• Published 8th Aug 2013
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A Colt's Tale - my_little_medic

The following is the story of a grown man who comes to find himself in equestria and how he gets along as a pegasus colt.

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Stranger in a Dream

I had eaten so many apples that my stomach felt like it would burst. The others had left several hours ago. Leaving me alone in my hospital room with only my thoughts. My mind was caught in a civil war that was brewing inside it. On one half were my thoughts about how I had come here, why I had been transformed, and my loathing being treated like a child. On the other half of the battlefield, were my thoughts of what Ponyville was like, wondering where Fluttershy's house was and thinking about what fun it would be when I got out of the hospital. It was as if the adult half of my brain were waged in a tug of war with my inner child and both sides were at a stalemate.

A different nurse had come in at dinner time pushing another cart with a food tray on it. Her fur was a brighter shade of yellow and she had a blue mane with a white stripe in it that was tucked into a hair net with a nurses hat that rested on top. She spoke with a much deeper voice than nurse redheart and didn't seem to have as kind of a demeanor either. Dinner was dismal to say the least. There was another plate of the pond scum looking goop. A plate that had some kind of salad mixture on it, and a small bowl of sliced pears.

'No cookies this time....' I had thought in disappointment.

I ate the pears straight away, their juices almost as tastefully potent as the apples that Applebloom had brought me. I tried eating some of the salad but it had such a bland taste to it that it was like chewing up pieces of paper. Once again, I left the pond scum. I ate a couple more apples from my stash before I felt my stomach protesting.

I looked around the room, trying to find something to hold my attention. I was so bored that I could have watched paint dry for entertainment. The sun was setting, it's faint orange glow through the window was getting dimmer. I stood up on all fours and paced the perimeter of the top of the bed. I stopped after a few minutes and plopped back down on my rump, letting out a sigh of boredom. I looked to the wall and noticed that bright and fiery phoenix painted there. I stared at it for a few moments before turning my attention to my wings.

The nurse had been in earlier in the day while the others were still around and removed the bandages from my wings. I stared at them for a moment before making my right wing move up and down. It looked like they belonged to a bird that had flown into an airplane propeller. The feathers were very messy looking but after a few days were beginning to straighten themselves back out. It also appeared that the ones I had lost in the forest were beginning to grow back slowly.

'Why can't I get my left wing to move...?!' I thought.

I squinted my eyes again and focused all of my concentration on my left wing. My right wing started to quiver a bit but I still couldn't get my left one to move at all. Frustrated, I threw my right wing down as hard as I could while I dropped my vision down to the mattress. A soft 'crack' sound and a quick bout of sharp pain in my wing, told me that was a mistake.

"Yeouch!" I yelped as I folded up onto my left side. I gave up any muscle control I had over my wing and let it fall limp over my side. This made the pain subside a bit. Inside my mind, I was cursing at myself for being so stubborn.

"Everything all right in here?" The yellow nurse called as she made her appearance from the hallway.

I looked up and tried to put a fake smile on my face as I nodded to the nurse. She obviously didn't buy it because she came trotting up to the side of the bed.

"What's the matter? I can't help you if you don't tell me." She said very matter-of-factly.

My ears dropped to the sides and my fake smile vanished. I looked over at my limp wing and then back up to the nurse.

The nurse pony let out a very frustrated sigh as she took a hoof and tried to manipulate my wing. As soon as she gave it the slightest nudge, a sharp pain shot through it and into my back which made me grimace.

"Surely you were told to take it easy on your wings?! You can't expect after an injury like that to just be able to up and fly right away!" She scolded in a very stern voice.

I dropped my gaze back to the mattress and felt the heat rising up out of my tear ducts again. My manliness was being beaten into submission by the sorrow I felt at getting scolded. I wanted to strike back verbally, but I just couldn't muster up the courage to do it.

I heard the nurse release a heavy sigh and I felt a hoof stroking my mane. I looked back up into the nurse's eyes and noticed that her face wasn't as stern and she was sporting a very small smile.

"These things take time honey..." She said in a softer voice. "You've got to give yourself time to heal okay?"

I gave the nurse a little nod and she turned to walk out the door. She paused in the doorway for a moment and turned to say something.

"I'll be right back with some medicine for you." She said. "Don't move!" She added in her stern voice.

I watched as she exited the room and rounded the corner into the hallway. I dropped my vision back down to my limp wing, the pain had dulled considerably and I ever so gently tried to get it to move again. I watched as it quivered ever so slightly before my concentration was interrupted.

I heard a female voice clear her throat in disapproval before looking up and seeing the nurse pony standing in the door again.

'Whoa! I wasn't expecting her to be so fast!' I thought as I started to blush.

She had a syringe in her teeth filled with, what I assumed to be, the same bright orange medicine I had been given last night. Only this time the syringe had a rather intimidating needle sticking off the end of it.

I wasn't shy to admit that I hated needles. The last time I got my blood drawn before I ended up here, I had almost passed out. They scared me and my facial expression must have shown it.

The nurse walked up and set the syringe down on the side of the bed. I looked up at her with a plea in my eyes after seeing the size of the needle up close.

"Now, this is for your pain and to help you sleep! If you hadn't been trying to fly already you wouldn't be needing this!" She said in her stern voice once again.

Maybe I was fine without the medicine! I could just try and sleep off the pain in my wing and I wouldn't need the shot. I began to shiver as I watched the nurse pick the syringe back up in her teeth and use a hoof to make a small part in the fuzz on my right flank. I put my head down and covered my eyes with my hooves. The anticipation was the absolute worst part of this for me.

I felt a little jab in my flank as she inserted the needle into my body and it made me jump just ever so slightly.

'I guess that really wasn't that ba....... YEEOWWWW!!!' My thoughts screamed as I felt the medicine being injected.

I raised my head with my eyes shut tight and took a deep breath in through clenched teeth. I've had injections before where the medicine stung but this was by far the worst I'd ever experienced. It didn't last long but the soreness in my flank gave me a constant reminder that I didn't need to do anything else to hurt myself while I was here.

A couple tears had made there way out and down my face as I looked back to see the nurse removing the syringe. She set the syringe down on a little desk next to the foot of the bed and grabbed a small band-aid in her teeth. She stuck the band-aid over my fresh puncture wound and rubbed a hoof over my flank.

"See, that wasn't so bad now was it. Big fillys and colts take their medicine without a fuss after all!" The nurse exclaimed cheerily.

I rolled my eyes and let out a frustrated sigh at once again being degraded.

"Now get some sleep. Nurse Redheart will be here in the morning to help you get ready to be discharged."

With that, the nurse picked up the empty syringe and started to leave the room. She flipped the light switch with her nose, bringing darkness to the room before strolling out into the hallway and leaving the door open.

I rolled over onto my stomach, tucking my back hooves in close to my body. My right wing still dangled limp over my side. I crossed my forelegs in front of my chest and laid my head down on top of them.

'I'm really getting tired of being scolded and talked to like a damn child...!' I thought as a frustrated snort escaped my nose.

My thoughts were quickly becoming scrambled as the medicine began to work its way through me. I could feel my body going numb and a warm fuzzy sensation manifested itself in my head. I blinked, taking in the swimming shapes of my dark room before my eyes closed themselves and I feel asleep.


"Come on Jerry!" An older sounding male voice stated.

"I'm coming dad!" I answered as I ran up next to him.

"School starts Monday so this might be our last chance to go fishing this summer." He commented.

The warm August breeze blew threw the maple trees on the river bank. The river reflected the noon sunlight in its millions of tiny ripples that the wind was helping it produce. We both took a seat on the bank of the river as he got our fishing poles out and began to prepare them for a day of cat-fishing.

"You know Jerry." He piped up. "Your first year of high school holds a lot of opportunity."

I looked over at him and watched as he spoke while tying a fishing hook to my line.

"You'll have a lot of chances for self-improvement. There's many different sports you can go out for and there's lots of clubs that you can join in the school."

He set the fishing pole down before looking up and meeting my stare.

"The possibilities are endless." He added finally.

I dropped my stare to my tennis shoes.

"Dad... Why do you push me so hard?" I asked in a timid voice. "I want to make you proud, but I want more than anything for you to be proud of me for who I am... I know I'm no good at sports. Every sport I tried in middle school I failed miserably at. Yet you still persist on my going out for them and embarrassing myself again."

The man sighed before dropping his gaze.

"Jerry, you need to give me something to be proud of." He said.

The words hurt like a thousand tiny knives all stabbing me in the chest at once. I could feel myself wanting to cry and the last thing I wanted was for my father to see it. I stood up and walked away from the river bank, the tears slowly showing themselves.

"Hey! Don't you walk away from me!" A voice exclaimed, making it's ferocity known to every living thing around with eardrums.

I stopped in my tracks as a bolt of fear dropped itself from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I turned around and met my father's stare. His eyes had suddenly turned cold and soulless and he wore such a nasty expression on his face.

"You can't expect me to ever be proud if all you're gonna do is cry and walk away when you're faced with a challenge." He said in a cold tone.

"You know what?!" I retorted. "I don't care if you're ever proud of me! If you can't be proud of who I am then I don't want it!"

I turned once again to walk away from my father but heard hard footsteps as he closed the short distance between us and grabbed me by my shoulder. I was quickly spun around until I was eye to eye with him. His face showed nothing but pure hatred for me and his eyes had become red with rage. I looked up at the sky as I watched the suns light begin to fade. The sky had taken on a very sickening red glow and dark clouds were suddenly appearing out of no where.


I was suddenly thrown down to the ground and my father reached down and ripped my shirt off of me. It started to rain and the wind had begun to blow with the force of a mighty storm.

"YOU WANT ME TO BE PROUD OF THIS?!" He screamed as he pointed down to my body.

I looked down at myself, the tears were an unrelenting flood now that no gate could hold back. I was covered in a short white fur from my neck down to my toes. My body was nothing more than a skinny and fragile little thing that looked like it could snap in half if thrown just right. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to exhale my anxiety. I rolled onto my stomach and tried to get my feet under me so I could make a run for it, but I felt a sickening pain that paralyzed me in my back and I was hoisted up into the air. The pain in my back was so horrible that I thought it may actually stop my heart. Slowly I was turned around in mid air till I was eye to eye with the demon that was representing my father.

He let out a maniacal laugh. "It's a pity to know that the THING I created has so much wasted potential!"

He dropped whatever part of me he had been holding and I folded into a heap on the ground. I turned my head to the side and saw a crumpled white feather wing sticking up behind me. The pains that it was sending after being assaulted still fresh. I covered my face with my hands as I tried to imagine what horror was to come next.

"Please!" I pleaded. "Let this end! I don't care if this is a dream or reality, just please.... LET IT END!!!" I screamed.

I heard another maniacal laugh start and I braced myself best I could for what was coming next. Suddenly, I heard everything around me go silent. I opened my eyes and looked up at my demonic father. A bright blue haze started to envelope his form. He watched as it surrounded him and then in an instant, he was throwing his arms up as if in agonizing pain. I squinted as the light became brighter and brighter. Then, without any indication or warning, the form of my father burst into a million pieces and was gone in the blink of an eye.

I blinked several times, getting my eyes to readjust. Standing before me was a dark blue unicorn who's horn was glowing a very bright blue. I scanned this new being and took note of all of her features. Her fur was a very deep and dark shade of blue. Her eyes were just slightly lighter in color as compared to her coat. Her horn was long and came to a sharp looking point. Behind her horn was a black crown of some sort that shimmered as it reflected the light from her horn. Her mane and tail seemed ethereal and were contrasting shades of deep blue and purple as they wavered behind her. She had a pair of wings that she kept spread out to her sides and stood with a very regal pose as she looked down at me.

I had no words and even if I had wanted to make my body move, I don't think I could have. The regal unicorn threw down a very confused expression as she looked me over. I looked down at myself and noticed that I had become a little white colt. I turned my gaze quickly back to the unicorn who met my eyes. She was still showing the same confused look on her face but said nothing.

After a few minutes the regal unicorn closed her eyes and the blue light from her horn became brighter. In a few moments the light had become so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt a warm blast of air suddenly and I was flying backwards through darkness. I felt a cold splash of water as I landed in the river and frantically paddled my way to the surface. As I broke through the surface I took a big gasp of air and opened my eyes.


I opened my eyes to my lit hospital room as I glanced around in a panic. I slowly started to calm down as my brain realized that I had had a dream and was now back in the rea.... this world. I took a few slow deep breaths as I calmed my nerves.

"Are you okay honey?" A concerned feminine voice asked from beside me.

I turned my head to see who had spoken but found it difficult. My muscles were all so slow to respond and I felt like my brain was operating in first gear. Finally I was met with the nurses concerned stare.

'It must be the medicine still in my system.' I thought to myself.

I felt awful. I was cold and shivering and could feel that a cold sweat had stuck all of my fur to my body. I put my forelegs underneath me and slowly brought myself up to a sitting position. My wings felt strange and I looked at my sides. They had been folded and tucked to my sides while I slept and were firmly tied in place with bandaging. I realized that I felt wet all over, even my belly and legs felt wet as I sat up.

I let out a sudden gasp as I realized what I had done. I looked down at the sheet covering the mattress and directly underneath my form was a large yellow puddle.

'There's no I way I really did that!' I yelled in my head.

My cheeks were burning and my ears fell to the sides of my head involuntarily as it dawned on me that I was sitting in a puddle of my own urine.

'I...I actually.... wet the bed...' I admitted to myself.

"Oh!" The nurse exclaimed. "You must have been having a doozy of a nightmare!"

I slowly brought my defeated gaze up to meet hers which she took notice of. I watched as all her sternness from earlier melted away and she brought a hoof up to stroke my mane.

"It's okay honey... Let's get you cleaned up."

The nurse trotted out of the room, leaving me sitting in my puddle I had created. This was by far the most embarrassing thing I have yet to experience since ending up here. I was dealing with being talked to like a child and scolded now and again but this was just downright depressing.

After a few moments the nurse came back in pushing a small cart with two little tubs on top of it. She stopped just shy of the bed before turning and picking me up in her forelegs. I gasped a little as I was lifted up from the bed, but the nurse seemed very sure-footed as she pivoted around on her hind hooves and dropped me into the first tub.

The tub was full of warm soapy water and felt amazing as it ended my shivering from the cold sweat and urine I was covered in. Before I knew it the nurse was sponging off my body and washing me clean. She was being very thorough as well, uncomfortably thorough to be precise. I didn't have the mental strength to object though. When the humility of having my self washed was over with she picked me up and placed me in the next tub. This one was filled with plain warm water. She filled up a small pitcher with the water and dumped it over me a few times, bringing my sopping forelock into view and rinsing the soap out of my fur, mane and tail.

I let a small sigh escape as I remembered how convenient it was to shower. Soon the nurse picked me up out of the tub and set my gingerly on the floor. She went over to a cabinet on the wall of the room and pulled a large fluffy looking towel off of a shelf with her mouth. She walked back to me and dropped the towel on top of me.

"Now, dry off while I get your bedding changed all right?" She said.

I complied with the nurse's request and stuck my front hooves around the towel and began to rub the towel back and forth on my mane. The rest of my body was a challenge to get dry but with a little ingenuity, laying the towel on the floor and rolling back and forth, I managed to get mostly dry.

I watched as she quickly changed the sheets on the bed and threw the dirty ones onto the cart with the wash tubs on top of it. When she had finished I was once again lifted up and then set back down on top of my nice clean bed. She then proceeded to unwrap the bandaging around my wings and then wrap new and dry back around them. I watched her as she did this glancing up at her from time to time. She caught me looking at her at one point.

"These are to keep you from trying to fly while you're healing." The nurse said nonchalantly. "We don't want any more unfortunate accidents do we?"

When she finished with my bandages she pulled the covers up over me with her teeth before turning and, without saying a word, began to push the cart out of the room.

"Umm...." I said in my timid voice, trying to get her attention.

She stopped and turned to me, tilting her head to the side.

"Yes honey?" She asked.

My cheeks were once again burning and I knew that the fur on my cheeks had to be a bright fiery red.

"Could you....maybe....not tell any...pony about.....you know....." I said as I dropped my head in shame.

She turned and brought a hoof up to my head and messed my mane.

"It's our little secret." She said in a whisper as she gave me a friendly wink.

She turned and pushed the cart out into the hall before stepping back inside and shutting the light off. Darkness once again blanketed the hospital room. I let a little smile come across my face as I laid my head back on my hooves and let the remnants of the medicine take me back to sleep.

Author's Note:

Had a day with no plans so I thought I'd try and throw another chapter out there. Enjoy! More to come soon and thanks for reading!