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Fluttershy has somepony she likes, and has been trying for a long time to find a way to tell them. Maybe she should have waited a little longer.

Written for the May Pairings Contest 2023

Prereading by Damaged

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This story is a sequel to A Dream

Sometimes you have to give up on a dream. When that happens, the only thing to do is get a second dream, a new dream, a better dream where you get internet points for being an edgy horse.

Reading the previous story not required

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Sunset Shimmer came to a new world seeking power and willing to make a deal.  The free leather jacket was just a bonus.

A Ghost Rider crossover.

Editing by Captain Unstoppable
Prereading by Blue Horizon

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My name is Octavia Melody.  I used to be a spy until being put out to pasture.  When that happens, one has nothing.  No cash, no credit, no job history.  You’re stuck in whatever rural hometown you have left.  You do whatever work comes your way and rely on anypony who still talks to you: a faithful but raunchy old friend, a freewheeling daredevil unlucky in love, and your mother too if you’re that desperate.  The bottom line is, as long as you are down and out, you aren’t going anywhere.

A crossover with Burn Notice.
In cooperation with Captain Unstoppable
Prereading by Jake the Army Guy

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On a long-haul trip to deliver lunch, a wrong turn results in lunch anyway.

A crossover with The Adventures of Kid Danger
Written expressly for The Barcast
Featuring Sunbro4life

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Being stationed all alone in the desert leads to boredom. Nancy wasn't quite bored enough to travel to another world and kill a local, but these things happen.

A good old-fashioned HiE.

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The small Appalachian town of Dashville is full of quiet citizens doing quiet things.  They mind their own business.

International party superstar Pinkie Pie does not mind her own business.  In fact, that was what sent her on the run in the first place. Going home to her family seemed like a good choice.

She didn’t realize that they might not agree.

Part of Mitch H's Dashville 'verse
Prereading by Shrink Laureate

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Shining Armor has a crush on the new girl at school.

His little sister Twilight thinks there's something wrong with this newcomer.

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