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Sunset Shimmer came to a new world seeking power and willing to make a deal.  The free leather jacket was just a bonus.

A Ghost Rider crossover.

Editing by Captain Unstoppable
Prereading by Blue Horizon

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Nice start. Sunset doing her master manipulator thing, running the school, plotting her revenge, and thought she could pull one more manipulation on this dude who came out of nowhere. Looking forward to watching her realize just what the consideration is for that contract.

Who was this idiot Lucifer that had just given her this power?

She's in for...

[Sunglasses pull]

... one Hell of a surprise...


She's in for...

[Sunglasses pull]

... one Hell of a surprise...

*Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who starts up*

Certainly off to a good start, and eager to see where it goes. I especially like the subtle touch of Sunset having Silver Spoon as her actually competent assistant rather then the comic relief of Snips and Snails

Out of curiosity will you be adapting the plots of either of the Nicholas Cage movies or going a different route?

I’m interested and I can watch the stories career with great interest

Prequel‘s reference out like the first chapter I’m gonna be in the watch wait for the next one I always enjoy cunning sunset stories

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so, anyone can give me a quick explanation of how is Lucifer, who is this lucifer (marvel is weird, after all, they do have aliens merely styling themselves as gods) and what are the "ghost rider" powers and the role she will have as Lucifer's apparent bitch handyman ?

Also, does the story have a schedule ? And how many chapters beside this one are already written ? This does interest me.

Sorry to say, but answering a few of these questions are spoilers.

There will be a new chapter every week. As of now, I've got the first eight written, so hopefully I can finish the rest before I run out of chapters in the bank.

this meant Sunset have differents powers than the ones of the Ghost Rider of Marvel ?

Also, how old are Sunset and Silver Spoon ? I am french, so i don't really know what freshman is.

I obviously can't say for sure what Sunset's role as the rider will be since the author hints at it being different, but in the comics the Ghost Rider essentially functions as the Devils hand in the mortal world to deliver souls to Hell. This is mainly accomplished by just being a general anti hero and killing bad people but on occasion the Devil will send the rider to collect a particular soul as part of a deal the Devil made (i.e. if you sold you soul for a million dollars the rider would be the one to come and kill you after you got said million dollars)

As for powers there are the general hell fire chains, which just as they sound the rider can produce flaming chains from their arms to strike at enemies, the Penance Stare which is if someone stares deeply into the riders eyes their soul will be set aflame using their sins as kindling, meaning the more evil you have done the more it hurts, and finally the most iconic ability is the ability to imbue a mount with demonic energy and summon it whenever they need it. Most often it is a motorcycle but some riders have used horses, cars (my personal favorite being a Dodge Charger aptly named the Hell Charger) and anything else really

The only real weaknesses to the rider has is their stare does not work against demons since they have no souls to burn, and in some versions the rider can only transform at night

Silver is a freshman, which is the first year of high school. Generally, this is about fourteen years old.

I didn't really say what grade Sunset is in. She's probably a few years older, but having come from the pony world, is posing as a high school student.

most stories have her being 17, i like the idea of it, especially since silver spoon is as old as the CMC, who are shown as quite young compared to the main 7.

So here, Sunset haven't yet obtained the result of totally separate the girls ? Interesting, how many months it is before the canon week when Princess Twilight came into the human world ?

She showed Applejack a picture on her phone. Sunset had lifted a few pictures from last year’s school yearbook and photoshopped them to appear that Applejack’s brother was kissing a girl named Fluttershy. Sunset didn’t know or care what had actually happened to him, but that just meant he wasn’t around to refute the fake picture.

now than i think of it, i suppose than what had happened to Mac (big mac is too weird to say) is going to be a relatively important plot.

The freshman was not especially useful, Sunset just liked having an assistant. At any rate, she kept Silver fed with just enough praise to think she was doing a good job, and took advantage of an extra pair of hands when she needed them. It helped that Silver Spoon’s family was loaded.

is the fact than Silver spoon accept to be Sunset assistant going to be important ? I guess than yes since she is the only character beside Sunset with a Tag.

I really hope she will stay Sunset assistant, even if (or when) they became friendly, having that is quite funny, and can allow Sunset not to became a self-loathing coward, and it might be important.

Also, when dealing with surnatural shit, having someone with lot of cash than you can call as back-up, especially when you don't have a legal guardian, is really, really useeful.

Hesitantly, she took it, and unrolled the paper. To her biggest surprise of the night, it was written in Ponish.

you know, for a second the first time i had read it, i thought she was saying than it was in polish.

Lucifer was his name? Didn’t he have a title? Did he just expect her to know who he was?

if Sunset had knew, she would had never done it, since he is pretty much (from her pov) a fusion of Discord, Nightmare Moon and Tirek.

Throwing a smirk at the pile of bikers who had only just now started to pick themselves up, she revved the engine and rode away. Fortunately, the throttle was under her right hand. Though, she realized her cut left hand had stopped hurting.

thanks to SAPR, i had taken a liking to the idea of Sunset having a Bike, so here ? Well i like it


Interesting, how many months it is before the canon week when Princess Twilight came into the human world ?

In canon, Twilight arrived in the autumn. This is taking place in the winter, so perhaps 6-9 months.

so hence why there isn't "Main 6" or "Main 7" in the tags, right ?

Why Silver Spoon was choosed ? While she doesn't seem to be a fool like Snips and Snails, i am still curious of why her specifically since due to the fact than she have a tag, she will be a protagonist i suppose no ?

Does one of the reasons imply the part about "calling someone with cash as back-up" i had mentionned earlier ?

I guess you will just have to read and find out when the chapters come out

yeah, i suppose.

This story really interest me, so i am really nervous.

just to know, what inspired you to write this story and do you know similar ones ? IE Sunset in human form as a protagonist with surnatural shenanigans before Twilight blasting her with the friendship beam to redeem her ?

Well damn Sunset.

Now she have a bunch of minions, this is quite useful.

Definitely got the ball moving with this chapter, loved the gang fight and surprised to see Lucifer showing up again this early, eager for more :twilightsmile:

What are your theories on the role Silver Spoon is going to have ? And the role of Sunset new group of minions ?

From what i know of the Ghost Rider, he didn't had a group of minions, so it is likely than there is going to be changes compared to the usual narrative.

Also, not only was the original ghost rider not given his powers by Lucifer but Mephisto Pheles, but since the author do not look at much of Marvel apparently, there isn't going to be much of other Marvel stuff, and there is more possibilities, which make it far more original than a lot of potential ideas (i was really happy to learn than there wouldn't be the avengers and co, if i had understood it well at least).

There is a lot of possibles butterflies, after all, now than she had her new Job as Lucifer attack dog/handywoman, there wouldn't be much times for her "destroying friendship" shenanigans.

Also, her role is a melange of "dealing with sinners" and dealing with those having make contracts with Lucifer, the former might disgust her from actively ruining their lives, both because she could feel it is beneath her, and then with how much she deal with evil persons, not having a actively hostile ambiance at school would be a positive.

Now, i don't expect her not to stay the Queen Bee of her school, in fact there is no way in Hell (heh) than she is gonna stop now, after all she had just made a group of bikers and their leader her own minions, so she certainly would make sure than a bunch of High school students would be beneath her in the social hierarchy of the school.

Also i really wonder what would happens with the Elements of Harmony, because if i had understood, Sunset soul had been replaced by the Hell-magic of Lucifer, something absolutely vile, so would that make Sunset just... You know, die ? Since if Sunset hellpowers are no longer there, she doesn't have anything filling the void of her soul.

Hmm, I feel like Silver Spoon might end up being somewhat like Roxanne in the sense that she remains Sunset's last connection to humanity (like deep down she does care about her little assistant and seeing her in danger later on is gonna make her realize that)

As for the gang I think the're going to reluctantly work for Sunset for a bit until perhaps later on Sunset goes against Lucifer at which point Lucifer might make a deal with Blair and turn her into Vengeance (a creature meant for the soul purpose of killing the rider if they turn against Mephisto) and or she might make a deal with this version of Black Heart (Mephisto's son who wants to kill and overtake his father, who I guess would be Lucifer in this sense... it's tough to say, though I will say the name Black Heart would very much fit in Equestria Girls)

As for the Elements it's kind of tough to say as yes Lucifer has Sunset's actual soul so purifying her evil would in theory kill her, but at the same the Elements seem to very dead set against killing (the actual elements not the people or ponies wielding them) and instead more often then not banish or petrify their target so perhaps that instead (though the only reason I could think of for Sunset to steal the crown is under Lucifer's orders or to actively betray him so that could come in to play with it as well)

Of course all this is pure speculation as like you said this is imagining Ghost Rider in a real world setting as opposed to the Marvel Universe, and so anything tied to Ghost Rider that is also tied to other Marvel Characters is kind of mute, or at least altered in some way. I'm excited to see where it goes because of that, but at the same time it does make theorizing difficult

I kinda hope than Blair and Silver spoon will serve as Sunset lieutenants in her operations.

I also think than a good idea for Blaire and silver spoon would be to learn to fight with holy weapons.

Not necessary holy weapons made in heaven, but them learning the scriptures and drawing special glyphs on their items to gain holy natures would be dope.

It would be interesting if holy water is a thing in this story, and is actually useful and can be use as a direct counter to hellfire.

Blaire learning a sort of portal dimension magic and using it to keep her weapons would be nice.

Magic being a thing within the human world is confusing, since a lot came from equestria, but i don't think than every magic came from equestria.

Also, Blaire learning to use holy artefacts and a sort of holy magic, initially to kill Sunset, but then she still stay as one of her sidekick would be cool.

Also, there is the possibility of Sunset being against demons, and calling for back up someone equipped to fight them is useful.

In fact, all of Sunset crew learning some form of holy magic and having some sort of holy weapons would be really interesting.

I could see the scenario as Blaire, after having see Sunset use her ghost rider powers, decide to search for holy weapons, holy water and holy magic because she is freaked out about her new boss being, well, a demonic creature, and all of the biker crew learn a bit of holy magic and is equipped with holy weapons simply because while Blaire is stronger than before and have the right weapons (including holy water to counter the hellfire) she is still human, and if she was beaten by Sunset still in human form, then winning on her own against Sunset in her Ghost Rider form would be hard at best.

What is good with the story not having too much of Marvel, and with it being a crossover with EQG, is than there is a much bigger room in term of creating the limits of Sunset powers and what kind of things can counter her.

Because the Ghost Rider was so powerful than essentially, this story would be a one sided stomp on all level (something like at least Tirek at his best when he fought Twilight when she had the magic of the three others Alicorns) , but the Ghost Rider in this story not being as powerful, and importantly, having more things who can counter Sunzet would be more interesting story wise (i might be wrong, but eh).

I hope than holy weapons will be more like those of Blue exorcist, rather than only a "weapon forged in heaven".

So for example, a person with enough knowledge and with the right items can forge weapons with this holy energy, as well as turn normal water into holy one and being able to create it, although this may be different one person to a other, like, while some might be able at best to create one glass of holy water a hour, others might be able to do something equal to shooting a great deal of it with fire hoses to counter waves of hellfires.

Also Totally (this is the only nickname i could imagine author) how old is Blaire ?

Also, are Principal Celestia and Vice-principal Luna normal persons in this story ? Or is there something more ?

What is your opinion on what i had said ?

Very interesting, I do like the idea of Holy powers coming into play, how ever I just don't personally think it will happen

I think this would be more interesting than having nothing except demons being able to fight other demons (wether it is Sunset who defeat others demons or if others demons fight her).

Having Blaire and her crew specialise themselves in holy weapons, holy water, and holy magic (and holy water actually being a useful thing unlike in the Marvel version) is, i think, far more interesting than having Blaire alone rely on demon magic, not only because it's meant than Lucifer wouldn't have a other pawn, but if they stay Sunset crew, they are really useful to deal with any demonic threats (including Sunset if she go on a rampage).

Fair point, we'll just have to wait and see what the author had in store

I think than Silver spoon will serve as "rich person" kind of back up (because money is always useful) alongside her current job as Sunset secretary, while Blaire and co will serve in terms of support for muscle (especially if they have magic/holy weapons).

Also, i am surprise than the girls are neutral with Sunset, was she more subtle than in canon ? Because i remember than in canon they really didn't appreciated her.

Is it a melange of her being far more subtle and due to the fact than she hadn't got to the breaking point for destroying their friendship ?

Also, what is the plan for with Rainbow Dash and Applejack ? Is she planning to make them want to be with each other to just after setting the thing up for causing them a mutual broken heart and hating each other due to the grief of it ? Because it's really confusing.

Blair smiled. Her eyes flashed crimson. She moved so fast Sunset didn’t have time for conscious action, only reflex.

Well, i really hoped she would go the exorcist/wielder of holy weapons way, but eh.

I still hope she will do that in the future, only having demons or person having done pacts with them (or angels if they are a thing) being able to fight Sunset would be annoying IMO.

It was not a deep cut. It lacked most of the original force, but the supernaturally powerful attack still slit straight through Silver’s coat and into her upper arm. Sunset heard her gasp in pain.

Sunset saw red. It wasn’t that she was angry - her eyes literally caught on fire.

Oh, she do care :heart:.

Even thought she will not admit it that way.


I still hope she will do that in the future, only having demons or person having done pacts with them (or angels if they are a thing) being able to fight Sunset would be annoying IMO.

Most of Ghost Rider's enemies in the comics are demons/monsters or evil humans. I think the only current angel (not fallen angel) Ghost Rider ever goes up against is Malachi. Malachi was basically pen pals with his brother Kazann (who fell with Lucifer), feeding each other information so both could rise through their respective ranks. When Malachi manifested in the physical world, it upset the balance he formed with Kazann, so Kazann released the Ghost Rider to deal with him.

Even the prehistoric incarnation (a boy dubbed Ghost by the wendigo that devoured his village, and called The Rider by other humans because he was the first person to ride an animal, becoming Ghost the Rider on his hellfire-infused woolly mammoth) essentially just fought monsters: the first Wendigo (who named him Ghost and ate his village), later helping the prehistoric version of the Avengers to defeat several Celestials (who are distinct from angels in Marvel).

I had asked the author, and apparently, there isn't that much marvel, and it's more focus on Fantasy.

And i do not really know Ghost rider, but i had seen the death battle video of it and other little things, hence why i am grateful than it isn't really marvel, it meant less cosmic bullshit.

And something who seriously stop me from liking the original is this thing with only demons being able to fight the Ghost Rider.

Hence why i hope Blaire will stop using demon powers and than she and her gang will go full exorcist (as in blue exorcist one, with holy water grenades, guns shooting anti-demons bullets and all).

Able to fight Ghost Rider? Shitloads of things are able to fight Ghost Rider. But the Spirit of Vengeance is a force for good, despite many attempts over the eons by the Hell-lords to remove the human component and use the Spirit as a mindless killing machine to exterminate humanity. As a force for good, Ghost Rider doesn't generally fight good people (and generally speaking, angels are capital-G Good).

During World War Hulk, Doctor Strange said that Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) only protects the innocent, and for most of Danny Ketch's time as the Ghost Rider, he could only transform after innocent blood had been spilled, much like in this chapter with Silver Spoon getting cut.

Now, as to who can beat Ghost Rider, that's a much smaller list. The highest power level Johnny Blaze reaches, he's quite possibly the most powerful superhero on Earth. Doctor Strange even thought Ghost Rider would be a match for World Breaker Hulk, possibly even winning. (World Breaker Hulk is the result of Green Scar Hulk getting pissed after his wife died, and is the second strongest Hulk has ever been in the comics. Hulk in the gladiator arena in Thor: Ragnarok is the movie adaptation of Green Scar Hulk. The strongest version of Hulk is Immortal Hulk, who just resurrects every night if he or Bruce Banner dies and gets more pissed, more powerful, and more insane each time.)

And again (it is also only my opinion) i don't really like the original thing with all of this Marvel (which isn't going to be much there from what the author had said when i had asked)

Also, this is Lucifer, not Mephisto, and the Ghost Rider is still supposed to be the bitch/attack hound of the one who gave them the power, so this is not sure how much good this Lucifer is.

Although it would be funny if this Lucifer was mostly like the one of the tv show, and having Sunset meeting the characters of the show as one of Lucifer old employees.

I could see a lot of confusion because some think it's meant she was a stripper (and thus being outraged than he had a teenage girl do this) with her saying than she is actually more like a handywomen.

But that aside, read my older posts.

I am mostly annoyed than there is less possible magic counters, i do not mind Sunset fighting mostly demons, what does annoy me is having all the persons on the magic side of thing (again, i do not talk of Doctor strange and co or Marvel heroes and villains, both because they aren't going to be relevant from Author words, and it's put in the story too much Sci-Fi) able to fight the Ghost Rider be demons.

Hence why i hope holy water will actually be a working thing unlike in the original story, and then exorcists will be a thing.

This is both something as "i hope demons will not be the only one able to fight back against the Ghost Rider" and "i hope the Ghost Rider or others persons having done pacts aren't going to be the only ones able to defend themselves and their closes ones against demons).

Remember, i am disappointed with Blaire having powers from a demonic source both because of the fact than i don't like the idea of the only foes able to fight against sunset being persons with demon-related powers and because i hoped than her and her gang would serve as Sunset non-demons back up (but effective against demons thanks to some holy magic and exorcist weapons) once their conflict was over.

This is because i hate the trope of "useless humans" and have a love-hate relationship with "super natural being only" kind of stories with ideas such as demons.

The "exorcist abilities " is because it is humans having learn ways of fighting demons, but still staying humans, although stronger thanks to their works (physical and researchs).

It is why i hoped of Blaire and her crew (although mostly Blaire, as in she is the strongest one) learning to craft a version of holy weapon (not forged in heaven but still with anti-demons effect) and create holy water (with it actually working against hellfire) first as a way to fight against Sunset, but after serving as help of Sunset against other demons.

This is kinda like wanting in DBZ having humans being able to actually matters in fights (this analogy is the only one i think could work well to explain my points since dragon ball is so much known than it isn't a spoil).

Do you understand my point of view ?


Also, this is Lucifer, not Mephisto

Maybe. Mephisto masquerades as Lucifer often enough in the Marvel comics, including with Ghost Rider.

This wasn't my main point though.

So, can you actually answer on the main point of my comment ?

You didn't say anything else worth addressing that I didn't already address. Why would I make another comment to repeat myself?

Well, that was something.

I don't really know what to say otherwise.


Wish you’d release these more frequently than just one per week. They’re very good. :twilightsmile:

I'm not finished writing the story yet, which is why I'm slow to post.


Ah, I thought I’d read the fic was already written. 👍

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