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Perspectives from under the fat kid, part 3 · 11:17am 12 hours ago

TNaB News Network's ongoing coverage of the situation in North Korea

I'm back from a trip and catching up on the news.

Earlier today, an earthquake was detected near NK's nuclear test site. It was smaller than the one caused by NK's very first nuclear test, so it was likely not a test. Maybe it was a cave-in at the site or a mining blast to clear debris.

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Usually not that long, but the story approvers have been really backed up.

How long does it normally take for a story to be approved. I submitted my first story 2 days ago and is still not approved yet.

Oh! Didn't know it still pushed notifications.

I was just about finished. I'll try and put it back up soon.

Has that story been deleted, or just hidden? I'm asking because I keep getting update notifications and it's kinda irritating seeing a 404 page over and over again...

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