• Published 4th Feb 2016
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The Pantheon - Pylon Constructor

A guy meets a bum at a bus stop. The bum offered to turn him into whatever he dreamed to be at a small price. The man didn't believe him and jokingly said Zeus. Now, in modern times, the man rules the world, and things seem like a Percy Jackson book.

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3. The Vice Principle is a Harpy

The other girls eventually caught up to Rainbow, who was happily sucking up a rainbow colored smoothie. Mrs Cake, one of the owners of Sugarcube Corner, saved one just for her since she knew how much Rainbow liked them. Rainbow took one long gulp of the drink, gave a happy sigh, and said, “Mrs Cake is awesome.”

Rarity was still eyeing her ruined clothes in distaste, “Well, I’m glad one of us is happy about this turn of events.”

Rainbow held her cup out to Sunset, “Here, try some. You probably won’t get a chance later if they run out again this early every day. It’ll only last a week.”

Sunset graciously took the offer cup and took a sip. She smacked her lips and hummed in delight as she gave the cup back to her friend, “Wow, you weren’t kidding. This is good!”

“I know right?!”

The six friends continued to chat in the bakery, eating sweets and having fun. Soon they had to return to school, the remaining months flying by without further incidents. No one was bothered by the lack of monstrous attempts on their lives, the demigods told their mortal friend that they each had a special charm to hide their scents. It wasn’t foolproof and didn’t always work, but it gave them big enough of a chance to hide from any monster that might’ve caught their scent and followed them. Sadly they couldn’t keep them, the charms were only distributed to demigods that needed it, like ones that had special long term missions. They were always given back to the camp after their mission was finished. The charms were hard to make before, nearly impossible now since the recipe to make them was destroyed many years ago.

The final day of the school year came to a close, the demigod girls were hanging out around a white van that had a picture of a strawberry and the words “Delphi Strawberry Service” written across the sides. Sunset watched as Applejack threw the last of her stuff into the back with all of the others. She couldn’t help but feel nervous, she was about to travel across the country to a camp somewhere near Manhattan that was full of others like her friends. Strangers aside, she still didn’t know what the gods wanted with her either, even with months of thinking on it.

Sunset supposed it could’ve been about the events that happened earlier in the school year, but it seemed like it was awfully late to question her about those events. She sighed, thinking too much about it would give her a headache, and that was the last thing she needed right now.

“We’re ready Sunset!” Pinkie yelled excitedly as she waved to her before skipping to the driver’s side of the van.

Sunset hurried over to the van, getting in back with Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Applejack. Rarity was seated in the passenger's side, idly filing her nails. Once everyone was buckled in Pinkie turned onto the road, on course for camp.

“Hey,” Sunset started after a moment. “Whose van is this anyway?”

“The camp’s.” Rainbow said. “It’s the camp’s business name. The Demeter cabin, Dionysus cabin, and the Satyrs all help grow the strawberries to sell to the mortals in Manhattan and to Olympus.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize the camp would even need funds considering it’s for you know, godly things.” Sunset seemed confused.

Rainbow just shrugged, she didn’t have an answer for her. The other girls didn’t either. The van was once again bathed in silence as each girl did their own thing, a silence Sunset decided she didn’t really like. “So, you girls got any cool adventures under your belt? We kinda have a lot of time to spare.” She said.

Rainbow looked at the others as they all shared some of their adventures with Sunset. She couldn’t help but get a bit lost in her own memories too, like her first ever adventure. She was barely twelve when she first learnt she was a demigod…

My name is Rainbow Dash.

I just turned twelve during my last semester ever here at Cloudsdale’s Middle School for Enlightened Youths. Yeah, the name is a mouthful, I know. But I couldn’t say the school was bad, it was rather nice actually. The only thing I could say was that nobody in the school was actually “enlightened”. Despite what the name might suggest, the school is actually a place for kids who couldn’t go anywhere else, all of the troubled kids one might say.

I like to think that I was not a troubled kid. In fact, if I had it my way, I’d be well behaved enough so that I can actually do the things I love. Most of them being sports related, like soccer or basketball. But what I want usually doesn’t happen, weird things tend to happen to me at school that eventually get me expelled one way or another.

Like that time where me and my class were on a field trip to a fire station. This place had one of those large handled switches to control the lights and I was asked to flip it on. Well, when I did, some sort of electrical discharge came out of nowhere and zapped the switch, causing some sort of huge fire, probably along the wires of the building. No one believed me when I told them that, everyone just assumed I had some sort of lighter on hand and pyromania in my mind.

Most of these things tended to happen around the middle of the school year, sometimes even before. But I was well past that point right now, it was the end of the year, last day of school, and while I had been in a few fights with bullies, those were nothing really noteworthy or unusual. I tried desperately to stay positive but I was actually a nervous wreck. My nerves didn’t help my grades either, I was already dyslexic with ADHD. I tried to not show it in front of my friends, keeping up a calm and cocky image like I didn’t really care wasn’t always easy. At this point I was practically expecting the school to blow up.

Oh, right, I should mention my friends.

Fluttershy was this really sweet and pretty girl. She had soft yellow skin that was accented by her wavy pink hair. She looked like she could be a supermodel when she grew up. Truthfully I don’t understand why she was even in this school. She didn’t exactly fit the image of a troubled kid, she was far too shy and soft spoken for that. She, like my other friend that I’ll mention in a second, was really into nature stuff. She even hides small animals like bunnies in her backpack and brings them to school with her. On a side note, I found it strange she too was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD.

My only other friend in school was Wild Brush, he was a crippled guy that had some sort of leg disease, it prevented him from walking right and he needed crutches to get around. He was permanently excused from PE, which I think sucks because his attitude would’ve been great when playing on the field or court. He had light tan skin, green eyes, long messy green hair, and was really lanky. To be honest, he looks like a walking palm tree. But don’t mention that to him, he’d smack you with his crutches and chase you around the school with them. Despite his inability to walk right without his crutches, he could really run when needed.

Right now I was in a dead end hallway lined with lockers, in between Fluttershy and the biggest jerk in school, Cobalt, who was unusually big for a middle schooler. My best guess was that he was too stupid to make it past sixth grade.

“How about you move outta the way Lamebow,” Cobalt said, smirking at me while showing off his teeth. It didn’t look cool, it just made his gross yellow teeth clearly visible to everyone else’s unfortunate fate. “I just wanna borrow your little girlfriend for a while. I hear her daddy gave her extra lunch money.”

I heard his dumb self laugh at some stupid joke he probably had forced himself to come up with in his head, Cobalt wasn’t that smart to begin with.

I rose my hand and put a fist between us before snarling at him, “How about you back away from my friend and I don’t shove this up your nose!”

He just crossed his arms, “I’d like to see you try.” He leaned forward, nearly making me gag with the foul breath spewing from his rotten mouth, “You’re just a girl.”

“And this ‘girl’ can still kick your teeth in buddy!” I shouted. I was going to say more when a soft voice spoke behind me.

“Rainbow, um, you don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Fluttershy was trying to hide behind her hair as she spoke. “I can just give him the money, I’m not that hungry anyway. Honest.”

Cobalt grinned, “Now how about that! Just listen to your girlfriend Lamebow.”

I grunted, “Like that’ll happen! Listen ‘Shy, I’m not the one who's gonna get hurt here. Besides, I know this guy has done this to you before. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.” Fluttershy looked down and I got into a fighting stance. “Bring it jerk, I ain’t backin’ down!”

Cobalt kept his smug grin up and cracked his knuckles, “Very well, bring it!”

He lunged at me with a huge fist, I ducked under it and jabbed hard at his side with my left fist. Strangely it didn’t even seem to faze him as much as it did me, I grabbed my left wrist and massaged it as he just laughed.

“You hit like a girl!”

At this point I was livid, he was trying to bully my friend and kept mocking me. I clenched my fists hard and gritted my teeth together, for some reason I smelt ozone.

Before I could continue my attack the lights above us popped like someone doused it with water, bathing us in sudden shadow. As quick as lightning, Vice Principal Saffron darted around the corner just behind the bully. She was a wrinkly hag with more bad attitude than the wrinkles on her face. She eyed my still in place fists and the annoying bully across from me. “Just what is going on here?!”

Before I could say anything in my defense Cobalt spoke up and pointed a finger at me and Fluttershy, “Those two are bullying me ma’am!”

The Vice Principal adjusted her glasses and fixed us with a glare hot enough to insta-melt steel. “I see. Ms. Dash, Fluttershy, in my office after the rally. We need to have a talk. Cobalt come with me now.”

Cobalt stuck his tongue out at us as he followed the Vice Principal. It wasn’t a fair ruling, this lady has had it out for me specifically ever since she joined the school after replacing the last Vice Principal who went missing the first month. Every time I would defend either myself or someone else from bullies she would never see reason. She always took the bullies side, no matter how many people testified against. The Principal himself didn’t do anything, the short, scrawny guy just nodded along with whatever the Vice Principal said.

I relaxed myself and looked over at one of my best friends. “You ok, Fluttershy?”

She nodded and wiped her eye to rid herself of a few tears, she tends to do that when she gets really scared. I sighed and patted her on the back before smiling at her, “Come on, it’s almost time for the school’s last pep rally. Might as well have a small moment of fun before being chewed out by the Vice Principal right?”

“Ok,” She softly said, smiling back at me.

The pep rally wasn’t anything new or exciting. If you think typical school rally then you had a good grasp on what went on during this one. Nearly no one paid any attention to what was going on in the middle of the gym. It was the last day of school and everyone wanted out, not sitting in a bleacher watching band members and other various school related clubs do their thing.

To be honest I myself wondered why the school did this anyway. It was a peculiar line of judgement honestly. Any other school would’ve had a half day and call it that. I just sighed and leaned against the railing, luckily the rally thing was almost done. Fluttershy was busy petting a kitten she brought with her. I looked to my left when I heard a small thud on the bleacher and saw my other friend Wild now sitting next to us.

“Heard you got in trouble with the Vice Principal.” He said as he leaned against the railing with me.

I grunted, “Yeah. Apparently she’ll believe that I would bully someone and Fluttershy would join me. Fluttershy.” I emphasized my friends name with a roll of my eyes at the Vice Principal’s lack of perception. “That woman is a monster.”

Wild grunted, “You got that right.” We sat in silence as we watched the rally go by, after a while he asked, “Anything else happen with the VP?”

That was an odd question, I opened my mouth to mention the ozone and light thing right before she showed up but the band down in the gym’s court went into a frenzy of loud music as they reached the end. I waited for them to calm down, once they finished everyone immediately bolted from their seats and ran out the gym doors. Despite nearly being trampled I almost felt free.

“We gotta run, the Vice Principal wanted to see us after the rally.” I said to Wild. He looked nervous for some reason but eventually nodded his head.

“Alright, I’ll meet you afterwards then right?” He said.

I slung my bag over my shoulder. “Yeah, come by my house. I think my mom is making her awesome brownies.”

He grinned at the mention of my mother’s homemade brownies, Fluttershy and I left him in the bleachers. We made our way down the hallways of the school to the administration area, it was right next to the main entrance. Oddly enough there didn’t seem to be anyone here, even if everyone rushed out the building there would still be stragglers lingering. But it was eerily empty, but empty schools were always eery looking anyway.

We were stopped as we took all this in, Fluttershy had her teeth chattering. Something felt off about this whole thing. I put a hand on her shoulder and motioned for us to move forward, the sooner this was over with the better. She nodded and we took our first step towards the administration building. It was as far as we got.

The heavily tinted door to the administration area opened, revealing the Vice Principal alongside Cobalt.

“What’s this?” I ask.

The Vice Principal ignored my question and looked us over, “I knew I had smelled something good. It has been a long time since he had one of his half breeds, I hear that from all the others they make for the most nutritious meals.”

Cobalt had started drooling at this point. He reached behind himself and pulled out a… bib? Before putting it on around his neck. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wasn’t growing and looking a bit scarier now, I’d have laughed in his face. Fluttershy seemed to have the same opinion as I did, she was standing completely still out of fear now.

“Oh, where are my manners.” Suddenly the VP’s body starting shifting. Her head and body stayed mostly the same, but her arms changed into a mixture of a bird’s and human’s. She grew talons on her feet and a tail. “My name is Saffron, and this is Cobalt, my husband.”

Cobalt had finished with his growing and stood at least eight feet tall, he was hugely muscular with tattoos littering his arms. His teeth stayed the same color but were now sharp, a point emphasized when he grinned widely, as if showcasing them. My mouth was dry now, I put an arm around Fluttershy and slowly started backing up from them.

“There’s no running from us Ms. Dash. We have your scent now, and what a truly wondrous scent it is!” Saffron-Harpy licked her lips.

The giant man in front of us took a step forward, we took another step back.

I was understandably scared right now, it was one thing to face a bully, another to face a real life monster. The giant in front of us looked to be about to charge when we heard the strangest sound. It was like someone was trying to play ‘Hey Jealousy’ on pipes. I looked to my left and saw Wild with some reed pipes to his lips.

Vines sprouted from the ground under the two monsters feet. The harpy yelped and tried to fly away, but there wasn’t much room and a thick vine grabbed her by the talon and dragged her back to the ground. The giant tried fighting the vines and was met with much more success and I could see the vines slowly being ripped from his body.

“Rainbow!” I turned my head to Wild, wide eyed and panicking. “Here! Use this!”

He tossed me something, it looked like a bronze baseball bat. I caught it using a reflex I didn’t know I had, but once the handle hit my hand it morphed into a three foot long sword. I almost dropped it out of surprise.

“You gotta use it on the giant! Only that can hurt it, the vines won’t work for long!”

As if on cue the giant broke free of his confines and charged me like a football player. He roared and stuck his hands in front of him, I could see the bloodlust in his eyes. So, I did what I thought was best for me and for Fluttershy behind me.


I almost closed my eyes as the sword slashed through the giant man, it struck him in the elbow and cut through him like hot butter. With a hiss he exploded in a cloud of sandy dust, his scream of pain echoing in the halls of the school. I nearly threw up from all of the ‘excitement’ but I held myself together and looked at the other monster, putting myself between her and Fluttershy just in case.

She managed to mostly free herself by using her talons to cut the vines sprouting from the tiled floor. She was looking at the slowly dissipating cloud of dust and screamed, “No! You killed him you murderous spawn of the gods!” She started thrashing wildly at her bindings now. “I will eat you alive!”

“That’s enough out of you.” Wild said as he played another tune on his reed pipe. More vines sprouted from the floor and wrapped around the still thrashing harpy. Once she was completely covered up the vines seemed to tighten around the harpy’s form, dust escaped from the cracks of the vines like blood.

I looked back at Wild, and I just noticed he wasn’t using his crutches. He looked over at me and smiled. “I know this has been a bit of a rough experience for you, but there are things you need to know about. How about we go back to your house, with Fluttershy of course, and I’ll explain everything.”