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Anything can be awesome when it's made of Lego.



This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 6

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, a new theme park opens just outside of Canterlot City, and its PR manager, social media celebrity Vignette Valencia, offers Rarity the opportunity of a lifetime.

Once opening day arrives, Applejack struggles to maintain her friendship with Rarity, who has grown increasingly stressed with preparations for the parade scheduled for later that night. Meanwhile, Vignette takes advantage of her phone being enhanced by Equestrian Magic to modify everything and everyone around her to satisfy her every desire, even risking the lives of the rest of the Equestria Girls in the process.

Can Rarity and Applejack overcome their issues and reconcile their friendship? And can they and the rest of their friends stop Vignette before she takes her abuse of Equestrian Magic too far?

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Well if you're really struggling with this one that's fine. I'll probably give this one a pass seeing as the original was and still pretty much is my least favorite Equestria Girls special.


Ugggh, this special. Probably my least favorite. Hopefully you can redeem it.


Well, that's more disturbing than what Vignette did in canon.

No shipping? Awww, okay.

Why is it called Equestria Land in this setting, anyway?

Especially the random white room.

9767613 Like I said, I can get through action sequences and dialogue just fine, but it's the initial paragraphs where I have to set the scene that I tend to struggle the most, and it's been true for almost all the stories I've written, so it's not anything about this one in particular. If anything, I insist that you not pass on this story, as I do in fact have planned additional things that I hope will make this story seem better than the official version, and I can't know that for sure without any feedback. Sure, I can see the number of likes, I can see the number of views on the statistics page, and I can see in my notifications if anyone has added my stories to their (viewable for all) lists, but it's comments from people like you that really tell me how much the readers actually like it and if there's anything in particular that's great or needs improvement.

9768440 First, yes, Vignette's actions with that security guard with a familiar name is only the beginning of some of the additional things I'm throwing in that I hope that will make this story seem better than the official version. Second, I'm just not much for writing romance, and I really don't see anything wrong with sticking to the official narrative that they're just best friends (Sci-Twi and Timber are pretty much the furthest I've been willing to go in terms of shipping). And third, it was never really explained in the official version, but now that you mention it, I may consider addressing that minor detail.

9770797 I don't want to give away too many spoilers, so the most I can say to address your concern is that, when we get to that part, things will not go quite as smoothly as what we saw in the official version.

9778507 Well, maybe I can still follow it and see where it goes.

Before, Pinkie lifted her solid hair piece up to remove stuff from within, this time she pushed the map Into her hair? Not reusing the Lego piece mechanic, or Pinkie forgetting which reality she is supposed to be in again? :pinkiehappy:

Vignette quickly checked her phone for a few seconds, then glanced up at the girls again and responded, “Huh… so you are.” She turned her attention to Applejack and added, “F.Y.I., you really need to expand your social media footprint. No offense, but you’ve set yourself up to be the most easily forgettable member of your team.”

And you spend WAY too much of your time living through your phone instead of in your actual life. :ajbemused:

9790344 Let's just say it works both ways for Lego Pinkie Pie, and she uses either method whenever she wants.

9791081 My thoughts exactly. I honestly don't understand those kind of people (which just makes it difficult for me to accurately portray this character). Hopefully, the way I plan on making her learn her lesson in the end will be at least a little better than the official version.

Nice touch having the salad go bad. I just hope that the rescue actually involves a little more than finding a random white room.

9814144 Yeah, I wanted to add in a bit of realism when we were told that two weeks had passed between the beginning of the special and the day everyone visits the park. As for the eventual rescue, I did mention in the author's note that this chapter has a few clues on how my version will be different from the official version (but of course I'm not going to fully explain it all until after it's been revealed in the story).

“Hwacha method!”


Trouble is knockoffs of Lego bricks are very easy to do because the plastic of Lego is ABS and so can be used in lost wax process. The fakers just grind the logo off the pegs before building the mass moulds. Except for those that just duplicate the stuff wholesale.

Im sure Ive seen dense polystyrene or polycarbonate used because ABS was more expensive even though cars use so much of it? Not sure about bulk Nylon.

Pity Spike doesnt have one of those Dog Phones on his collar that Twilight can call remotely? :moustache:

The gags and a better description of AJ's thought process were a very welcome addition. Also, how long will it take Twilight to remotely turn on the tracking system?

9836451 There are actually a number of sources that inspired me to use that word, but yes, that one is definitely one of those sources.

9836526 Some knockoff brands deserve hatred because they not only copy the brick designs but also specific sets, right down to the box art with only slight changes to the names. At least if recent news is anything to go by, officials across the world are finally starting to crack down on these illegal fakers. By the way, Spike is not a dog in this series! He's a young boy! I thought I've been making that very clear since the very first chapter of the very first story.

9836969 As Twilight implied, turning on her tracking system usually requires going into her laboratory and literally flipping a few switches. Since Spike isn't home to take care of that, Twilight has to remotely access her lab, find the digital content that system utilizes, and download it directly to her phone. Think of it like trying to install a big game onto a slow computer; it'll take many hours.

This turned out so much better than what we got in canon.

I agree. Hopefully, Vignette will actually get punished instead of getting a slap on a wrist like in the original.

Vignette needs transforming into polystyrene. No strength, no flexibility, oh wait. no change? :trixieshiftright:

9859707 And I certainly hope you'll think the same of what I've got planned for the remaining chapters of this story.

9859825 If you've read my previous stories, you'll know I've got a preference to give a proper punishment for acts of evil, most notably how genuine regret and apologies result in less harsh punishment (but still an actual punishment, nonetheless). For Vignette's upcoming fate, here's a hint: keep in mind who's really the owner of the park.

To quote Mushu, "That's better, much better. Let's go."

The room reminded me of a sound stage, or studio set. Seen the effect demonstrated in the old days for video compositing. You project analog images on the surfaces to essentially texture map them, then stand in front of it etc to be overlayed without needing pixel slicing etc.

Definitely better with the white room thing here than from the original special.

Something tells me that Rarity had something up her sleeve during her "chat" with Vignette for later on. Unless I was wrong about this.

9884289 So I take it you liked my version better than the official version. Pretty much all I did was start off with the same circumstances and then try to explain everything so that there's no aspect that's totally random just for the heck of it (and like I said in the author's note, there will be more explained about it in the next chapter).

9885218 Are you talking about something like those green screens they used to use in film-making? I suppose I can see how one might get that impression from a room like that.

9886514 To be honest, that whole conversation was more about Rarity telling off Vignette for being such a horrible person. After all, she had practically idolized Vignette, so it's understandable that Rarity would go off on a furious rant after such a betrayal.


I only remmebered afterward that the pure white room was used for the Blue Peter Studio, they did a walk round once, moving the camera to show behind the cameras, dollys, cables, and the cieling of lights etc.

The lever makes plenty of sense. KVM switches are things that exist, after all.

Microchips could have all sorts of fun if he kept working at analysing the information he got about Vignettes phone, maybe even getting a permanent link for Sunset if one already doesnt exist apart from her Book?

Wonder if the Book we see in FIM is one that Sunset carries to EQG?:pinkiecrazy:

9911622 To be honest, I totally made up the idea of putting a big lever on that computer terminal, as I wanted Micro Chips to interact with it in more ways than just typing away on a keyboard. Like I said, I'm not that familiar with tech stuff, so any obscure real-world equivalents were a complete coincidence.

9911724 When you're being attacked by over a dozen holographic clones, you don't really have time to do any in-depth analysis. And with the magical phone in question now destroyed, it's not like he'll be able to do any further experimentation anyway.

Ah, at least it wasnt the Point Of Remotness.

Thats where they dump all the space junk they cant reuse for shielding or reaction mass etc.

9924918 Since we all know the basics of what's to come (but not the details, since it's going to be my own version rather than the official version), that's an understandable feeling. Besides, I figured this was a good opportunity to sort of build a link between two main stories (which I believe I last did between the fourth and fifth stories), which should help make this series seem like a true sequence of events rather than an apparently scattering of ideas that we've seen in the last few years of the official Equestria Girls series.

Well I really hoped for this white room to have something more with Vignette's phone but not a random white room work well too.

“Not necessarily,” responded Twilight with a smile as she pulled out her phone. “If we’re inside a phone with internet access, we can hack out way out!” As she glanced around at her friends, she sheepishly added, “Well, I can. Maybe…”

Isn't this should be "our" ? Or it's just my bad English?

So it was just a random white room after all ... Ok :applejackunsure:

Poor Cranky man needs a compensation for the missed game :fluttercry:

“Oh, just kiss already!” snapped Scootaloo irritably.

Scoot you're the best :scootangel:
Well that was good, you did improve some things like Vignette are not so dumb as in original, final battle are pretty epic as usually and of course Rocky and Mugsy (this two always put a smile on my face). Unfortunately that's still pretty dull (I really had to remind myself from time to time that this is the Lego world), though that's a problem of the special itself not yours.
Looking forward to the former villains story and of course can't wait to see what you have in mind for Spring breakdown :pinkiehappy:

Actually indigo zap had two cameos n roller coaster of friendship.

The first time was wth Soursweet and herself running away from the haunted house with sugarcoat walking away behind them.

The parade scene. She's behind wallflower blush.

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