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Slight delay · 10:54pm Aug 13th, 2021

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know there will be a slight delay in the release of the next chapter for Moving Day. I had hoped to get it out this week, but circumstances prevented that. I've been pretty busy at work, as I was recently promoted to a new position and have been in training for the past few weeks, which has eaten up a lot of my mental energy, so that's why the chapters have slowed down lately. That and I had to rip about half of the chapter out as I wasn't happy with the

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Not much to say about me honestly. Just your average college age brony who plays guitar, likes computer games, reads and writes pony fan fiction, lives on a farm and likes history.

A little trivia about me.

Favorite pony: Applejack
Least favorite pony: Pinkie Pie
Favorite Shipping: Vinyl Scratch x Octavia
Least Favorite Shipping: Twilight x Pinkie Pie
Favorite Episode: Luna Eclipsed
Least Favorite Episode: Spike at your Service
Favorite food: Just about everything
Least Favorite food: Brussel Sprouts
Favorite Subject in School(s): Communications and History (So long as it's taught by a competent teacher who actually knows something about the subject)
Least Favorite Subject(s): Math and (History taught by instructors who'd rather indoctrinate people than educate them.)

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Heya man, just noticed your "Moving day" fic! It's just...WOW!

Thanks for the watch! :ajsmug:

Thank you for favoriting my story, I'm Pancake!

1723137 You're welcome.

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