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I know how you feel! All with this collage stuff that i have to do, and also starting to pack my boxes for my collage, and also saying goodbye to everyone. Just know, that someone knows what its like. a specially with my AP homework... its a bit long to finish as well... :derpyderp1:

1026697 Yup, I'll let you know if I ever have any extra time on my hands. Being in high school and trying to write a story while maintaining school and various activities is strenuous at best. :twilightblush:

Oh its ok! listen, i know how you feel with a tight schedule, so i wont mind at all if you don't have any time to!
-Two Pie

1016316 Hey Twopie, sorry for the late reply! Have been rather busy lately. Well, I'm not too fancy of an editor, but I can help proofread and tell you if some things need re-working. I'll definitely help, but it may be hard with my schedule! :twilightsmile:

@RarityLover Hey! im currently writing my second story, and was wondering if you could help edit it, and pre-read it for me, because personally, i didn't have anyone doing that for my first story, and i feel like this story will be better if i have some one doing that for me. its ok, if you dont want to do that!

when i ask for someone to edit it, i mean to ask for someone to proof read it.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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