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Hooves Like Jagger

The thought "Oh no, not this guy again," given human form.

For there is mystery, a word you have that shines within your mind. Now speak that word...

~Conrad Aiken

One Shotting

Chapter Adaptors

Food for Thought

Be careful: those who bury hatchets own shovels.

They say you are your own worst enemy, but I think they're just trying to distract you.

Giving the shirt off your back isn't a big deal if you carry extra shirts around.

If you know battles win wars, then you should be busting your hams to find out what wins battles.

Don't make a big deal out of being in charge; if you're truly in command it will be apparent to everyone around you.

Assume everyone is jealous of your talent. If this assumption bothers you, you aren't worthy of your talent.

I think I'm the first person to ship King Sombra with stairs. What the heck...

If I call out for help and no one hears me, do I still come off as needy?

These Stories Please Me

Even More Pleasure

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Oh. You vanished for a moment and I thought you were sent abroad again like last time.

Doing pretty well, actually.

You okay there, bud?

2293177 You're going to continue your stories at some point though, right?


No, but only because I'm following my dreams.

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