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Hooves Like Jagger

The thought "Oh no, not this guy again," given human form.

For there is mystery, a word you have that shines within your mind. Now speak that word...

~Conrad Aiken

Food for Thought

Be careful: those who bury hatchets own shovels.

They say you are your own worst enemy, but I think they're just trying to distract you.

Giving the shirt off your back isn't a big deal if you carry extra shirts around.

If you know battles win wars, then you should be busting your hams to find out what wins battles.

Don't make a big deal out of being in charge; if you're truly in command it will be apparent to everyone around you.

Assume everyone is jealous of your talent. If this assumption bothers you, you aren't worthy of your talent.

I think I'm the first person to ship King Sombra with stairs. What the heck...

If I call out for help and no one hears me, do I still come off as needy?

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We miss you, please come back...

Oh. You vanished for a moment and I thought you were sent abroad again like last time.

Doing pretty well, actually.

You okay there, bud?

2293177 You're going to continue your stories at some point though, right?

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