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As you can see, my name is above me, but you can call me Displace, for short. Anyway, I am looking for writers to help me out with my stories. Also, Hamster_Master, you are not permitted to be here.


Oh, um... Hello. My name is Lewis... or at least, I think it is. I have arrived in this odd place known as Equestria, a continent filled with creatures known as Equines, or Ponies, if you prefer. The world I'm on, known as Equis, Midguard/Midland, or Equus, is also home to Changelings, Griffons, Dragons, and other creatures, some of which are entirely alone in terms of species, like the "God of Chaos" (God of Chaos my ass), Discord, the Draconequus... then there's the Hydras, the Timberwolves, the Manticores, and also the Cockatrices, which I'm immune to, surprisingly... I thank my poltergeist-y-ness... which also kept me from getting controlled by Discord... Anyway, I'll explain what I can remember from my past as much as I can...

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Thank you (crying tears of joy) thank you...

Been waiting for something like this



But, perhaps YOU have some ideas on how this'll go next?

I do need some ideas...

And some shippings...

Add vivi? ArthurXtwilight. LewisXfluttershy. Watch the music video freaking out on YouTube.


True, but, who would Vivi go with? And Mystery and the Dead Beats?

I do like the shippings, though...

Perhaps Mystery could be with Celestia or Luna, or Vivi could be with Luna, forming a lesbian relationship?


And I have watched freaking out, it was better than ghost for me...

What about the plant lady(forgot her name????)


Tree Hugger or Shiromori? (Now that's a couple. Treemori/Shirohugger for da win.)


And thanks.

Now, who do you think would win in a fight? Lewis Vs Fem Sombra/Nightmare Moon/Discord/Tirek/Starlight Glimmer? Or all of them at once?

Both.(good couple)
All because they would probably be tired out because there's a limit of what they can do


Thank you for agreeing with that couple, but which should it be? Treemori or Shirohugger?

And Lewis DOES have his limits, but when he gets pissed, something, or someone/somepony WILL die... and it won't be him.



Now, I'd like to talk to you in private about something...

A non-Displaced story, one that involves a hero whose name starts with the letter 'K'...

I need some help with ideas for it.

Looks good so far. Grammar could use some touching up, no idea where these guys are from but I like it. About the Gaster story... first off, I CALL DIBS ON USING DARK, DARKER, YET DARKER FOR THE TITLES OF MY GASTER IN EQUESTRIA STORIES. Secondly, be sure you know what you're doing. If the readers don't like it, they will be after your head, and will not hesitate to beat the tar out of the story. I'd save WingDings for last. Trust me when I say I speak from experience.


And also, guess what the eleven parts of his soul are, minus the 12th one and the ones that have already been revealed, like Lewis and Lord Metarex, just from name.


Oh, and, they are from Mystery Skulls Animated by MysteryBen.

Ok, I cannot believe I am doing this, but...

In this story, I will be bringing in Undertale.

Why? Well...

To put it simply, I'd like to see if Lewis can fight against Sans, Flowey, or mother-fuckin' Chara Dreemurr, the "Antagonist" of Undertale (Yes, I do not believe Chara is the REAL antagonist of Undertale. It is US. Go on the internet to see how)... or if he can overpower them completely. Considering he is already dead, being a Poltergeist and all, I'm leaning towards the latter, at the moment...

But, who knows? It might be the former. It could go either way...

Cool read so far, I wouldn't mind seeing a franchise mix as I do that already with my story. (Whedon verse and Artix verse) I say do what feels right!

7380461 I'm guessing you've never heard of AQWorlds


No... I've heard of Nintendo, Sega, HAL Laboratories, and some other video game companies, though... along with Asphyxious (don't know where he's from), but not that.

A crossover within a crossover. Best fanfiction. 10/10

Well this will be an interesting story to watch.


I'm glad you think it will be interesting, my friend.

But, how would you like this to go?

There are two, maybe three options: A. When Zecora mentions the Monsters to the Ponies, and by extension, Lewis and the others, Lewis would think that they are evil Monsters, like Discord, and would try to defeat them. B. They meet peacefully and they help each out in integrating themselves back into the world. Or C. Sans sees Lewis as a threat to the Monsters and decides to defeat Lewis, thinking he was like Flowey.

It could go either way.

Honestly, I think it may end up a combination of choices A and C. Likely from hearing about "Monsters" Lewis and the ponies may be a bit on edge, even with Zecora vouching for them. And depending on how Lewis acts, it could lead Sans to try to fight. Although I doubt that they would get very far with fighting before someone stopped them.


Remember what both Sans and Lewis can do:

Sans has Gaster Blasters, teleportation, magic, and can even affect one's gravity.

Lewis can create fire, manipulate it and make it explode, is a Poltergeist, and has a bunch of other abilities, which you can find on the Mystery Skulls Wiki. Same for Sans, who is on the Undertale Wiki...

With those powers, it'll be HELL for both combatants.

That, and there's also the possibility of Undyne getting involved, and maybe even ASGORE, given the right circumstances.

im confused why are they in the prison and what does it look like?


Well, remember how in Freaking Out, Lewis is inside his own locket?

Well, the Lewis in this story was trapped inside it, but he doesn't know why.

He created the others (Arthur, Mystery, and the Dead Beats) to help him figure out how to get out...

Unfortunately, they couldn't figure it out until Apple Bloom picked their prison up, the locket, took it to her home, while it was discordnated, and when Lewis and the others heard about what Discord had done, Lewis snapped and bursted into flame from the anger he had, CRACKING the prison from the INSIDE. It was all a matter of opening the crack further to get them out...

And the inside of the prison depends on who is inside it.

If Arthur, Lewis, Mystery, and the Dead Beats are inside, it is a mix of orange, red, and purple.

If just Lewis is inside, it shifts from dark purple to light purple.

If Arthur is just inside, it shifts from dark orange to light orange.

If only Mystery is inside, it shifts from dark red to light red.

If just the Dead Beats are inside, it's actually yellow and purple...

However, if no one is inside it, it's either a black void... or a white, empty void... the surprising thing is that ANYONE and ANYTHING can be inside of it, including the ponies, monsters- basically everything, so it isn't just limited to Lewis and the others.


Linkle, Zelda, and Ganondorf

Female Link and ideas for the future


Yeah- no.

Undertale, Mystery Skulls Animated, and MLP only, buddy.

Why not add in a Villain? I recommend Shiromori (White Tree headed girl from Freaking Out). She is already chasing Mystery, so there's already a motive for you to build on.


Actually, Shiromori is going to be one of the villains, maybe she could be a Displaced, maybe not, but I need ideas on how the next chapter should go.

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