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Custard Bumpkin!


I am Custard Bumpkin! Fear me! · 9:48pm May 29th, 2014

I am Custard Bumpkin, the Derpy Manchild, destined to Scold Equestria.
Hey kid, wanna buy a fate?

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What I want to get/have gotten done:

{x} 25 Story Views
{x} 25 Views on One Story
{x} 100 Story Views
{x} 100 Views on One Story
{x} 150 Views on One Story
{x} 200 Views on One Story
{x} 250 Story Views
{x} 250 Views on One Story
[] 300 Views on One Story
{x} 300 Story Views
{x} 500 Story Views
[] 500 Views on One Story
[] Get Featured
{x} Get 10 Followers
[] Get 20 Followers
[] Get 30 Followers
[] Get 50 Followers, and proclaim myself "Prince of the Bitches"
[] Get 100 Followers, and proclaim myself "Jarl of the Bitches"
[] Get 300 Followers, and proclaim myself "King of the Bitches"
[] Reach 600 Followers, and proclaim myself "The Bitch God"...wait...that's bad. Never mind. 'God of the Bitches' is much better.
{x} Publish A Story
[] Build A Cult
{x} Publish 2 Stories
[] Publish 5 Stories
{x} Get Followed by Aku
[] Get Followed by Skeeter
{x} Get Followed by Vengeful Spirit
[] Get Followed by the almighty Parasprite.
{x} Get Followed by Someone-Who's-Relatively-Famous-On-The-Sight-Who-Isn't-Forementioned.
[] Stop Being Depressed

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Thanks for the faves :twilightsmile:

I hope you enjoyed the story.

I am amused by your fave on Freedom. Thanks for that. :twistnerd:

A big thanks for the fave of Blood Curse Boutique my dear. May you enjoy the chapters to come.

Thanks for the fave of 'Red Shoe Diaries: Equestria'! :twilightsmile:

The earth will be burning, the last white point star is a trap for the master. The Doctor is dying, th Doctor is dying. The Doctor is dying, the Doctor is dying...

1247192 Everyone loves 10. It's, like, a universal law.

I've followed all the doctors - I've collected every available episode that exists - and I have my passionate likes and strong dislikes, of course.

But you know? As much as I like Pat Troughton, and couldn't get enough of Jon Pertwee, as much as I enjoyed Tom Baker and appreciated Peter Davidson, and really, really adored Sylvester McCoy and marveled at Chris Eccleston...

I just plain loved David Tennant.

What a great Doctor.

But... I have high hopes for Peter Capaldi. A girl can hope, right?

Yay! That makes me happy!

I loved all the images - especially the Doctor one, because: Doctor Who.

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