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A past Sunset doesn't remember comes searching for her, a past that may or may not be hers. With feelings that something bigger is going on, can she sort things out or will she drown in her problems with this piled on top of them.

Warnings: Very small bit of Anon-A-Miss as I needed Sunset to be a little isolated though it will be resolved in the first chapter though the aftermath may spill over for a chapter or two. Anon-A-Miss won't be the focus of the story, the focus will be her possible past coming to find her. The violence tag isn't there because of Anon-A-Miss, but there will be fights.

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Oo.. well this is very interesting... I like it :)

Thanks, hope to make it a really good story.

Hmm, very fascinating story. :twilightsmile:

Good start let's see how it will be!(Sunset is not a pony and came to Equestria)

What is this a crossover with?

11478362 11478420 Thank you both.

11478487 Thanks, I hope that I can make a decent story. I will do my best.

11478502 W.i.t.c.h.

tsugimo omea wa "Sorry lady, I'm not 'friends' with those girls" toyu?

Hmm... Yep, typical Celestia. "Here, Sunset, take this amulet, and let's see what happens..." :trollestia:

(Please ignore that I am a princess with a court full of mages and sponsor a school of powerful unicorns that could have checked if it was safe first. "My dear Twilight Sparkle, please test... oh I mean please give this necklace that may or may not explode to, um... what's her name... Oh, is that cake?")

My only issue so far is the inclusion of the pastel skin colors as being odd I think it would have flowed a lot better if you had completely ignored it or just gave the eqg girls normal human skin tones because now you are going to have to keep bringing it up, especially if sunset goes to other places it's because that would be a constant attention grabber for most people who would not leave her alone.

Which would be really painful situation for sunset. And if she uses glamour then that introduces a whole bunch of issues that really just don't need to be brought up.

Beyond that it's great first chapter and I'm really excited to see where this goes.

Good explanation let's see how it goes!

1 the unicorn magia accounts did not determine anything because it was one that was inactive

2 Since the necklace wasn't at sunset but was kept by Celestia, she couldn't benefit from her protection and was affected by her past lives!(So far my theory!!)

11478797 I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you said. Something similar may happen to the english part of your comment though.

11479077 Celestia is a bit of the typical version, but she did study have her mages look into the pendant but separated from Sunset made it more or less inactive. The only reason Sunset didn't have it earlier was because it was being studied to be sure and Sunset ran away before Celestia had a chance to return it.

11479164 Thanks, hope you keep enjoying the story. As for the skin tones, I did think about that and giving everyone more normal hair colors so I wouldn't have to explain the whole thing, but I did want to have the extra ammunition to argue against Sunset being Will. Safe to say, there are some who is like Rainbow told Sunset but many don't really care.

11479280 Thanks and as for 1), if I read it correctly you was pretty much right. As for number 2), you are pretty much right.

Would knowing about W.I.T.C.H be, maybe not needed, but helpful in some way with this story?

11479487 I was going to wait a couple more chapters before I introduced Nerissa and Susan but decided it would be better to bring them in now so hopefully anyone familiar with W.i.t.c.h. caught on by now if they didn't from the cover picture. As for wondering if it would be helpful having knowledge of W.i.t.c.h., I hate to say that it would probably be very helpful. Then again, you probably wouldn't need to know anything about it as some characters from both series will be a little OOC and the villian won't be who the most expected one. Instead it will be somebody else which I will possibly give clues to, though again it might not be who some may think as there will be a lit of misinformation among Sunset, Susan and others that will hurt them putting things together.

Sorry, I'm a weeb. I did Joseph Joestar's catchphrase from Jojo part 2

11479542 Oh lol, I love anime though that's one I'm not familiar with.

11479547 :twilightsmile:

Do the five girls of W.I.T.C.H. appear in this story or is it just going to be Sunset and her friends?

They will be appearing sometime in the next few chapters and will be playing an important part in the story. Her Canterlot friends will also play a part too.

Well for the record we all know that Celestia isn't perfect *Being Force Choked by several Twilight's in The Multiverse for heretical thought:twilightangry2:* but I don't think that Celestia is to blame except for too much long-term thinking and lack of cake in Canterlot:raritywink:. Also, I haven't watched W.I.T.C.H since about a decade ago so my memories may be spotty... what I'm trying to say is if there is an organization of wizards/witches/beings that is older than century plus is all about "the greater good" *shudders* then I can make bet with 70% probability that they're to blame for all evil in world including Mask 2 movie, and there is Council of Kandrakar that as far as I remember was as useless as was shady. So if I need to bet then I put about 10 of my non-existing bits that one member of the council/all of them/their backing is to blame for Meridian, Nerissa, World Hunger, supposed mental manipulations in Sheffield (there is never enough proof for/against the shenanigans with mental manipulations, everyone can do somenthing stupid and then blame magic) and probably for something that caused 3 diffrent dimensions to tell them to stay away.
Waiting for next chapter. :twilightsmile:

11479877 I take way too much enjoyment when I see Twilight do that :twilightsheepish: Maybe I'm being a lot more transparent than I thought, you got some of the stuff pretty spot on. The next chapter should be up later tonight and hope you like it.


Nah it's not transparent, I'm just kinda too lucky with overanalyzing and guessing movie/book plots like 5-6/10 times. Coincidently I hate myself later when I can't enjoy stories since I guessed the ending/plot twists 4 chapters/episodes earlier:pinkiesad2:. Mom hates when I spoil her next 10 soap opera episodes with just a 10-minute glance (In my opinion it's just social service since they're ... you know soap operas). Besides its old mages, blaming them for all ills of reality is as autonomous as breathing:pinkiecrazy: ... or casting crucio on any and all versions of Zephyr Breeze when Fluttershy has the possible deniability of not seeing/hearing/blaming suffering on red Lego pieces:scootangel:.

I'm not the most familiar with witch, but i was close, when i first saw the cover art i thought it was some Madoka Magica crossover and was confused by the non-M rating, but honestly this interests me more.
also if i remember correctly W.I.T.C.H. was spelled like that because it was made from the first letter of each of the main characters names right? if so then this could be W.I.T.C.H.S. to still fit the theme.

And finally a quick critique, nothing big just a bump that's easily smoothed out.
When going into a flash back i highly suggest against using bolded "Flashback" text as it immediately takes the reader out of the story breaking immersion. there's a few ways to show that you doing a flash back without explicitly telling the audience, one of witch you almost did, just replace the "Flashback" parts with a line like a several dashes or, specificaly on FIMFiction, you can put "hr" in square brackets instead of quotation marks( you can see what it looks like exactly by clicking the dash like button between the 1.2.3. bullet point button and the link button on the comment box, it ends up looking like this,

11480361 That's good then, I was worried I was a little too transparent. I'd actually love to be able to guess stuff that accurately like that and I don't blame you for spoiling stuff like that, sometimes it really needs it lol. For some reason I really want to see that happen to Zephyr now. :pinkiehappy:

11480399 I actually loved what I saw of Madoka, though glad you find this idea a bit more interesting. I do have a temporary replacement for the W.i.t.c.h. acronym though the final one I'm not positive about yet as it depends on what ultimately happens to Sunset and the choices she makes. I keep going back and forth with myself on which of the two choices I should go with and even wondered if I should start a poll or just go with the flow when I get to the point and write what comes to me. And thank you for the advice, I changed the Flashbacks into the lines. At least I think those were the only ones.

No opinion either way on the memory thing. I can see arguments either way.

Hrm... For the memory thing, that's a hard one. There are ups and down to either choice...

Comment posted by Sunny Scriber deleted January 18th

probably partials, but just enough she got the feeling these other 'friends' betrayed her as well but in a more deeper way the rainbooms did.

She is still Sunset Shimmer even though she has other memories.

Personally I'm for flashbacks of feelings. Mostly because Sunset doesn't need to regain memories at all to get access to information on past life. With a combination of quintessence object animation and her psychometry from the "Legend of Everfree" movie (which I assume if she can unlock it, it will be later) she is for lack of a better word low key omniscient with but touch and talks with electronics and people or personal objects (actually that makes her perfect infiltrator in urban areas just like Fluttershy in wild areas) so it would be better for her psyche to build opinions as an observer than having an existential crisis in this situation.

By the way, I have a question: Does Equestrian magic and Guardian powers have the same "pool" of energy or these are separate "pools"? I'm asking because I'm trying to decide on my scale if Sunset!Will is in the "Army Slayer" bracket or still in "Building Demolisher" only. I mean base!Will as far as I remember was a decent fighter but: 1. It came from experience not formal education; 2. Guardians were self-taught in basically only elemental manipulation.3.Besides Astral Drops and opening/closing portals and aforementioned elemental manipulation nothing too magical was displayed by guardians (most complicated things were used by enemies and more in ritualistic than casted way (Nerissa is a good example with her creations).
Sunset on the other hand/hoof(what is applicable): 1. Has been educated by Goddess(depends on definition) of the Sun in using magic in probably quite a lot of disciplines. 2. Even if Guardian and Equestrian magics are not quite compatible, knowledge and experience still are and Sunset has both in spades making her basically slightly jaded one-mare/woman(what applicable)-guardian team.

As for the situation with prolonging Anon-aftermath from chapter 2a ... Nah that kind of issue can last a lifetime, you don't get over it in a week so in my opinion: nope it's not too long.

11481460 There most likely will be, hope everyone likes how it goes.

11481475 A lot of ups and downs, the main one was going to be her interactions with Susan. I kind of thought the memories would give her an easier time accepting who she is, but I can probably do the same either way I guess.

11481483 Thanks, and the i.t.c.h. girls did cause Sunset a lot of grief in her life as a pony though it is hard to say who actually hurt Sunset more in the end and the motives behind each group.

11481542 Yep, no matter how many memories she may or may not get back Sunset is Sunset now and there will be no changing that.

11481881 Earlier this morning the votes seemed to be more in favor of regaining her memories which I was planning on making interactions with the girls and Susan much easier in some ways. Especially Susan, with all her memories back it would have made things a little easier with them, though at the same time it may have hurt their relationship more with memories of Mr. Collins. I had planned a lot of her getting her memories back today in my head until I noticed more votes in messages and of course yours which has now has now pushed the vote in the other direction. Since then I have made new plans and I am starting to like some of them more and more the more I plan out in this direction and hope everyone else likes the direction.

I'm not sure if I am thinking of the pools in the same way, but I will try to explain my thoughts on their magic. W.i.t.c.h.'s magic comes from the aurameres in Kandrakar to start with which is why they start out with just straight out elemental abilities. As time goes on the magic kind of jump starts their systems and creates their own magical pathways and fills them with magic from the aurameres so it doesn't use up their own energy. It's like they are an unlimited pool of magic for them in some ways though they physically can't handle it for long term which is why they get tired after prolonged use. When they retire and are severed from the aurameres they lose that unlimited source though they still have access to their magic other than their guardian forms as the magic comes from their own life force which if used sparingly they would be fine. In Nerissa's case, it ages them very fast when that is abused or at least that is what I got from Cassidy's comment in the cartoon.

Now unicorns already have their own well of magic that instead of their life force or energy filling up as they rest, they typically absorb the access mana in the air through their horns and direct in through their horns creating spells with it. Sunset's was pretty large to begin with thanks to her introduction to pony world via the Heart which brute forced it's way there with Sunset to protect her. When she came to the human world she lost her horn and ability to absorb the magic though the crown tore open her pathways giving her back magic while transformed into the demon with the crown more or less fueling her drained reserves. When Twilight went home with the crown Sunset lost her conduit for magic and lost her powers until the Battle of the Bands when the SPirits of Harmony accepted her into their fold and gave her a gift.

Now when Twilight gave Sunset the Heart back it reconnected her with her auramere which filled her reserves up pretty quick and between both Kandrakar and Harmony her powers were more or less supercharged to where Quintessence isn't just the only power she actually has. Unlike the girls who has to come up with ways to use their elemental abilities such as Hay Lin using the air to listen to conversations or use, Sunset doesn't need the training wheels and can bend the magic to her will when she figures it out as she has had a lot of training like you said being the student of the Sun. And on top of that, she can use the magic in ways the Council of Kandrakar never really intended (notice I didn't say the spirits of Kandrakar didn't intend it one way or another) much like Nerissa can though Sunset doesn't have to use her life force in the way Nerissa does thanks to the gift Harmony gave her.

And to top that off, the magic of Kanrakar and Harmony is compatible even if they don't actually have the same origin so even if Sunset is cut off from her auramere she won't be defenseless. It doesn't mean that the Canterlot girls are going to become guardians though and the i.t.c.h. girls will not be ponying up. It just means Sunset isn't someone to mess with once she realizes the extent of power that was granted to her. I really hope that makes sense, if it doesn't I'll try to explain it better though I don't want to make Sunset an all powerful Mary Sue, but one of her encounters will make her seem like it though when that happens it isn't just her there.

That is true, and since the scale tipped back to not regaining all of her memories I have come up with a few ideas for it. And thank you.

“Be calm my little pony, I am here to help.” A white alicorn with pastel colored ethereal mane and tail in golden regalia cried out as she landed before the wildly thrashing energy before a bolt struck her and went through her. It surprisingly didn’t hurt the pony, but it did seem t transfer something from her to Will as the winds and energy died down Will was passed out on the ground in the form of an amber colored unicorn with a bright red mane. A few moments later golden streaks began forming through her mane and tail as a two toned sun image began to appear on her flanks.

Seem to transfer

11482853 Thank you, I was sure I got all of them. I fixed it.

It's actually pretty easy to comprehend and at least in my mind I draw similarities to D&D Sorcerers where Auramere is "Sorcerous Origin" and Mana Pool is kinda font in this case. That actually puts both "I.T.C.H-y for violence" girls (pure Sorcerers in this scenario using earlier comparison) and especially Sunset (3 parts sorcerer-2 parts wizard- 1 part bard hybrid) higher on my personal power scale. As far as I can tell Sunset is at least capable at this moment to:
-beat all 4 I.T.C.H-y girls 4v1 even in ambush scenario
-beat any 2 not-empowered Knights of Vengence 2v1
-solo Phobos 1v1 (I don't have a high opinion of basicly energy vampire with ego size comparable to the width of any continent:ajbemused:)
-collapse at the maximum 6-floor building in one shot (only collapse not destroy/vaporize/craterize)
-in a straight 1v1 fight against Twilight barely pull out draw two out of ten times (Twilight may not have that much battle experience but sheer power and knowledge gives her a rather big stick in battles of attrition)
-cause or stop Skynet-type scenario (Let's be honest animating any kind of computer server with Quintessence could cause that:pinkiecrazy:)
-pull a victory against a counter-terrorist unit with 6 members without heavy weaponry or 3 member X-Com rookie team (Less sure there because it's X-Com, their luck and accuracy is bipolar enough to lose against an ant or win against a greater daemon of chaos:pinkiecrazy:)

My estimation is probably rather wrong considering that I tend to overestimate magics and ponies, not like battle capability has any matter for the story to be good, and to this point, it is a good story. I also had a couple of thoughts:

1. Considering access to elemental lightning Sunset could dress in the black cloak and give the entire school a heart attack and need for new pants/skirts on Halloween by doing the "You pushed me into becoming Sith" prank:rainbowlaugh:. After all non-banite siths of the old republic were kind of terrifying.

2. I wonder which of the girls would have an opinion of how non-threatening Equestria is ... and then quickly change that opinion. I mean Meridian is scary but in a more visual way, truly horrifying things are sandpit and those smell-seeking snails, the rest is ... kinda meh. Equestria ... kinda has an entire list of pastely-horrory fauna and flora (and comics add more to my opinion that it is a death world beaten into submission by inhabitants:moustache:).

3. I kinda never liked treants of Zamballa...ot any kind of treants...for reasons. Am I the only one that would like to engage in some of bio-terrorism and throw via a portal a small jar of parasprites and watch effects?:scootangel:

4. If there would be a need to get Heart of Earth Sunset kinda has a natural advantage... I mean what kind of kindergarten girl with a dislike for her older sister would not give absolute power for petting then befriending a unicorn with the option of tourism/emigration with family to the pastel land of ponies at will:derpytongue2:? There are sacrificial cults started on much worse principles *Looks at Silent Hill:twilightoops:*

By the way , your updates are very fast, I hope you don't burn yourself out :scootangel:

11483074 That's good, I've been having a lot of trouble getting what I want to say out lately in any really good comprehensive way lol. I do know D&D somewhat, I mean I loved the cartoon and know a little about the game as I was invited to a group to play before which they helped me make a character though it wasn't really in depth and from I've come to understand it may have been some simplified version the group did or something. Sadly the group only had the one session with me there before it broke up as the two main people in it got into a huge fight over something stupid. I do agree with all of your examples of what Sunset can do though sadly X-Com is something a little less familiar with though I couldn't help laughing at what you said about the ant and daemon. You are also so right about Skynet, heck she could probably even take control of the terminators.

1. :rainbowlaugh: I can't believe I never thought of that but I can't stop laughing. I might have to do that way later in the story if you don't care when Halloween rolls back around or even at a masquerade party if you don't mind me using the idea. It is so perfect lol.

2. I would think it would be Cornelia as she would likely think how cute it looked then quickly change her mind at the first sign of trouble. I was originally going to say Hay Lin, but the more I think about her I would think she would still find the dangerous stuff pretty cute.

3. It might be fun as Treants isn't really something I ever liked either. I'm half way considering not even having Zamballa in the story since it is Alternate Universe anyways and just have all of the ex-guardians either on earth or on Kandrakar.

4. :rainbowlaugh: There is no way to refute that at all lol. I mean that is probably scarily spot-on with what would actually happen if needed. I bet Lilian would die of cuteness overload if she was ever able to even visit Equestria.

Thanks, I'm trying not to burn myself out though I do like writing a little every night to help take my mind off things. I'm trying to get my old spark and skills back at writing, not that I was ever a professional lol, but I admit my current stuff isn't exactly up to what I would have liked. Still, it is the best I am able to do right now and I think with every chapter I am getting a little better so hopefully I will get much better at it.

It nice seeing the girls truly understand how much they hurt sunset with the Anon-a-Miss thing.

11483470 Thanks, I really want to make the reactions of the aftermath pretty believable and show that even knowing something doesn't stop you from feeling something.

Yeah not many stories cover that detail. Hopefully you won't make your fans wait years till the end.

11483532 I'll definitely be finishing it as it is helping keep my mind off things and I actually been feeling a bit better writing even if my skill in it has deteriorated. I love Anon-AMiss stories for some reason, especially ones that I find show the aftermath and how Sunset overcomes and becomes stronger or at least happier from her ordeals.

Well as of this chapter, we have another confirmation for one of the eternal truths: "Relatives = Violators of children's privacy since Anno Immemoriam:facehoof:".

Sunset will not be a happy unicorn when that information reveals itself. Flutters also became accustomed to weird magical situations rather quickly, and only after now three magical incidents. Must be that famous resilience of nature ... or simply inoculation via exposure:raritywink:. But big points for her that "curiosity is not confrontation". At least Sunny will not explode as quickly but I wonder thanks to which group Mount Shimmer will erupt first...
Personally, I give two bits that I don't have that number one will be the guardian group that will trigger an explosion ... and next Twilight journal will literally spout black miasma from the sheer amount of venting profanities written in it to ... well vent... :rainbowderp: Reading not advised...

I also forgot to write on the list of possible achievable feats: "Conquering and bettering Westeron&Essos solo in less than four years." (Rather forgettable considering that any magic/power user that has less than zero consideration for "Game of Thrones" that those "Noble" hicks like to play, can easily dispatch all troublesome fools. No matter which universe, "aristocrats" and "nobles" are the same mistake in species history. Besides, if any world has over eight thousand years of medieval stagnation, it deserves meeting with otherworldly visitation.:raritywink:)

1. By all means sharing is caring, after all, especially ideas.:raritywink:

3. Well by the Not quite Sacred Law of AU creation: "What author writes, it simply is." final decision goes to you. Zamballa Arc? All guardians on earth/kandrakar? Some OC world of Infinite DImensions? Another part of the multiverse comes around the corner with additional crossover? That is for the author to decide, and for us to read.:scootangel:

11483964 I think it is definitely a tale as old as time.

She probably wouldn't be too happy, that's true. As for Fluttershy, I would think she would be kind of scared though after the Fall Formal and the Battle of the Bands I think she would be pretty accustomed to it and pretty desensitized to it in some ways so mostly your inoculation comment on why she isn't flipping out too much about it though she will likely want answers sooner or later. When it comes to Mt. Shimmer though, she will definitely lash out a few times soon. I know unless things change she will be lashing out at one person once Wednesday or Thursday rolls around, or at least putting said person in her place. I imagine with all the writing Sunset will be doing she may actually need a new journal soon if, as you said, her venting doesn't cause black miasma corrupting it or causing it to burst into flames.

Sorry, if that is Game of Thrones it is sadly another one I'm not hugely familiar with. The premises of GoT sounds cool, a fantasy world with dragons and stuff but from the amount of crap they shoved in there it isn't something I exactly have any urgency to check out. No need to have seen it to agree that nobles and aristocrats are usually a huge mistake. Eight thousand years is way too long to sit in the middle ages and does need some kind of otherworldly visitation.

1) Thanks. :pinkiehappy:

2) Thanks, I have played with the idea of OC worlds or other crossovers though I doubt I will do that later except for a cameo I have planned that will span a few paragraphs in one of the last few chapters.

Take all the time you need! So long as your happy with each chapter, so will we!

11484453 Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Heheh, oh Hay Lin, this is a universal lesson both for investigators and practitioners of Divination: Truth is often muuuuuch stranger than fiction ... or maybe those noodles before sleep were not quite fresh :pinkiecrazy:? Well, you never know with those visions. It could be also that Nerissa is in pranking humor but she doesn't strike me as a type of dream prankster, more like tying your boots together in addition to stealing your coffe and milk from the fridge after breaking your alarm clock when you have an important meeting in the morning.

Ms.Shy is such a parenting trooper, definitely, the Parent of The year award is needed:heart:.
Sunset had occasion to be fostered, and use this occasion to daily torture Zephyr Breeze via pranks and other acts of painful sabotage under the guise of "innocent adopted sister" AND SHE DIDN'T DO IT ?! Wow...clearly a saint on the level of Joan d'Arc...:rainbowderp:

Wait, this is slightly unclear to me: Sunset "resigned work" before the entire Anon mess or during/in the aftermath?
If before then blame kinda lies with Sunset's priorities, if after then wow talk about destroying someone's life on all fronts ...

Also, take all the time you need:scootangel:.

11484858 I know I'm not going to get the saying right, but as Shelock says, "When you eliminate all other possibilities what remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Then again the noodles probably sat too long. :raritywink: As for Nerissa, well I will rule out her having anything to do with the dream as far as causing it goes, though it would have been a great idea lol. I really think I like your ideas of pranking when it comes to Nerissa though.

I always did like the idea of Fluttershy's mom being the most caring of the girls' parents and I can't help seeing her wanting to mother Sunset. It would be awesome though to see Sunset fostered by her and what ways she can come up with to torture the brat. I actually do see Flutter's mom being saint level in some ways.

Sorry if I messed up trying to write it out good with clues and talk about it. What basically happened was the girls planned the slumber parties and Applejack pushed Sunset to come and when she mentioned that she was a bit busy Rainbow Dash jumping in and telling her to change her schedule around because the parties were important. Sunset feeling guilty for the girls going through all the planning decided to ask her boss and then argue over it claiming it family related and got her hours reduced and time off for the slumber parties. It didn't sit well with her boss really, but she tried to accommodate Sunset. Then Anon happened and Sunset wasn't answering calls and missed several from her boss that pissed her boss off even more and decided to just replace Sunset so she is effectively fired and won't know until she finds out about it from another source that isn't her job.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Ooooh well paint me green and call me an idiot that can't read with understanding, that actually makes sense:facehoof: ... and will probably be a reason for Mount Sunset to go termo-nuclear instead of just Etna.No one wants to lose liked job :twilightoops:(If it was liked...).
Not like Sunset needs a job with multiversal access, if she would go for less ethical things like for example "asking:trixieshiftright:" animated ATM nicely or going ballistic Robin Hood on criminal underworld (on the plus side it could be considered therapy:pinkiehappy:). There is also more legal option: getting bits and gems from Equestria for exchange, either via an "accidental " portal in Blueblood money vault :trixieshiftright: or simply selling exotic things like books for Twilight ... or gaming/streaming set-up for The best Princess (I'm biased for Princess of Night gaming, sue me:ajsmug:). I don't think any kind of dimension has laws against fair trading.
The only problem is changing one currency to another without access to mind trick or blackmail ... not that big but still troublesome.
Unless that Sunny likes working but even that could be done with help of magic, what kind of businessman wouldn't like a worker with access to that kind of resource?:twilightsheepish:

11485237 I probably didn't make it too clear, I have problems with that a lot sometimes lol. Sunset isn't too happy about it and I was planning to have a small confrontation on storytime Monday but ended up doing it in the new chapter as I didn't have much for this chapter and might actually make Monday's chapter a bit small with only one part. Sunday is over with for this chapter too unless I think of something else I want to add. Tuesday will be longer as more will be happening in it too.

I like your ideas on getting money, especially the animated ATM. I can see that happening if Sunset regained her powers before the formal without too many regrets depending on how she is in the story. The books is a great idea, though she will be offered some gems and bits most likely. As for working, she did enjoy her job in the story though she didn't really care for her boss. Hmmm, I wonder how much money she would get for a gem or a bit. Maybe I can borrow some lol.

It's a pity that (W.i.t.c.h.) went under because of (Winx Club)!

Now she's gonna go to Heatherfield! (I assume)let's see !

11485701 It is, while I did like Winx some Witch was far better and Disney made a huge mistake canceling it I think. Will find out for sure about Heatherfield very soon as Monday will be a short chapter and I think Tuesday will be when we find out for sure. :scootangel:

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