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This story is a sequel to A Dream

Sometimes you have to give up on a dream. When that happens, the only thing to do is get a second dream, a new dream, a better dream where you get internet points for being an edgy horse.

Reading the previous story not required

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Interesting that this time we jump into an already existing character, can’t wait for more.

Maybe I've been a little too influenced by anime lately

😁 Dude, has anyone ever told you that you have an obsession with naming OC ponies after cars? Or cars, in general? First, Plymouth Valiant and now Sentra? Speaking of, did Valiant get erased from existence in the previous story's ending or what? It seems ambiguous.

As for this, I'll keep my eyes on this one. Her being a social media whore, she might have more in common with Pipp Petals. Hell, in time, I'm hoping she might be more of a badass like Valiant, 😁

The Dream never ends

The naming was entirely intentional.
We haven't seen every side of Sentra yet. While I don't see plans for her to go to the lengths that Valiant did, well, I didn't initially see that happening with his story, either.

And yet, it happened, according to the tropes. But who knows? History might repeat. I mean, if ponies like Trixie and Sunset can be somewhat insane, pessimistic, cynical badasses, so can Sentra.

Another dream? Or.. was it a dream within a dream.. If we're going by inception logic that would explain the last 9 years. Oh god has it really been that long.

If Hitch thinks Sentra's cutie mark looks like a marshal badge, wouldn't that make it a pentacle, not a pentagram? At least, from what I've gleaned from the context, I'm assuming it's being used in the dark side of witchcraft sense, potentially satanic; and I'm only familiar with pentacles being one point up, like badges, not two points up, like a pentagram, which is the inverse of a pentacle. Unless this is a star of David, in which case this is the first time I'm aware of it being considered edgy.

That aside, I enjoyed what I read and am interested in where it goes.

Remember Valiant's daughter? she was named after a car too.

Huh. Really? Didn't know Cordoba was a car.

Maybe this is where Valiant went after leaving chrissy as a scapegoat. Hopefully dream1 and dream2 merge somehow in a time-paradox:trollestia: revealing that Sentra is a Valiant from the multiverse that is also somehow faust's mom setting the events of the first dream into motion which...:twilightoops:

Nah, if we're going to do that level of time shenanigans we'd need a character named Delorean first.

Mmmm, that might be a huge stretch for the author to pull off.

Time travel paradoxes happened in the first dream involving that blasted rock that sent him there

Oh, you mean the Council of Valiants. And the assumption is that Sentra is another version of Valiant from the multiverse? Seems complicated. But okay.

... Damn. When I said that Sentra and Pipp would have something in common with each other, a social media rivalry wasn't what I had in mind. But who knows? Maybe they'll become friends later.

If Sentra is anything remotely like Valiant, "friends" will be a stretch.

Hmm. Kinda like the 'frenemy' thing like Valiant and Twilight.

That one definitely trended downhill towards the end.

😁 You know, I wouldn't be surprised if 'Valiant is God' was trending. Or 'Valiant in Space'.

I turned slightly to show off the star on my hip. “I’m a marshal.”

“Marshal who?”


She then proceeded to somersault flip them into dreamland.

Never read the comments.

No one has said “Thank God” yet, I’m sure we’ll get a pre recorded You’re welcome eventually.

Here's hoping. Valiant may go down in history as the smartass genius of his version of G4. 😁

There had been no consequences whatsoever to me.

Just you wait...

“Wait, this country actually punishes politicians for lying? That’s awesome!” :pinkiecrazy:

Request for this story to be a little more grounded in reality than its predecessor (not that the first one wasn't great, just thought you writing differently might be a fun change of pace, but its ultimately up to you)

I turned and took a selfie with the equipment in the background and posted it. Backstage getting ready to perform at the castle! #gonnabelitfam

Dude, you did not just use a selfie and a hashtag. 😁 That's a first. I'm surprised Valiant didn't even think of that in the previous story.

“Being a phony pony full of baloney,” she sighed.

“Wait, this country actually punishes politicians for lying? That’s awesome!”

Yes, yes it is. Even when it's gone down the crapper, Equestria is awesome...

But will you succeed?

Excellent. Who needs to watch the movie when you can just read Sentra's vlog

I applaud Sentra’s lying, being able to make herself convincing enough to have two national leaders looking to her for help..... somehow.

Wonderful work as always, can’t wait to see if Sentra keeps her growing pile of lies stable enough to reach her goals or if it falls over and leaves her in the mud!

Trending Sentra and Pipp: From Frenemies to Friends. 😁 What'd I tell you? Now I just hope it sticks when the series premieres on Netflix.

I'm kinda surprised that, through all that, they didn't question what species Sentra is beyond assuming she's a pegasus. Now she's the alleged marshal, a figure of authority. Of which town or city remains ambiguous. Hopefully, future chapters will clarify that.

Very nice, looking forward to the series.

Whenever the G5 series gets started, I'll write more chapters.

The series starts September 2022, but we're getting some specials before then. I presume you'll do chapters for those?

Ah, there are the consequences. I was afraid there would be none.

As for the whole story, to quote CJ, "Ah shit, here we go again."

:facehoof: Now I know where that name came from! A car called a Nissan Sentra! I never figured it as a girl kind of car, though. 😁

The only thing this story is missing is the reactions and responses Sentra is getting online.

See? There's always a sequel.

When I was stationed in Okinawa, a friend of mine had this totally badass Nissan Skyline GT-R that just so happened to be colored bright green and black and that coloring was the first thing to come to mind in relation to my own body. I’d really liked that car, and wanted it for myself. Anyway, Skyline sounded like a great name.

HAH!!! I KNEW it was going to be a car name.

Anyway, while everyone was arguing and I was having a quiet internal but involuntary yeehaw, Izzy woodpeckered down a tree and built a bridge across the ravine.

Huh. Ligma in comparison to COVID. Real nice. Whether it's airborne like said virus, is the question.

I was getting bored waiting on the main G5 show, so I started writing chapters based on the short YouTube clips. We'll see how this goes, if I even finish.

I suppose you could do a structure similar to More Dreams for in-between episode stuff. Then, of course, there's not nearly as much universe set up as in A Dream when More Dreams started so I can see the difficulty. In any case, I'm happy to see more of this story! There's something about these that I cannot get enough of.

Perhaps the kiss will come up too... I know I'm a horrible shipper but they're relationship parallels some stuff in my life uncannily well in regards to my own relationships.

SMEAC Situation Mission Execution Administration Command & Control

What, no 5S, or Kaizen system? Lol, I refuse to continue working in these substandard conditions!!!

I had to look up 5S. Though, I would have recognized Six Sigma.

Then I would have made a joke about Sigma Balls.

I leaned forward into his personal space as he backed up against the edge of the sidewalk and put one hoof on the railing beside his shoulder. “Would you go out with me?”

...Huh. Well, that happened. I oftentimes pictured him and Sunny, but ok.

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