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Nobody really likes to move, you leave friends and loved ones behind, familiar surroundings and move to someplace that is different from what you are used to. You have to learn the ropes all over again, make new friends and find your way around, not an easy or fun thing to do.

But what makes a move like that worse, is when it happens and you sleep through the whole thing, doubly so when you didn't plan said move.

(Featured April 5, 2014)

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When a mysterious magical mist transports Equestria into the Human World at the beginning of the 20th Century, everything is turned upside down. Alliances shift, governments are toppled, new technological discoveries revolutionize daily life and the same mysterious force that brought Equestria to Earth is not done with it yet. On top of that can Equestria's ponies learn the long forgotten art of war? Can Equestria survive the most violent century in human history? Or will it be torn apart from both without and within? As the old Chinese curse goes. "We live in interesting times." (Currently cancelled. With no plans to restart it later.)

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