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Hello everypony. I'm a seventeen year old guy who likes writing random stories. You like random? Well come on in.

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My Third Idea, This One Oughta be the Charm Right? · 2:19am June 29th

Well guys, I've got an idea for a story that may come out next year, so keep an eye or two out for it. But, I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on it. Everyone loves crossovers. Especially funny ones. But, what if you crossed over MLP with a certain Marvel character in a red suit, that makes puns and is just amazing? And I ain't talking Spider-Man. That's right, I'm talking about Deadpool. Should I? Let me know.

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I certainly will. Feel free to check out my other stories on here as well, and thanks for enjoying my Mario story.

Hehe. Same here. I like the Odyssey and MLP story so far. I'm currently making a story of MLP:EG and Mario crossover. Though it is still in progress, I thought I needed some opinions of my story so far. Feel free to read it and comment.

Well, hello. I'm Cool_Quick. I post randomness, and send it out to all the good people of Fimfiction. And I love Mario.

What's up? It is nice to see another Mario fan writing (or texting in my case) a story. :twilightsmile: I don't believe we've met.

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