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Hello Fimfiction Writers, I am Grand-Galvatron, EQG Fimfic writer, and Supreme Ruler of the Decepticon Empire!


The human world is under attack by the Tyrannical Predacon leader, Magmatron. After losing his Predacon soldiers at the hands of Omega Supreme, he comes to the Human World in order to not only conquer the planet but also turn its inhabitants into his Predacon soldiers. But due to a mysterious relic known to Cybertron as the Genesis Cortex, the planet has been terraformed, transforming Earth into a techno-organic world and turning its inhabitants into Cybertronian protoforms. Now it is up to Sunset Shimmer, the new leader of the Maximals, and the rest of the Humane 7 to stop Magmatron and his Predacons from finding the Cortex and conquering the universe.

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"Magmatron?" "Lost to Omega Supreme?" :rainbowhuh: It doesn't sound like you watched the same Beast Wars that I watched.

Magmatron wasn't defeated by Omega Supreme, his soldiers were killed by Omega Supreme. Magmatron's own arrogance and his being unaware that the ship was entering the atmosphere was his own undoing.

And yes, I've never seen Beast wars 2 or Beast Wars Neo, I've only seen Magmatron in comics and toys.

Of course...of course a dirty Dalek would exterminate so many in one chapter.

ha ha, funny joke.


Comment posted by Grand-Galvatron deleted Mar 27th, 2020

If you think the OG Maximals are the only casualties of war, just wait. More are on the way.

Wow! I can’t wait for the first chapter of this story. I always did like Beast Wars.

when is the first chapter coming out good sir?

I feel hyped already after reading the prologue. :)

can't wait for the first chapter to come out my good friend. i am excited, just after reading the prologue, i am ready for the first chapter to come out.

can't wait for the next chapter looking forward to it

Welp, the First Chapter has now Come out, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Eurvos Morgenbrise deleted Sep 12th, 2022

It didn't, don't worry, I have fixed that.

I can't wait to hear what the other girls have as beast modes. So far, Twilight is an owl, and Sunset Shimmer is a phoenix.


T-Wrecks is basically the Rhinox of the group.

And the Maximal Grimlock is like Dinobot.

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