tell me that everything was all right.

'Wait! That voice! I know that voice!' I thought as I began to recall my memories in the forest. I knew why she looked so familiar now. She was the one in the forest that had calmed and cradled me. In my moment of absolute terror, she had been the one to soothe my tattered nerves and allow my overabundance of adrenaline to dissipate.

"Were you the one that picked me up in the Forest?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Heh! You kidding?!" Applejack chimed in. "Fluttershy here carried ya all the way ta the hospital."

I could see that she was beginning to blush through her pale yellow fur. I sat back up on my rump and used my front foreleg to wipe the tear trails from my face. I looked back at Applebloom who had stopped crying by now and was wiping the tears off of her face as well.

"Thank you..." I said shyly as I turned back to Fluttershy.

She shot me a pleasant smile as she reached forward and nuzzled my face again.

"It was no trouble at all." She answered in her soft voice. "I certainly couldn't have left you there with how hurt and scared you were."

"None of us coulda!" Applejack stated as she stepped forward and messed my mane with a hoof. "We look after our own!" She added proudly.

I had let a little smile come back to my face as I looked into their eyes again. I looked back over at Applebloom who quickly dropped her gaze. I stood up and walked a few steps over to her before throwing my forelegs around her neck and giving her a hug. She smiled and returned the hug. After all, it really wasn't fair to try and push someone...er, somepony, away that wanted nothing more than to help me feel better.

"Oh! I didn't realize that he would have so many visitors." A male voice stated from the doorway.

I looked up as the other ponies cleared a path and revealed a sandy yellow unicorn standing in the doorway. I tilted my head as I scanned this new pony. He wore glasses on the bridge of his nose as well as a white lab coat with a collared shirt and tie. His mane and tail were a rich brown color and were neatly combed back.

'Aside from the occasional hat, I haven't seen any pony wearing clothes yet.' I thought as I stared at the unicorn.

This pony was obviously a doctor. He had a stethoscope that was laying across his back and hanging down at his sides. He walked into the room giving the other ponies a friendly nod. Applebloom took a few steps back on the bed before sitting down and watching him with curiosity.

A warm expression came over the doctor's face as he stopped at the side of the bed and looked me over.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked in a gentle tone.

I looked myself over briefly before answering him.

"...... Better... thanks..." I said in a timid voice.

The doctor smiled and gave me a little nod.

"Can you do a few things for me? I'd like to see how well you're healing." He asked.

I nodded my head at the doctor.

"Good! Can you try and flap your wings for me?"

I nodded my head and gave an uncomfortable smile. Not only had my wings been injured, but I never really took the time to figure out how they really worked. I turned my head to the side and looked at the bandages that covered both of my wings. I stood up on all fours and crouched down on my front legs. I squinted and stuck my tongue out to the side slightly as I tried to get them to move. Once again, the right wing started moving up and down like I wanted it to. I focused as hard as I could, but I still couldn't get the left wing to move at all.

My concentration was suddenly broken as the doctor spoke up.

"That's enough for now." He said.

I looked back at him, a warm smile still showing on his face. The disappointment I felt must have been evident because the doctor commented on it.

"Remember, you've got a lot of healing left to do. No reason to overdo it right now, right?" He said as he reached a hoof up and messed my mane.

I let my smile return and gave the doctor a little nod.

"Okay, last thing! Do you feel like you can walk?" He asked.

"...Sure." I answered.

I stood up on all fours on the bed and looked up at the doctor. His horn had suddenly begun to glow a pale yellow. I tilted my head to the side as I looked at his glowing horn and suddenly I felt myself being lifted up off the bed. I looked down at my own hooves and noticed that I was enveloped in the same color light that the doctor's horn was emitting. A sudden panic came flashing across my mind as I felt the laws of gravity being broken around me. I let out a surprised gasp as I was suddenly floating down to the floor. Gently, the doctor set me down on all fours and the aura around me dissipated.

'Whoa! So they can use magic on each other as well?!' I thought.

"Well, do you think I can see you walk?" The doctor said. Effectively bringing me out of my trance.

I looked down at my hooves and began to walk, putting one hoof in front of the other. The bad part was when my left rear hoof hit the floor and I transferred my weight, it brought the pain in my flank back. I could feel that I was walking with a limp on that hoof but I kept going.

"Very good!" The doctor commented. "You're healing very well!"

I smiled slightly and looked to the other three ponies in my room. They were all smiling at me and Applejack gave me a wink. I felt my self becoming weightless again and I looked up at the doctor and saw his horn glowing its pale yellow. Before long I was floating back up onto the bed and was set down gently next to Applebloom.

"Great job Phoenix!" The little filly said with a huge smile.

"Phoenix...?" The doctor said in a confused voice. "Is that your name?"

"Umm... yes..." I answered. A very uncomfortable feeling manifested itself in my stomach as the doctor squinted his eyes at me. I thought for sure that he hadn't believed me.

The doctor raised his head with a smile after a few moments.

"Well very good then!" He exclaimed. "I'll make sure that nurse Redheart updates it on your chart."

'Phew!' I took a very big sigh of relief mentally.

"Now, you're healing very well but I must say that you are going to need lots of rest if you want to keep it up. Sick foals need lots of rest so they can get stronger." He added with an upward inflection that made me cringe a bit. I still wasn't quite used to being talked to like I was five again.

I gave the doctor a timid nod and watched as he turned around to the other three.

"Would you all mind joining me in the hallway for a moment? I have something that I need to discuss with you." He stated very matter-of-factly.

I raised an eyebrow as I watched the doctor walk out the door and the three adults followed him. Applejack turned around in the doorway and looked back at Applebloom and myself.

"Applebloom, ya'll stay here an keep Phoenix company all right?" Applejack said before nudging the door shut behind her.

The little filly jumped up with a huge smile and yelled. "Sure thing sis'!"


Applejack gave the door to the hospital room a little nudge, which brought it loose from its door stop and allowed it to close with a soft 'click.'

The doctor turned around in the hallway to look at the three ponies that had followed him. He reached a hoof up to his face to readjust his glasses before clearing his throat.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news regarding this little colt you all brought in." The doctor said in a sad tone.

The three ponies exchanged concerned glances with each other before turning their attention back to the doctor.

"We've had our couriers flying all over Equestria to the different hospitals and shelters. No pony is reporting any missing children. We were unable to find any family or records of him at all. However, now that we have his name, we'll try once more."

"Well, I really don't think it'll do any good doc." Applejack said.

The doctor looked at the brown mare with a raised eyebrow.

"Twilight here asked him where his folks was and he broke down in tears. Said they was passed on..." Applejack continued in a solemn tone.

Twilight dropped her head and let her ears fall to the side as she was reminded of her upsetting question she asked the little colt. It wasn't meant to bring up any painful memories after all. It was only supposed to help them figure out why he was all alone in a place like the Everfree Forest.

The doctor raised a hoof to his chin and rubbed it back and forth for a moment.

"Well, he's healing very well minus his left wing. We're planning on discharging him from the hospital tomorrow. However, with him being so young and having no family to claim him, we'll have to transfer him to the youth shelter in Fillydelphia for the time being."

Twilight and Applejack both let out a surprised gasp while Fluttershy dropped her gaze to her hooves.

"Fillydelphia?!" Twilight asked in shock.

The doctor let out a sigh as a defeated look came across his face. "We don't really have another option at this point... It's sad to think that he's been alone for 'who knows how long?' Now we're going to have to transfer him to a youth shelter until somepony claims him or decides to foster him."

The three ponies dropped their ears to the sides as they let their depressed faces fall to their hooves. Applejack raised her head to meet the doctors stare.

"Isn't there anything else that we could do?" Applejack asked.

The doctor contemplated this for a moment before an idea suddenly struck him and a smile came across his face.

"I don't suppose any of you would be interested in giving him a place to stay would you?" The doctor asked enthusiastically.

Applejack and Twilight gave each other confused looks while Fluttershy put her hoof up to her chin in thought.

"I don't really have any room fer him at the farm... I mean, I guess I could see if Big Mac would let him stay in his room... But harvest season is coming up fast and I don't know if I'd have time ta keep track of him." Applejack said.

"I know I can't do it... I've already got Spike to look after and I really can't take any more time out of my studies for the princess." Twilight added.

"Well, who else do we know that might be able ta take care of him?" Applejack asked.

Fluttershy took a deep breath and let it out before taking a step forward. "I'll do it!" She stated abruptly.

"WHAT?!" The other two exclaimed at the same time.

Fluttershy's brow had furrowed and her face showed a very determined look on it. "I'll take him." She said sternly.

Twilight's jaw fell open for a moment. "Fluttershy.... Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into? I know that you're good with animals but a colt? How do....."

Twilight was interrupted by Applejack putting a hoof up to her face.

"Now hang on just a minute Twi." Applejack said. "Maybe Fluttershy's just the match this little guy needs... Look at the effect she's had on him since we first found him in the forest. Today especially! I think that she'll be the perfect match fer him."

Fluttershy's determination had wavered at Applejack's kind words and she was now blushing with a shy smile showing on her face.

"Is this something you're willing to take on Miss Fluttershy?" The doctor asked, bringing her back to attention.

"Ummm...." Fluttershy said shakily. "Yes!" She added with confidence.

"You're willing to give him a home with you?" The doctor asked in a stern voice. "Feed him? Help him heal through his injuries? Make sure he goes to school?"

Fluttershy smiled and gave the doctor a noble nod. "I am." She said.

"And, what if we are unable to find any family of his? Are you willing to accept the possibility that he may stay with you permanently?" The doctor added.

Twilight and Applejack looked at Fluttershy with growing concern evident on their faces.

Fluttershy took a deep breath in again. "Yes!" She said while exhaling. "I can't allow him to be thrown into a youth shelter after all he's been through. I'll make sure he is well taken care of and has the best life possible here in Ponyville!"

The other two looked over at the doctor who after a few moments of extreme contemplation allowed a smile through. The sandy yellow unicorn walked up to Fluttershy and patted her on the back with a hoof.

"Well Miss Fluttershy, I guess little Phoenix will be staying with you then!" The doctor stated in a very happy tone. "We'll get all the paperwork done tonight and have his discharge instructions ready for you in the morning."

Fluttershy propped her head up proudly, displaying a very large smile.

"Shall we go and let little Phoenix know?" The doctor asked as he made his way past the three mares and back to the hospital room door.


The door to the hospital room closed with a soft click. I looked over at Applebloom who had a rather toothy looking grin on her face.

"So do ya think you're gonna stay here in Ponyville?" The Filly asked excitedly.

"Uhh...." I replied in confusion.

I really hadn't thought about this either. Now I was here in civilization and not just alone in some God forsaken forest by myself. Where was I supposed to stay now? What was I supposed to do now? How was a 'child' supposed to get a job and find a place to stay? My head started to ache as I tried to think about these things.

"I really don't know... I don't know anyone here and I've honestly never even heard of Ponyville before."

"Really?!" Applebloom said, a confused look on her face.

I gave the filly a little nod as I kept trying to figure out what I was supposed to do after I got out of the hospital. Surely they weren't planning on keeping me here forever.

Applebloom bounced up from her seat on the bed and started bouncing on all fours around me.

"It's great here! You'd love it!" She said excitedly. "Ponyville is an amazing place! Ma family owns Sweet Apple Acres over on the edge of town! We provide a lot of the crops ta the townsfolk!"

I looked to the apple that was on the tray next to the bed and then down at the filly's overstuffed saddlebag before looking back to her.

"I'm assuming you mainly grow... apples?" I said sarcastically.

Applebloom stopped her bouncing and plopped down beside me. She gave me a smirk as she nodded her head at my sarcastic question.

Suddenly, my stomach let out a loud growl. This talk about food was reminding me of how hungry I was. The nurse was definitely right about two chocolate chip cookies not being enough.

Applebloom giggled, hearing the loud growl from my insides. "Well, if you're not going ta eat the food here in the hospital, I brought plenty of apples from ma farm fer ya."

I looked back at the apple on the tray. I laid down onto my stomach and slid over to the tray, grabbing the apple in my teeth and pushing myself back up onto my rump.

'Now, how am I going to do this without making a mess.' I thought.

I heard a couple of 'clops' and felt Applebloom jump off the bed to the floor. I turned my head to look down at her as she picked up an apple out of the saddlebag in her teeth and turned her foreleg so her hoof was upside down underneath the apple. She took a bite and let the apple fall into the cleft of her hoof while she chewed it up.

'Sure, make it look that easy!' I thought sarcastically.

I raised my foreleg and turned it so the hoof was upside down like I had watched her do. I positioned the hollow cleft under the apple and took a bite as the apple fell into my hoof.

The juices from the apple were rich and sweet. I closed my eyes as the sweet fluid flowed through my taste buds. I chewed up the bite and quickly took another one, not wanting the sweet flavor to go away. I had eaten many apples before, being one of the easiest things a bachelor can keep around for a quick snack. But, this was by far the most enjoyable apple I had ever eaten. Several bites later and I had chewed the apple down to the core.

Applebloom jumped back up onto the bed next me and noted that I had finished the apple.

"Well...?" The little filly asked. "What'd ya think?"

I let the core fall from my hoof back down to the tray. I turned to Applebloom and wiped the stray juices from the apple away from my mouth with a foreleg.

"That was the BEST apple I've ever tasted!" I said with a huge grin.

She smiled back at me and nodded her head. "Yeah, we get that a lot."

A soft 'click' alerted us that the door was being opened and it swung open to show the doctor walking in with the other three following behind him. He had such a happy look on his face. Twilight had what appeared to be apprehension showing on her face. While Applejack and Fluttershy were both sporting smiles as well.

"I have some very good news for you little Phoenix!" The doctor exclaimed as he approached the side of the bed.

'I could definitely go for some of that.' I thought as I waited for his answer.

"We're releasing you from the hospital tomorrow!" He said in an excited tone that he was trying to push off on to me.

My smile faded and my mind began to race at the news. Once again, I hadn't had any time to think about what I was going to do or where I was going to stay when I was released from here. I started to panic a bit, I had one night to figure all of this out. But, surely they wouldn't just kick a child out of the hospital with no where to go.

'OH NO!' I thought as a sudden realization hit me. 'I'm gonna end up in some home for abandoned children!'

It made sense! They weren't just going to let a little colt out of the hospital on his own. Especially after he had been picked up nearly dead in a place where these grown up ponies don't even go unless they absolutely have to. A sinking feeling in my stomach reminded me of the apple I had just ate and was threatening to make me get rid of it the same way it came in. My ears dropped to the sides of my head as all of this processed in my brain.

The doctor must have taken notice of my depressed state. Of course, it wouldn't have been that hard to pick up on.

He brought his head down to meet my lowered gaze and I was brought out of my thoughts as I looked him in the eyes.

"Don't you want to hear the rest of the good news?" He asked in a pleasant tone.

'Great, what other 'good' news is he going to spring on me...?' I thought.

I let out a sigh and nodded my head.

The doctor pony looked back at Fluttershy and took a few steps to the side. The pale yellow mare approached the bed and stood next to him in the opening he had made. She smiled at me with her warm eyes and caring features.

"Miss Fluttershy has agreed to let you stay with her!" The doctor chimed. "Isn't that wonderful?"

I looked to Fluttershy who gave me a nod of acknowledgement. Suddenly, happiness was overwhelming me and my thoughts of what to do next disappeared like smoke in a stiff breeze. A smile spread across my face that I couldn't fight and once again I felt the heat in my eyes as my tears were getting ready for another public appearance today. A few quick sniffles of me trying to fight sobbing again brought Fluttershy in closer and she nuzzled my cheek. I threw my little forelegs up around her neck as I gave the kind mare the biggest hug I could muster. She returned by throwing a foreleg around me and pulling me into the warmth of her fur.

Behind us, Applejack gave Twilight a nudge with an 'I told you so' look on her face. Twilight smiled and gave Applejack an agreeing nod. They both watched as Fluttershy and the little colt embraced each other. Thinking that it was a perfect match after all.

Author's Note:

I just realized that these chapters are getting longer and longer. These chapters where I try and explain the evolutions of the character and story really seem to be needing more and more to make them pleasant and understandable. Oh well, hope everybo...everypony(LOL!) enjoys the new chapter! New chapter to come next week hopefully! Thanks for reading!