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I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!


Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack wake up in a drop pod as someone welcomes them to a corporation called Deep Rock Galactic and remembers nothing about how they ended up in this situation. With guns in one hand and pickaxes in the other, they must work as a team if they want to make it back to the surface.

Pinkie Pie wakes up in a small cabin aboard a space station. Upon finding the quality of her new homes's food particularly low, she volunteers her skills as a master chef and lands a spot in the station's bar.

Fluttershy isn't of much use to Deep Rock Galactic at first, but that changes when she saves a dwarf's life in the medical room, and her new employer pays surprisingly well for a company that sends people to fight bugs miles underground in dark, scary caves.

Twilight Sparkle seemed too smart to be sent to the surface, so Management puts her on the Research and Development team in hopes that she can help them develop better tools and equipment for conquering the harsh world of Hoxxes IV.

Together, the friends must work harder than they ever have before if they want to survive the caves, climb the ranks of DRG, and--fingers crossed--return home.

Crossover with the game Deep Rock Galactic, which is a 1-4 co-op first-person shooter where you all play as dwarves that go down to the depths of a hostile alien world and mine minerals because Management pays you to. It's a hell of a lot of fun, and I highly recommend playing it with your friends.

I'm not sure how often I'll update this one, but it's still going to be a great adventure either way.

Character Progression Tracker and explanatory blog here. If you want to know what the girls can and can't do, this is the first place you should look!

EDIT: Added the "Narcotics" warning to cover myself as the girls begin using the complementary bar. In this story, it is assumed that all characters are of legal drinking age other than Twilight for the first while because she specifically mentions it (Don't underage drink kids). Alcohol is the only drug I will be using in this story.

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I like this.
You got work allocation pretty accurate.
And i can accept the reasoning behind their suddenly working for DRG.
Overall, hope to see more.

I wanted to have all seven of them, but I knew I didn't want Fluttershy going down to Hoxxes, at least not at first, and Pinkie, too. Once I settled on putting Twilight in R&D, whoever was left ended up going into the pod.

Sunset became a scout because that's how I main, so I have the most experience with that class.
Rainbow became gunner literally on the fly, and I rolled with it. Applejack as well with the Driller, which left Rarity as Engineer.

Honestly, I'm just trying to have fun throwing some of my favorite characters into situations I personally experienced in DRG and seeing how I can get them back out of them.

Rainbow would be the one to pick up the minigun meant for AJ who could ACTUALLY LIFT THE DAMN THING.
Feel like Rarity should have been scout with Sunset as engineer, but having AJ be driller is a good call and the Rarity/Sunset thing is more my personal nitpicking.
As for situations encountered in DRG, how about you and I get into a few? I'll DM you my steam profile if you'd like.

.... You have Twilight in R&D.... I feel stupid....


Takes a deep breath

Rock and stone to The bone!

I can see the brews being an acquired taste.
Fluttershy being able to do medical work with a headache is impressive though.


Well, if Management didn't see her potential earlier, they certain do now.

....i get the feeling we'll be seeing chapters from the perspective of the other Rainbooms....

And Rainbow is the kind of idiot to spend her night chugging coffee and looking for a mission instead of SLEEPING like she should be.

I was mostly worried that Rainbow staying up would seem like a mischaracterization, but it seems okay.

And yeah. Seeing missions from the others' perspectives is a distinct possibility.

And thus Sunset discovers the default thrown ordnance of the scout, the holographic decoy.
Would have been hilarious for the hologram to be Sunset dancing, though.

The L.U.R.E. is actually the Engineer's default throwable, so Rarity has it. There may be customizations later on as they get used to their equipment.

Sunset's default throwable is the inhibitor-field generator. She has yet to use it.

Ok...i got confused for a second.
Still would have been funny to see it be the one who threw it represented by the hologram..

It's an understandable mistake.

Yeah, having the hologram already be Rarity would've been funny, but then I wouldn't be able to have her specifically request for Twilight to make it happen.

Suddenly wondering how old the Rainbooms are in this story... I would assume they are all a bare minimum of 21 considering that is the legal drinking age in the United States.
But I would rather know for sure since it kinda concerns me that, disregarding the drinking, Deep Rock Galactic would hire teenagers to MINE ON AN ALIEN WORLD AND USE FIREARMS THEY HAVE NO TRAINING IN.

I assume so too, but DRG isn't known for its safety measures.

I'm suprised there are no Cave Leeches yet.

i foresee stupidity from someone.

Rule #1 of history class: People are stupid.

Her taste bugs immediately rejected the beer, and she stuck her tongue out in disgust. Her head, though, felt a little bit better just from the smell. She sighed and downed the whole thing in one go as fast as she could. Once she was sure the mug was empty, she sat it back down on the counter and smacked her lips to try to get the taste out.

I hope twilight is okay and wont need to go to fluttershy anytime soon

Personally the fungus bogs is my most hated biome.
but on another note is Sunset Shimmer going to be the Pseudo main character here?

Sunset didn’t respond, dumping her Nirta into Molly as she listened. A muffled screech sounded through the rock.

I Think you meant Nitra otherwise she's just dumping them worthless silicate crystals! :pinkiegasp:

Just finished reading this lovely chapter and i guess its time for B.O.S.C.O to drag them back to the dropod for medical care

I despise the Fungus Bogs as well.

I'm trying to spread the love between all the characters, but Sunset is probably going to get more attention, yeah.

And sending Bosco to save them? Nah, that'd make too much sense...We here at DRG pride ourselves in our dwarves' ability to take on any challenge! The narrative potential is too much to resist.

I Couldn't care less how you save them. this is your story after all.
But In my mind that's how we get back to the dropod when everybody gets knocked out because the glyphids don't attack B.O.S.C.O

so you are going to have a dwarven retrieval team rescue them?

Also are the new mission types going to make an appearance?

Yes, there are retrieval teams, and yes, once they complete the necessary assignment.

Oh thank zog they couldn't activate the OMEN.

“Ah reckon we can handle it,” Applejack said. “We’ve got some upgrades to our gear.”

Y'all can't handle it.

“Hrm, this doesn’t look good…We’ve just picked up a pack of Praetorians heading your way. Dig in, team.”

Told ya.

Sunset consulted her terrain scanner. There was a cluster of three colored arrows--her, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash--and one arrow down a tunnel to who-knew-where. It was approaching as quickly as it could, but it would be trapped.

There's a lesson here, never split the party.

You have some great ideas hidden in this Little chapter.
like the pod actually having a health bar? I could see that being quite good on some missions because usually the glyphids just stop at the entrance like some glitched NPC

Fluttershy’s eyes fluttered open to a scene of utter chaos. Burning fuel and flaming metal filled her peripheral vision. The white paint of the medical team’s Drop Pod was gone, replaced by a scorched, blackened skeleton. On top of the wreckage stood a great orange beast, surrounded by flames licking its horrid, bulbous torso.

Also This Chapter made me think of a new mission type Combat Recovery I don't know how this would work since you'd have to have NPC dwarves downed but its the thought that counts right?

“Well, this is my first mission in Combat Recovery.”

I thought of Combat Recovery as the team that gets you out when you've screwed up, but yeah, seeing it as a mission would be cool. Probably like Salvage Operations with the added bonus of recovering the dwarves.

And invincible things always nags me a bit. I love that the Drop Pod is a "safe zone," but giving it a health bar would add to the hectic feel of a close-call extraction. Sounds pretty fun.

Yeah, I love the mission generator I had to create. It's really fun but also horrifying as I realize the kind of crap I've rolled for them. In this case, they went down in the first Praetorian Swarm, but I actually rolled 2. I'm surprised RNJesus didn't spawn a Dreadnought on them.

Well, looks like Flutters is going to be presumed KIA but likely become the Glyphid Queen.

I'm calling it! This'll be interesting.

Not gonna lie, my first encounter with one where we turned it on resulted in mission failure.

Not seeing a "death" tag, so I'll continue to hold out hope that Flutters made it somehow. Perhaps rescued by someone else who never cared to leave?


I entirely agree, it's not entirely impossible for Fluttershy to simply survive down there. I hear glyphids are delicious.

And they can learn about her survival from a supply pod being called when none of them called one

At least glyphid eggs make for an excellent omelette

Fluttershy might complain, but survival overrules comfort in these situations.

And so Queen Fluttershy tames the first of the lifeforms on the planet... I'm interested to see what happens when she meets a Heartstone, since they seem to be connected to the rest of the creatures on Hoxxes.

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