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Hooves Like Jagger

The thought "Oh no, not this guy again," given human form.


I want to visit Equestria the same way a historian wants to visit the past. It would be cool just to look around, but I don't wanna run around touching everything or stay forever. Life is pretty good for me, so ditching it all for something else wasn't very high on my list of priorities. One bonk on the head later though, I've got a bunch of parasites calling me their king. I don't want to be king, though! All I really want is to go home.

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"I want to visit Equestria the same way a historian wants to visit the past."

Insta-clicked "read this story later."


This looks good

Finally; an ex-human protagonist that I actually like. Good work, nice prose and unique concept. :rainbowkiss:

Very good concept you're working with here. I'm quite pleased with how it has begun.

Have a like and a favourite, for I shall be watching this intensely.

I can tell that this will be a very good story. Trust me, I have a knack for telling these things.

No... no I don't believe you. You are lying. :ajsmug:

I know it's too late now, and has nothing to do with your story anyway, but I imagined a king of the changelings would be named Carapace.
That's just me though.
*Adds story to read later list*

616382 I believe that you are lying about not believing. We have reached an impasse.

Someone used "King Cocoon"
I've never understood why people insist that Chrysalis' R63 is named 'Metamorphosis'
I mean, reall,y why?!

Either way, good start to the story!

You should have Cooper/Cocoon find other human/pony hybrids... and find that they all have something in common, but not necessarily what anyone would expect... Like, idunno, they all had suchi for lunch, cheerios fro breakfast, and then got hit in the head before dinner. Or something.

616680 touché my friend, touché...

This. The emperor Demands More.

Do you not want the Emperor to be happy?

Otherwise, burning you in a fire not even the sun can offer would be a good way to keep me temporarily happy.

The same, bland story of Human in Equestria.

The part where he was exploring his new body would have been perfect for a Doctor Who reference.
"Hmm... New mouth. That's weird."

Well, fuck. That didn't take long

MOAR. This is a small piece of literary awesome. Please make moar soon.
I love the art, by the way. reminds me of Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation.

This story is amazing. Keep it coming!

Alright, if you didn't have me before, you do now. And it's solely because of the "Duncan Doughnuts" line. God, I laughed at that.

Anyways, excellent premise here. I am curious where you will take this.

Male changeling turns into female pony and sleeping with a doctor... That's both hot and disturbing.

Tracking for now, withholding opinion.

Ponies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new Echo the Diamond Dog! Introducing, the one, the only, COCOON THE CHANGELING KING! I also gotta applaud your OCs, they feel so natural and we've only gotten 1 chapter with them.

Considering how I absolutely adore Echo, this is friggen' high praise to me. I'm glad you like it!

:D Pinki pie.
i am going to follow this story to he meets pinkie

Or :heart: Luna

Wow, I love this story now! I don't know why I wasn't reading about changeling before, but atleast I got to start with this wonderful piece of literature! Keep up the great work, please. No wait, not just a please, *Kneels down* I'm begging you!

This is an extremely well-written piece. It's inspired me to create an account to tell you so, which led to officially creating my avatar and may eventually lead me to making a vague attempt at my own fiction. Thank you, HoovesLikeJagger, for being so awesome.

Please have as wonderful a day as you've just made mine!

Comment posted by Axz deleted Apr 25th, 2014

A Sphinx? :rainbowhuh:
well that's new, but it makes sense since equestria is a world filled with beings that should only be a myth

Riddle me this: Why is a sphinx in a Manehatten sewer?
Answer: Who the fuck cares? It's awesome!:moustache:

He really needs to start listening to the ones that know what they're talking about and only want to help him.
Also the answer to the riddle is my name, just throwing that out there.

But what is it doing in the sewers?:rainbowhuh:

He's writing a fic featuring himself as an alicorn and your least favorite ship.

so what was the answer to the rhyme

yes no maybe well something ... Ill just say yes

672779 The answer is "My Name." Other people use your name far more often than you do. Unless you happen to be Trixie. She might break the poor Sphinx.

This was sweet!

I couldn't comment before cause I was on my phone, but now; NOW, I can let you know just how awesome you are!

Have an awesome. Keep up the good work, bro. Thank you muchly!

The Emperor is pleased with this. Although the Sphinx was in a sewer for some reason.

What WERE you doing in a sewer?


nice chapter keep up the good work

He looks like a mexian hobo.
No offense to any mexicans reading this.

well, that's one way to get a free meal and an outfit in one.

Well, good luck not putting him into a coma.

I seriously hope Havoc doesn't make an appearance. That'd be bad for everyone involved.

However, like noticed previously, yes, he does sound pretty assholish. :pinkiegasp:

Good thing he's a King and not an Emperor. Just saying.

You don't think I saw what you did there, but I did. Oh yes I did.

Discord sure is...:rainbowderp: colorful in this fic.

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