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-In Loving Memory of Kevin Conroy-

The Riddler has gone into hiding somewhere in Canterlot City, working on some type of new technology that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. The Dark Knight: Batman, has traveled to Canterlot City to stop Riddler before he has the chance to use this tech for his own gain.

Things are made complicated when Princess Twilight comes through the portal to visit Sunset Shimmer and her friends for the weekend. The involvement of these High Schoolers makes the situation a whole lot worse.

Batman, against his better judgement, must work with The Equestria Girls to stop Riddler and save not only Canterlot City, but Gotham as well. But that may be difficult since Vengeance and Friendship don’t exactly make a good combination.

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Sadly, the voice actor for that show just died.


RIP Kevin. I will always hear your voice with Batman.

R.I.P Kevin he will always be the one and only Batman to me

You'll be dearly missed, Kevin Conroy. You and Michael Keaton were my first exposures to the Batman concept.

I didn't intend to derail the comments. Let's not take this too far.

Focus on the Authors story.... Which I havent read yet. Its on my list and I should get to it sometime in the next few days. Promise.


oh dear, the Sirens and the Joker are gonna get involved?
this is gonna get dodgy f a s t

Rest In Peace Kevin you will always be the best Batman

Well, I had another idea for another DC story that I told Battwell privately, to remind him.

Very awesome start! Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiesmile:

Rest in piece Kevin Conroy. To me, you will always be Batman. :fluttercry: :ajsleepy:

R.I.P Kevin Conroy - the best Batman

Kevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, and Bob Hastings.

R.I.P. to all of them. These three WERE Batman: TAS.

"Because Riddler's no longer in Gotham."

"Oh my, then where is he?"

Batman's stern expression did not change as the lightning struck behind him, "Canterlot City." He answered before he leapt off of the rooftop, gliding into the night.

No! Not Canterlot City!

Also the Mark Hamill credit is extremely ominous.

Looking forward to this. Not enough good superhero crossovers on this site.

So is this the Batman TAS version? You know, because that was the first Conroy Batman.

Let's recap:

While trying to prevent a robbery at STAR Labs, the superhero of Gotham City known as Batman discovers that one of his enemies, the enigmatic Riddler, has escaped to a city called... Canterlot City.

What is the Riddler planning?

Have I forgotten something?

Well... At least no one can say the sirens joined the Joker willingly, also where's Harley?

Let's recap:

As the alicorn princess of Equestria known as Twilight Sparkle and her dragon helper Spike prepare to celebrate their first Christmas with the Rainbooms in Canterlot City, three of their enemies, the Dazzlings (consisting of ex-sirens Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk) are kidnapped by criminals led by the "antithesis" of Batman, the JOKER.

Have I forgotten something?

Harley Quinn doesn't always go with Mr J, but here's a question, if Discord and Joker had a laughing contest, who'd win???

No way.

Nobody can beat Joker in a laughing contest. Especially Mark Hamill’s Joker

Now the Clown Prince of Crime has shown up and has already stole the show and going to cause some shit that no one in MLP can ever mentally prepare for, at least not without Batman.

Oh, man. Definitely have to respect the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, this caper by the Riddler makes for a pretty logical way for Batman to get involved, but what would the Riddler be interested in over in Canterlot City. As far as I know, the Riddler is more interested in a challenge than money and is egotistical enough to think (correctly) that Batman is LITERALLY the only one who DOES have the intellect to challenge him. Even if he knew about the girls' powers, he still wouldn't think they would intellectually pose any real challenge to him (and, let's face it, he wouldn't be wrong about that [not that the girls are stupid; just that they are NOT master detectives, which is what would be required against the Riddler]).

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Again, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Unfortunately, Princess Twilight picked the wrong time to come for a holiday visit of her human friends, given that TWO of Batman's worst enemies are picking this particular time to crash the holidays. And, yeah, unlike Riddler, I COULD see where Joker would come in at least half to kick up mayhem for the heck of it, regardless of challenge factor. And, coercing the Dazzlings into siding with him. Yeah, I could definitely see that too.

And, not so oddly, I could see where Batman MIGHT silently think that the human world Applejack and Rainbow might remind him WAY too much of Clark and Wally respectively, even if, unfortunately, nowhere near as experienced. But that's for later.

Anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

I love how Princess Twilight is worried about her redundancy.

Given the events of the spinoff, it seems a rational thing for her to be concerned about. I for one, am looking forward to Twilight Twin bonding time.

This is going to be a interesting match up. Particularly if the girls still have their medallions while the sirens are powerless.

Then again, if the portal is still leaking, that could pose a big problem. Let's hope Mr J doesn't find any lose magic lying around.

I could see where he'd come to Canterlot just to investigate the magic. It's not Riddler's usual forte, but he does have a investigative side.

Oh boy! :twilightoops:

Joker and the Dazzlings teamed up (although the latter group was forced into it)! I wonder what kind of plan Mr. J has in store involving Canterlot City? :rainbowderp:

Wow, this story is awesome.

You're doing great work. And I think even Kevin Conroy would be honored with this.

Thank you man, I really appreciate it

You have my undivided attention. The Administration shall monitor this world.

Woah, what's Slade doing here?! Granted, he's awesome and all but we've enough characters as it is, don't we?

Well in Justice League and Unlimited; they added so many DC heroes and villains, why add more is a problem?

If Cozy's plan would have worked ponies would have DIED.

She earnwd that spot. If you got an issue with that blame hasbro.

Let's recap:

As Twilight, Spike, and the Rainbooms prepare to celebrate Christmas, Batman travels his Batwing to Canterlot City to search for the Riddler, revealing that he, too, was investigating "magical happenings" in the city.

Meanwhile, Riddler reveals his plan: to use a kind of technological orb to enhance his intelligence and thus take revenge on the Bat. In addition, he has hired the supervillain Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, as his bodyguard.

Have I forgotten something?

Holy moley. Again, you did a really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely appreciated the dialogue between Twilight and the Rainbooms (with Sunset catching some awkwardness between the two Twilights). Also appreciated Batman's chatting with Alfred concerning knowledge of the magical goings-on in Canterlot City. And it looks like Riddler is looking to boost his own intellect AND has hired Deathstroke to assist him. Nigma had better be careful though. Slade might not be as into science as Eddie, but he is still clever enough to be an extremely competent mercenary (which, in this universe loaded with insanely powerful beings and having at least a couple of immortals, certainly requires some serious smarts in itself). And, somehow, I could see the Rainbooms eventually making the ranks of the Titans after graduating from Canterlot High, especially if they turn out to be able to survive Deathstroke.

Anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

Almost, Riddler is altering the device to make everyone so brain dead that they would listen to everything he said. He’s essentially controlling the populace by making them dumber than him, which is such a Riddler thing to do.

In other words, what he did in the movie "Batman Forever", right?

Pretty much yeah, except he won’t be as funny as Jim Carrey, that man is one of a kind lol.

Oh Fuck all kinds of Duck, Slade Fucking Wilson is in on this now? And just when they had the Joker to worry about who’s next Bane?(if so hopefully it’s not the dumb brute version, but the better Brains and Brawn version)

My possible "future scene":

The Rainbooms meet Deathstroke:

"Stop there...!" Pinkie yelled heroically, before gasping "O...M...G...Deadpool?!"

"Deadpool? What!?" Deathstroke said "Why does she think I'm Deadpool?"

"I thought Deadpool was one of the good guys..." Fluttershy said, hiding behind Rainbow Dash.

"First, he should say it's not me..." Deathstroke said "Because I debuted WAY before him".

(awkward silence)

"No, sure you're Deadpool…" Applejack said.

Aw crud! Deathstroke is here too! Let's hope that the girls don't run into him! :twilightoops:

Looks like there's some tension between Princess Twilight and Sci-Twi and Sunset (along with Spike from another world) is the only one who noticed. Let's hope that the two of them will clear the air before things get even more awkward. :unsuresweetie:



Yeah. I could see that. But it seems like it would have been much simpler to just do a team-up with the Mad Hatter. Jervis's mind control can accomplish mostly the same thing and Jervis has had years more experience at it.

A purple overcoat with a pink, fluffy scarf over her neck. On her head was a beanie of the same color as her overcoat and a pair of pink earmuffs to keep her ears warm.

I appreciate that you bother to describe Rarity's outfit. It's a very nice touch.:twilightsmile:

Rainbow turned her head and glared at her friend, "Well exuuuuuse me, but not all of us are as "In touch" in fashion as you are."

"I've been counting the seconds until Twilight shows up and we can throw a massive 'Princess Twilight's First Christmas' party!"

Never change Pinkie Pie.:ajsmug:

Now it was RD's turn to frown, "It's an expression, Twi. Have you ever heard of an expression?" She exclaimed mockingly before a sly smirk appeared on her face, "No, because you're an egghead ."

Girls! Girls! You're supposed to be friends! Settle down!:flutterrage:

They both sighed before looking at each other again, "Sorry about the jab, Rainbow." Sci-Twi apologized.

That's better!:rainbowkiss:


Hurray for Auntie Pinkie!:pinkiehappy:

Rainbow's expression turned dead serious, "Y-You're kidding, right? Friendship can't be taught with books and fancy shcmancy words, Twi. People have to experience it for themselves."

Fancy shcmancy seems more like a Applejack turn of phrase.:trixieshiftright:

Sunset shrugged as she approached the pair, "Meh, I think it could work, it it's all implemented properly."

If it worked for Starlight.:twilightsheepish:

Of course one could argue that was only because of Twilight's example and tutoring.:yay:

"She's... received her punishment." Twilight said hesitantly, " Although Tartarus is no place for a child. " She added in her mind. Cozy's sentence in Tartarus bothered Twilight, but what could she do? Luna told her after she had already placed Cozy Glow right next to Tirek. Tirek of all creatures. Really made her feel like she had no say or authority, even though she was a fellow Princess.

Tactfully addressing Cozy's punishment, while demonstrating why it is in character for Twilight to let Cozy Glow rot.

Nice way to bypass that story line.

Although given how many characters have already shown up, one wonders if the human Cozy Glow might make a apperance.

Perhaps teamed up with the most adorable of all the Batman villains?...:pinkiehappy:

Eh, probably not.:unsuresweetie:

The Princess turned to Fluttershy, who was currently giving Spike a belly rub.

Enjoy the pampering Spike. It's not going to last.

Once the hug ceased, Twilight finally took notice of her counterpart, standing a few meters away from her, kicking the snow slightly.

Shy Twi being adorable!:heart:

Sci-Twi rubbed her arm nervously and looked away, "H-Hi there, Princess ." She greeted awkwardly.

So cute!:pinkiesad2:

Twilight looked away, looking ever so slightly bitter. Nobody noticed, except for Sunset, she would have to bring this up with Twilight later.

Aww! Sibling drama!:fluttershysad:

This will not stand Twilight!:raritycry:

"Cool, can't wait to meet him." Spike said, remaining optimistic.

Let's hope that meeting goes better than this one.

Riddler smiled, "What did the right hemisphere say to the left hemisphere when they could not agree on anything?" He waited for the voice to answer, but when he didn't say anything Riddle just sighed in annoyance before revealing the answer, "Let's split !"

Are you stealing Joker's shtick? No wonder the guy is hunting you down.:rainbowderp:

"With this technology, I will have the ability to take the control of the mind of any Average Joe, make him or her do whatever I want. With this piece of tech, not only will I be able to have anything I want, but I will also prove my intellectual superiority over that bothersome Bat!"

Somewhere Mad Hatter is throwing a fit, because he already had this technology.:twilightangry2:

" This technology was developed to increase the capacity of the human brain. But allow me to dumb it down for you, it would allow the brain to store more information, therefore, making it and the individual smarter . I've already begun altering it so it could literally make them so stupid that they would have no choice but to follow my every command. I will have literally taken over the city with my sheer intellect, proving once and for all that I, The Riddler, am better than the Big, Bad Bat! "

I still find it funny that Riddler has invented mind control technology multiple times, and yet his best efforts haven't yielded him a criminal empire.

It was then that the mysterious figure stepped out into the light, revealing himself to be none other than the World's Greatest Assassin.

Oh no! It's Deathstroke!:pinkiegasp:

Well anyways, back to our story.

"Crystal." Slade sneered before adding, "Just as long as you're paying me and not wasting my time, because if you are screwing with me, then there's nowhere on the planet where I won't find you."

Do you really care as long as you get paid? Really?

Also Joker vs Deathstroke might actually be interesting if Wilson can survive the encounter and turn the tables.

I mean the guy is insane. Depending on the version, more insane than Nygma.

Plus Eddie has come up with mind altering technology before, and it makes sense he wouldn't want to share the glory.

Not saying your idea isn't cool, but I think I understand why the author chose this route.

Is that a TTG reference?

Nice start. Shame almost all the pics didn't load.

RIP Kenvin Conroy

Wow, things are getting tense.

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