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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (Any Pronouns)


It was just a simple walk home for one Indigo Zap, from a really bad action flick. That is, till she nearly got killed Christine style by a rogue Lamborghini Diablo with one really wild driver. A little research from a certain former Crystal Prep student and her illusionist girlfriend, and the Shadowbolts find themselves and their whole lives transforming and changing in ways they couldn't possibly imagine as they find themselves dealing with intergalactic robot criminals and the team sent to hunt them down and bring them to justice.

Lemon/Indigo and Twixie pairings. Breakdown/Knock Out present as well.

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Major props to both Shadowmane PX-41, Rainbowsurvivor , and Legolassy123 for helping me here with various things, and Fourshadow and Eon333MS for getting me back into the Transformers writing mood.

Awww, thank you. That's so kind of you. :twilightsmile:


Interesting...Can I submit an OC Transformer if possible?

Also. nice start.

Hmm, maybe. I do have plans for cameos in flashbacks of Transformers that appear nowhere else, like ones with Cybertronian alt-modes like Slugslinger and Hardhead. (AKA Cons and Bots who could never disguise themselves on Earth.)

8706514 Alright, sounds cool.

Can I just ask what you OC transformer is like, what side is he/she on, what he/she turns into and personality traits?

Could I include an OC transformer as well?

I'd need the details, like I told MKchief34 below.

Honestly, Martha? What kind of stupid plotline was that?

That is an easy answer, a poorly done plot point. It is like the writer and director didn't know how to handle several different characters and haven't read the associated media on any of those characters.

Otherwise great intro and I see you look to be using G1 Transformers. Also Finding Home is an awesome story, glad you enjoyed it as well!


That is an easy answer, a poorly done plot point. It is like the writer and director didn't know how to handle several different characters and haven't read the associated media on any of those characters.

The joke had to be made.

Otherwise great intro and I see you look to be using G1 Transformers.

Thanks, and who says it's just G1 characters I'll be using...?

past the local KO Burger joint.

I saw that!

I was wondering if someone would pick up that gag...

Oh and I forgot, Lemon/Indigo pairing?

*pulls out a lawn chair and popcorn*

This I got to see! :raritywink:

Red and blue lights were in the corner of Indigo’s eyes, and police sirens filled her ears. A black and white car came out of nowhere and slammed the mysterious Lamborghini in the side, sending it smacking into the wall of a building. Tires squealed, and smoke rose up as it took its leave, with the police car taking chase after it.

Yes prowl!!!!!!!!!!

So quick rundown of the Bots we know so far; Prowl, Swerve, Road Rage, and Hound. Me likey ze choices.

Hope for some interactions with Shadowbolts and ze Autobots!


I wonder which version of Starscream will show up? The cowardly backstabber, the comics where he is very dangerous and intelligent, or another version of him? I hope it will be one that is far more intelligent then G1 Starscream.

Nice job!

Quick question, did my OC make it in?

Oh, I've got someone else planned to be the Starscream in this story.

8708836 Alright then. (Secretly starts rubbing hands...)

Awesome can't wait for episode 3 (chapter 3)

On a side note, I checked out your character's vehicle mode, and sorry if I sound like a know it all here, but it's a Toyota, not a Chevy.

8708863 All good. I don't really know cars, so I gave it my best guess.

Which is a worry of mine, and Fourshadow pointed this out to me, is that if I actually name the alt modes of characters, people might not know what they are no matter how iconic they are and actually have to look them up.

8708871 Ah. Sorry bout that.

Not your fault man, something I should have thought about in advance, as your OC isn't the only one in this story with a real-world alt mode.

Lookin' good man! Things are about to heat up!

And again, if you require any help of any kind, I am always able and willing to help. :twilightsmile:

I almost feel sorry for this Decepticon, he has no idea whose daughter he is be threatening near. I wonder how part of the Autobot army dropping on his head is going to feel?

I'm really curious to see all the OCs that made it in, and I think that you'll write them well.

Why not use the Shadowbolts tag?

Facepalms... ...That would solve some things, wouldn't it?

Aww, its no problem buddy. I'm happy to help you. :twilightsmile:

Paint job works for me. Nice chapter!

You know, if Lemon Zest is going to rock out to a song in a Transformers crossover, it has to be The Touch, no competition.
Also, are Six-changers a thing in this fic? If so, could I submit a Six-changer OC of mine? If so, do you want weapon specifications?

“Hardly something worth the hunt, just a small Predacon. Sunder, I think. That, and two fleshlings…”

Hate to break it to ya, but the Predacons are a variation of Decepticon. The Maximals are the Autobot aligned ones.

Yeah, Lemon would probably win a contest if she chose the Touch as her song. But no, Six-Changers aren't a thing in this fic, (So no Sixshot sadly) as to be quite frank, I figured them far too-overpowered and easy to misuse.

Not exactly, I'm going by the Prime canon's version of Predacons with a bit of RID 2015 thrown in for characters like Steeljaw and Sunder, robots who have Beasts as their alt modes, and a form of Cybertronian wildlife.

Ok, Could I submit them if I reworked them into a non Six-changer?

She then saw a swirling vortex of energy open up and two more Vehicons along with a maroon Aston Martin -With grey detailing and bright yellow rims- drove out of it. Road Rage had to chuckle to herself, she knew only one con who paid that much attention to detail on his finish.

Aww... Knockout's a bad guy? Oh well. Favorite Prime 'con is favorite Prime 'con.

Yeah, to me, Knock Out was always at his best when he was a villain. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I don't have a lot of material to work with after he switched sides, so making him heroic would be hard to do for me right now. Of course, it could be argued, an Autobot Knock Out wouldn't be much different, just less of a sadist.

Also, interesting factoid for you here, this version of Knock Out is a member of the Stunticons alongside Breakdown.

Oh? Is Menasor going to be in this story? If so, than which part of Menasor is Knockout?

No plans for Menasor in this story, least not yet. But I theorize Knock Out, if he was part of the combination, would take either Drag Strip's or Wildrider's place in the combination.

No, it wasn't published before then. As far as I can see, the rule is barely enforced, and as long as you don't have the full set of lyrics, you're okay.

So now we got Steeljaw from RiD (2015), but I'm not familiar with Sunder....

Ah, I'll be glad to help you with that. He first showed up in a franchise no Transformers fan is willing to talk about nicely (No, not Energon, he's much older than that.) Here, I'll send you this page that should probably help. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sunder_(disambiguation)

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