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News · 11:39am Sunday

Got a story here by ShadeOps21 that uses some of my art for the cover. It's about Nurse Redheart's military career.

T The Things We Did...
Dash finds herself once more in the nurse's office after being injured at practise. However, Nurse Redheart is more distant than her usual self...
ShadeOps21 · 4.4k words  ·  100  7 · 705 views

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It ran afoul of plagiarism rules because it was mostly just copying the show with a twist.

I think it got taken down. I was in the middle of reading it, and when i went to go to the next chapter it gave me the 404.

I've got a notification for it, but I'm getting a 404 when trying to look at Big Mac's a Mare... :raritycry:

2450167 If you ask a specific question, I might be able to give you a specific answer.

Thanks for watching, by the way.

I don't get it

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