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Mal, Una and Alex were dressed as the Legendary Lake Spirits from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, when a pair of men gave them three Pokémon Eggs... I think you know what happened.

They created the elements of Emotion, Knowledge, and Willpower to a world without... That world being Equestria. Afterwards, they went into hiding.

A thousand years later, they are have their own children, and see a group of six mares. Here, they decide to follow the ponies for why most people would... Amusement. But that won't last, as an old enemy of the Mane Six seeks a new way to take Equestria... What kind of shenanigans can these three little cuties get into...?

A lot...

Oh, and every animal is a Pokémon now... And the ponies, dragons, griffons and others are humanized.

(Collaboration with Solphestus.)

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When applejack got her pokemon all that I thought of was "lick her face, lick her face, lick her face, LICK ITITITITI!!!"

This... I'll enjoy a LOT

So much like! But I wonder why the three can't talk or use Telepathy... whatever. It's fun to read^^

6900481 They actually can use telepathy, they're just not very good with it.


6898560 Ew,...

6898775 The doom of all Displaced...

6899437 Why? :ajsmug:

6900481 It shall be explained, something happened to them.

6900974 Because I wanted to see something on them :raritywink:

This it good but will we see crossovers in the foreseeable future:scootangel:

they are have their own children,

Grammar, plz?!

The humans bassed right by the edge of the border earlier,

“I just hope mines cute!” Pinkie squealed.


“Why… It’s a Glameow! My mother used to gave one of these!”


Realy? We have seen her eyes before and weren't affected.”


What if your attacked!?


He he he lol. The notes are funny.

Yes yes yes! A new chapter! Please post the next one as soon as possible.

Lucky little guy. I have to say this is getting so good. Love it.

So, how far down the rabbit hole have these three legendaries gotten? I mean, have they gone full coward and lied to themselves so much and for so long that they really believe they are the pokemon who's powers and bodies they've gotten (and names they've stolen) or ... ?

And oh, poor Ralts. :rainbowlaugh: Though really, I'm surprised that the never-human would have any concept of such things considering pokemon are always nude.

7046644 Everything gets explained later.

wait don't they have some attack moves and twilghts a beginning trainer if so she would have to enter a battle with them and then they one shot her pokemon

7134818 Twilight still has magic, just as Rainbow can still fly. That, and how would they know Twi's a beginner?

7135398 fair point and true

Of Course Twilight would chase them well a version of her would I guess this is the STUDY NOW ASK QUESTIONS LATER" Twilight right?

7154076 Mostly. She never got a choice though.

7154095 Yah I guess your right . . . I suck at writing. . .

Oh dear. I'm getting an urge to do something.

7207940 It may have to do with our annoying Review process, just maybe.

Looking good, I'm liking this. Can't wait for the next chapter.

7858869 Having technical problems...

Crossovers that are screwed over.

My co-writer's doing jack-crap cause he keeps moving and schtuff.

And there's the problem with... Well, I don't have Sun/Moon and my co isn't a Pokemon fan like I am...


Understandable:twilightsmile:, sometimes life just screws us over. Do what you gotta do man. I'm absoloutly loving this story, its curently one of my top 10 faves, and i hate to see an amazing story like this die.:twilightsmile: Keep on keeping on man.:pinkiehappy:

7859980 Thanks. It's also one of my favorite to write. :derpytongue2:

I decited to take a look and I like the description and the idea already, I'm only asking if you plan to continue it soon enough, so that I know if I should read it right now or later.

8048074 Well, I don't think it'll be soon. My co-writer doesn't have much of a signal, so I'm as much in the dark as you are.

8050225 you mean internet?
Okay thank you for the reply.

8050272 No, the guy only has a phone at this time. Computer's mostly useless.

8050277 aaahhh okay, I kind of wish my PC was broken, I have a hard time to decide if I should buy a new pc or a PS4, both stuff has it's + and - .
The PC is expensive and I mostly do it for one or two games and with the PS4 I can'T play online, because I don't pay much money to play two times in a week online matchs for half an hour.

Okay I read it tomorrow I guess, I can wait since I have to much to read anyway.

they seems to be a bit weak, nearly as easy captured like the legendaries in the games...and the show now that I think about it.

To me it's more weird than anything that their kids have no respect towards them, even if that is probably not meant seriously.

I have to admit this are a bit to many main chars to me 12 including the main six.

Honestly I hope they can leave their lakes and join the main six in the middle of the story.

This is a giod story, Im obly slightly dissapointed that they can do nothing and think they could defend the lakes for whatever reason.

However at the same time that is actually nice.

Did you combined all elements including their magic in this Crossover too?

I'm not really interessted in their backgroundstory at this point of the story anymore.

This story is making me think of the video "5 years old catch Arceus", because they look so weak that even the main six could catch them right now.

They still look like level 1 Pokemon.

Since they are reak trainers here, I don't like it that much, that they still have their magic, which seems to be able to beat up the legendarys I understood one comment right.

In a way I'm always thinking ig they are even Humans or anthros.

8081581 I feel you... I want this fic back, but it wouldn't be the same without my co-writer.

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