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Sunset and her friends have had their fair share of thrilling adventures, both magical or otherwise. But all of that changes when, one day, they find themselves stepping into a conflict larger than they ever thought they'd know. A war that has raged for longer than human civilization, which threatens to consume all. Both enemies and allies fall from the sky, and the girls soon find that they face a challenge greater than any they have faced before.

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Why didn't Spike get to say anything to the Autobots here?

Why didn't Spike get a focused interaction with an Autobot?
Doesn't seem fair the girls got a chapter each focusing on their interaction with their respective Autobot but Spike doesn't

Is Spike there too? Its hard to tell
Why didn't the gov guys acknowledged him too?

I have managed to read this up to date.
Its pretty good.
What transformer designs are you using? Gen 1?

Is there anything planned for Spike? Or is he sadly just a prop here?
Sadly so far he is just a prop here instead of as a character..

"Now I see why so many see housewives wearing aprons as being enticing..."

Well, it DOES take a few interaction to work that down to ... 'again?' mode (depending on how big the initial rection was) ...

So, Sunset never learned about the Pillars from the Princess ... interesting ...

Ri2 #6 · May 26th · · · Histories ·

...If only we'd learned that lesson...

Ri2 #7 · May 26th · · · Thrill ·

Bad Rainbow. Bad.


Nobody wants to talk to you, Starscream.

Ri2 #9 · May 26th · · · Reports ·

Who elected HIM?

It’s Scream! What’s he up to? Where’s Megatron?

Poor Starscream. Megatron actually tried to eliminate him for his failure I can hear Scream’s TFP voice going on as Megatron is about to rip him apart.

we humans can be arrogant and power hungry which would lead to our own doom. Those world wars were proof of that.

For some reason, I wasn't expecting this world. I should read tags more.

Indeed, the group continued, Rainbow making sure to have her hand on Fluttershy's shoulder so as to comfort her during this admittedly tense time.

Offer her an egg!

He's already on the ship, sniffing around. :pinkiehappy:

It could still happen!

Autonot, eh? Starscream leaking into the scene a little early?

Dun dun DUN!

What are you referring to?

Yeah, I'm all caught up, and it didn't happen. :pinkiesad2:

Pretty disappointing on how he's being handled so far.

Whoa, how did that in up here??? Was referring to maid outfits in another storyline and the response under it was for how long it takes things to go from 'whoa!' to 'eh, ok...' in a different storyline ... very interesting mixup (don't even think I was writing anything here) ...'

Comment posted by Demon81 deleted May 27th

Writer, if it's not too much to ask, what do the bots look like? to which series or referring to the comics?

Makes perfect sense Flutters is the only one to understand Bee - but the poor thing, you do not need to apologize for being injured, Bumblebee!

Pfff- I can definitely imagine Twilight and Red Alert casually discussing something when suddenly Twiggles has lost her ability to see-

Starswirl is President? Well...he seems like an okay leader so far

Oh boy, things are about to get dramatic, aren't they?

"A respectable skill," Optimus commented. "Understanding of others is something all should strive for. The universe would be a far better place if it could be achieved."

Looking to him, Sunset smiled. "I should introduce you to my old teacher one day. Something tells me you two would get on great."

Do people ship Optimus and Celestia?

Is this fanfic still ongoing?

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