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Anything can be awesome when it's made of Lego.


(Takes place alongside the events of LEGO Equestria Girls 10, LEGO Equestria Girls 11, and LEGO Equestria Girls 12.)

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the group of LEGO Team members known as the Equestria Girls have been on many adventures, and continue to do so, but those aren't the only stories worth telling. Sometimes, interesting events occur around those girls during the calm between adventures. Sometimes, some of their lesser known allies find themselves caught up in the events surrounding the latest major adventure. And sometimes, some of the most unlikely of people end up caught in the middle of all that madness. This collection of short stories will reveal some of these minor events that might nevertheless contribute to the complete series. (Each summary will be accompanied by a note specifying when in the series of events each short story takes place.)

Summaries of each short story:
Twinlight Sparkle: Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria takes an opportunity to visit the Lego World once more, and decides to better acquaint herself with... herself, by accompanying her Lego World counterpart as she spends a day in her secret laboratory. (before main story 10)
(more will be added with each update)

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Comments ( 3 )

Twilight and Twilight at one place doing science, yep that's nice. Wonder what this advanced combat training is and who's training Sunset.

I see LEGO Twi has a dark, mad scientist side that Princess Twi finds very uncomfortable. I can only assume that LEGO Twi would have trouble staying in Equestria for longer than a few hours. The lack of modern tech in Equestria might remind her too much of the Castle Region, which she isn't too fond of.

I'd like to start off by saying just how surprised I was to see this story appear in the Popular Stories list for almost all of this past week, something I haven't seen any of my stories accomplish in years. I mean, this is meant to be only a collection of short stories, and the only one currently available to read is something that I quickly threw together in only two days. This is actually giving me high hopes for what'll happen once I finally manage to get the next main story started.

10625174 The fact that Sunset is receiving her advanced training in Ninjago City should make it easy to figure out who is helping her. And why it's essential that I need to finally watch some episodes of the Ninjago TV series over the next few weeks...

10626235 The vastly different upbringings of the two Twilights would naturally result in different attitudes regarding the utilization of magic and/or science. Pony Twilight has been taught by Princess Celestia to always do the right thing under any circumstances, while Lego Twilight is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if she believes it's the best chance for her to accomplish the task at hand (much like Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer in some ways).

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