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No I'm not dead yet. · 7:24pm Oct 28th, 2017

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you know I'm still alive and that I'm still plugging away at the next chapter of Moving Day, just very slowly. These past two months have been busy for me, over the last two weeks, I've probably been home maybe 4 or 5 days out of 14, and I've been putting in overtime at work. So I've been both away from my computer, and too tired to write much, this next month probably won't be any better as one of our clients is expanding their account with our office,

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Not much to say about me honestly. Just your average college age brony who plays guitar, likes computer games, reads and writes pony fan fiction, lives on a farm and likes history.

A little trivia about me.

Favorite pony: Applejack
Least favorite pony: Pinkie Pie
Favorite Shipping: Vinyl Scratch x Octavia
Least Favorite Shipping: Twilight x Pinkie Pie
Favorite Episode: Luna Eclipsed
Least Favorite Episode: Spike at your Service
Favorite food: Just about everything
Least Favorite food: Brussel Sprouts
Favorite Subject in School(s): Communications and History (So long as it's taught by a competent teacher who actually knows something about the subject)
Least Favorite Subject(s): Math and (History taught by instructors who'd rather indoctrinate people than educate them.)

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Thanks for the watch! :ajsmug:

Thank you for favoriting my story, I'm Pancake!

1723137 You're welcome.

Thanks so very much for the favorite on Legacy!:pinkiehappy:

1530715 I thought about it, but decided not to in the end.

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