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Dreams are a wonderful thing. They can inspire change or influence creativity.

An office worker by the name of Daniel finds himself returning home during a particularly strong downpour. He meets a strange bum sleeping on a bench beneath a covered bus stop. They have a stranger conversation and the bum offers to make a dream of his come true for a small price. Daniel laughingly accepts his offer, thinking it nothing more than the odd ramblings of a homeless man. He asks the bum to turn him into Zeus. Next thing he knows he was struck by lightning and sent to another world inside the womb of Rhea as she was ready to give birth.

Now it has been a few thousand years since all the myths and legends of Greek Mythology. Now, things have started to seem like a book series Daniel, now known as Zeus, always found to be a guilty pleasure. Percy Jackson.

Rainbow Dash & the Olympians -
The Parliament of Athena: Chapters 3 - ??

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6902265 Welp, *puts on rubber gloves* lets get to work here

6902281 wait are you helping me take care of your own body or you getting ready to fight me? If it's the frist one then you can stop, it's not like they can get fingerprints off a lighting bolt.

6902439 ......................................... So um do you know thor? I hear that he's another god of thunder and lighting.

6902450 Yeah, though my Norse mythology is not as strong

6902481 You should talk to Jason about that. It's his hirortisg.

So he's Zeus now, does that mean he will have sex with every female mortal?:trollestia:

If I could be one god, I'd choose this guy.


6902752 Oh yeah, all the females are belong to him now:trollestia:

Hmm. We are watching thou, mortal.

Amuse us.

6905113 Well, Daniel decides to go with the creation of the demigod camps in Percy Jackson. Even though he's actually not that same Zeus, I figured a crossover tag would be appropriate since I didn't know if it would be considered one or not.

Better to be safe than sorry.

:pinkiehappy: Ooooooohhh I'm going to have a GREAT time with this.

Lovin it so far, big fan of the percy jackson books and so far, you seem to be capturing their style very well. :pinkiehappy:

6912802 Thanks:twilightsmile: those books have always been a favorite of mine

Great chapter.

I wonder how Twilight and rest of her friends will react when they find out about all this.

6912844 Imagine Celestia's, Luna's and Discord's reactions? Though we wonder if Hades is organizing the monsters to attack the children of the gods or usurp the throne?

Technically if Pan died wouldn't it mean the Earths near dead? Him being a god of nature an such youd think it would be quite important that he remain alive along with Gaia.

6913191 Well he's the God of the Wild. Besides Demeter is a goddess of nature. And anyway, humans didn't hold enough respect for his domain or him. They tore up the wild places of the world and left him with so little power that he couldn't go on anymore.

And Gaia is the Earth itself, she's too powerful and rooted to die or fade. If she ever fully awoke and got rid of her enemies then she could effortlessly return the world to its previous wild state. So Pan isn't really necessary to keep the world alive.

This is nice, but the camp part was very clearly ripped right out of percy Jackson and I don't even read those books.

6913343 Well, Daniel did recreate it after all. This is essentially what the crossover is about.

6913364 Makes sense I just found it odd that it was similar to a carbon copy of the camp, but that doesn't mean I dislike the story.

6913407 Ah, nah I got ya. Glad ya like it though.

I'm happy people enjoy this story:twilightsmile:, it makes me proud as a writer. And sorry to anyone who thinks Fluttershy would be the daughter of Pan, he's a fading god so I doubt he'd even have the strength to sire a demigod.

old gods doing new jobs

If this is a Percy Jackson crossover will he be in this like at the camp and if so is this during or after the first movie with the rainbooms being like helpers but also focusing on them and not percy

Can you do more chapters please

All I could think of when I read the title was, Being a just a TAD mean to Luna aren't you?

Those two, take teacher student relationships to a whole new level.

Awsome can't wait for more and who the the child of God of the sea

I'm sorry that I couldn't give my amazing insight(horrible insight) on this, and I've concluded that this is not a story focused on zues which from the prologue should've been the main focus. The similarities with percy Jackson is unbelievable I was hoping it would have some things branching off other than the characters, but so far I've been disappointed.
My suggestion is to try to think of a way to focus on Zues more and diverse away from the source material a bit so it doesn't seem copy paste even though it's clearly not depending on the time it takes for you to write these chapters.

This story was never meant to just follow Zeus, hence the prologue being in third person and not first. I refuse to write a story that focuses on a god, and just a god. It's boring when the main character could simply vaporize anything that gets in his or her way and has been ruling the universe unchallenged for the past few millennia. (Although, I will say that I'll write chapters that follow through the very first Titanomachy. From when Zeus first arrives in the world, to knocking Kronos off his throne with the Master Bolt, to when he sits on Olympus as the new ruler of the universe)

By similarities you mean the camp right? Thats not really an unbelievable similarity. Unless you are talking about the writing style, that's on purpose. And it's not like I'm going to go through a second Titanomachy, like in the books. I have my own plans...

There will be Zeus focused parts of this story, I won't just write him into the story and then forget about him after all. He is the Displaced of this story. But this thing just started, there is a time and place for him and right now (the memories of Rainbow Dash) is not that time.

Lots of questions there. Is this the Sunset from Equestria, did the events of the movie happen?
Nonetheless, interesting intro, good work. :twilightsmile:

This chapter answered my previous questions. :twilightsheepish:

“That's not what I meant. And besides, you believe in magic, are gods really too ridiculous for you?”
Sunset rose an eyebrow, “I was born in Equestria and used magic all my life. It’s as common as science and grass on the other side of the portal.”

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah it's a valid point, but doesn't detract from the humor of the unicorn from another reality being the skeptic of the group. :pinkiehappy:
Liked your choice for their parents except for Pinkie, the god of wine doesn't really fit in my opinion, personally I would chose Eris, Greek goddess of chaos. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice story so far, this has potential.
You should make it so Sunset manages to use some magic in order to help the others.
Good work. :twilightsmile:

6970483 To be honest, Eris is worse for Pinkie. Eris is the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. Not very pinkie if you ask me.

6970530 If the books could turn Apollo into a haiku speaking hippie then you could turn her into something a little friendlier. :rainbowkiss:

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