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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 2

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, life for Sunset Shimmer and her friends has been going great ever since their latest fight against dark magic from Equestria.

But all of that suddenly changes after a surprising encounter with Twilight Sparkle of the Lego World, who had been reported as missing for many years. Even worse, she is revealed to be part of the Shadowbolts, a group of secret agents who seek to take over the Lego World and impose their twisted philosophy upon everyone.

Now the team from Canterlot City must battle against a group of Shadowbolt agents across numerous regions to protect the Lego World, but Lego Twilight's latest research project could lead to trouble for both sides of the conflict.

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Also first.

So you went from the Clutch Powers movie, to the Lego movie, and now it's Lego Dimensions? Well played, author. Well played.

That Dimensions Box certainly sounds interesting. Not sure if that's foreshadowing or just world building.

6895081 I really need to see the Clutch Powers movie. Do you have any idea where I could find it?

I'm honestly surprised that most comments so far mention details only from the last few paragraphs of this chapter. What about Kjeld's past, or some of those other Lego theme's that were mentioned? At the least, I'd thought people would be amused by Sunset's brief remarks about the events of the Lego Movie.

Still, seeing the like/dislike ratio so far tells me that first impressions for this story are much better than the previous one had been last year, so I'm glad to see that I've apparently made a better effort this time.

6895081 6895082 To be honest, I hadn't even considered adding in the part about the Dimensions Box (inspired by those boxes seen in some of the trailers for the game Lego Dimensions) until I was literally in the middle of writing this chapter. And even once I did write that part, I had then considered removing it entirely. I eventually decided to leave it in, if only to make some event much later on make a bit more sense. In other words, it's mostly just another piece of world building. (I'm not opening the door to a Lego Dimensions crossover, mostly because I'm just not familiar enough with most of the worlds featured in that game. However, I did decide to simply allow the existence of such a door, so if other people are interested in writing their own fanfictions based on this Lego World, then there's an option they can use.)

My guess is the reason no one's commented on the other parts is because they don't know what to say about it.

For myself, I've never seen the LEGO movies.

So it looks like Twilight's device not only takes away magic, but also creative inspiration.

One and the same in the LEGO universe.

I really do wonder who had added all of my stories to so many groups, because it's pretty hard to miss that this story has been added to quite a fewer number of groups compared to most of my previous stories. I personally had intended to add these stories only to LEGO, for obvious reasons, so whoever's been adding my stories to many other groups and thus letting many more people find out about them, I really do appreciate that (though I certainly wouldn't mind a bit more consistency).

6939834 Keep in mind that, as seen in the previous story (and will be seen again in this story), the girls are able to pony up whenever they get creative with building with Lego. Therefore, unlike most minifigs in this Lego World, their creative talents are linked with their Equestrian magic. Take that magic away, and you take away all of their creative talents, too. (This is going to be mentioned within the story a little later on, but since people are already catching on to what will likely happen on that subject, I figured it would be best to clarify that in a comment right now.)

So... regular EG magic taking logic

Lose Magic = Disorienting Days

But here...

Lose Magic = Lose Creativity = Lose Master Builder Ability?!

A sequel worth waiting this is.

(I wonder what the LEGO Team leaders and the Lego Mane 5 will react to this)

Okay, if noone else is going to post this, I will.

How did nobody notice this reference?

6953667 Great story so far, so glad I decided to follow you.

PS, one of the realms they're going to visit is the Bionicle world right? You mentioned it in the last chapter, and you do not put in a Chekhov's Gun like that unless you intend to use it, please?:applecry:

If I had to harbor a guess, I'd say the informant is actually Spike pretending to be one of the Shadowbolts. If it IS one of the Shadowbolts, it's probably either Sugarcoat or Lemon Zest.

The Informant?

I'm guessing... herself.

Twilight Sparkle.

She wants to work alone, and now's that she's a team she want to escape permanently.

While our heroes' creative abilities get sucked up somehow.

Or, Spike. The Assistant.

Or that girl with two faces which is a refenrece to Bad Cop in the LEGO Movie.

EDIT: rrferences coincidences!

Kinght in Golden Armor: Didn't Flash Sentry had this and he was the one who introduced Mane6 to the Princesses that time?
Sugarcoat: Yeah... you really wanted a Good Cop/Bad Cop dude.
Power Crystals: I'm getting a feeling it's from Clutch Powers movie.

6986583 I think you meant Sour Sweet.

PS, my money's on the actual Sugarcoat being the informant, as for why.

Strange to see Cinch encouraging someone to work with others, given that Crystal Prep seem to have an 'everyone for themselves' type of environment... That or they just really dislike Twilight.

In the mines, the team searched for the orange power crystals. Twilight and Soursweet searched in one tunnel, but instead of crystals they found... books? There is a large crate of leather bound manuscripts. Twilight picks up one and looks at the cover. "The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight?" She reads the cover, "Lord of the Rings? Steven Universe? How did these get down here?"

"Who cares?" Soursweet said, "We're here for power crystals not for book club."

"I know but, why are these books locked? Why would someone lock a book?" Soursweet noticed a hint of light in the box and picks it up. It was a key.

"It makes you feel better." She takes the book named Steven Universe and unlocks it. "There, now let's go." A knife hits the box. They look to see a boy wearing a trench coat.

"Put it back." He said.

"We don't want any trouble. You might make a good agent."

"I'm not asking if I can join. I said put. It. Back. Those books are dangerous." Then an idea poped into her head. She smirked and opened the book. It then flue out of her hand and landed on the ground. A vortex erupted from the book and the letters describing someone named Jasper began to liquefy. The ink began to form something big. The vortex dies down and Jasper looks at her surroundings.

"This isn't homeworld."

Since this is the chapter where I introduced the Jump-Gate, I was wondering what everyone of that concept I created. I guess I'll have to wait for everyone to see further demonstrations of its use over the next few chapters.

6986467 6986583 6986761 Looks like I did a good job of getting everyone guessing who the new mystery person is. Obviously, I'm not going to reveal who it is anytime soon, but it will eventually be revealed later on in the story.

6987187 Keep in mind that, in this alternate universe, these girls are not prep school students, they're secret agents (just as the main 6 are not high school students, but members of a team of Master Builders that help save the world). Also, that "everyone for themselves" thing was a result of everyone trying to be the best they could be, and that's what's reflected here. Cinch wants only the best of the best to get the job done, and sometimes that requires getting very different people to work together.

To be honest, the "everyone for themselves" was actually more implied, rather than shown. Really, all we we're shown was a strong dislike of Twilight (or at least her success), but the Shadowbolts still stood up for her when they thought Sunset's group was harassing her and Indigo and Lemon made genuine (if obnoxious) efforts to be nice to her.

6999788 And they all bailed on Cinch after she left them to die at the hands of Midnight Sparkle. I think that also had the effect of getting them to back off on attacking Sci-Twi for the near future. It's best not to provoke someone that could easily wield the power to destroy you.

It's impressive how fortunate The Shadowbolts were to succeed, despite the blunder of putting Lemon Zest on guard duty. I doubt they'll make that mistake again.


Going instense here.

I know this is probably going to sound stupid but is the Elves theme going to appear? I know you tend to avoid licensed themes and stick to Lego original, but even though Elves and Friends are original I was wondering as to their status. I know you said you wouldn't be including Bionicle or other technic themes because of scale with the minfigs. Will that apply to Minidolls, which form the Friends, Elves and Disney lines? I can see Sunset and her friends enjoying the environment of the Friends theme and I myself am a fan of the Elves theme.

I guess that this question can extend to Duplo as well, I guess?

Anyway, nice chapter. I never got any of the Power Miners sets, but I did enjoy the story and the sets looked nice and fun. I especially liked the colors! I'm a real sucker for the lime green/ light grey combo.

Since nobody seems willing to point it out, here's the song that Lemon Zest was listening to:

7030379 Not to mention Indigo Zap demolishing the scaffolding on top of everyone. And let's not forget Fluttershy being too kind for her own good. And this is only the first encounter, so expect plenty more problems to happen to both sides.

7033925 Like I said, I'm acknowledging the existence of all the other themes, but I'm not going to directly include them in any of my stories. In this Lego universe, the status of minidoll themes (Friends and Elves) is pretty much similar to the constraction themes (Bionicle and Hero Factory). They exist and are doing fine, but are kept isolated in their own far off galaxy. (Same for Duplo too, I suppose: they exist and are fine, but kept separate in a different far away galaxy.) If other people want to write their own stories in which the main cast visit these other themes, then they are more than free to do so, but in my stories, I'm sticking exclusively to standard Lego themes.

You know... you seem to be very familiar with a number of Lego themes. Would you be interested in helping me write some other Lego crossover stories? I've got a few ideas, but no time to write any of them on my own. Heck, I've barely got enough time to even write just this story right here.

So, I guess the only question now is Ninjago or Chima? They were shown to exist in different dimensions in Ninjago, but I think it more likely that Ninjaago exists in the Lego World. Also, I didn't comment about The Lego Movie references because I thought everyone would get them, apparently I was wrong.

As for my knowledge of Lego, yes, I possess something of a passing familiarity. I pretty good back to 2000 (and mainly focused on Bionicle), but after that it gets a little sketchy. My family usually got the large assorted bucket because me and my siblings argued what theme we wanted and we only had enough money for a couple of sets every once in awhile. I can remember things like Mars Mission, Johnny Thunder (only got into those sets after watching Indiana Jones... which was after they disappeared from store shelves), Knights Kingdom, early Spider-Man. Our first Lego sets from a theme (not a bucket or Duplo (I remember that I despised Duplo in my youth because I wanted the "cooler" bricks)) was in the 90s, my A-Wing (I don't care that it looks like a red and grey cheese wedge) Fighter and my brother's Naboo Starfighter.

A lot of my knowledge of older sets comes from BrickSet and Brickipedia. And they have their own charm. Seriously, if I was one of the big shots at Lego, I'd take the older sets and themes and build them using modern building techniques (sort of like what they did with Benny's Spaceship). Like Roboforce, since most themes find a way to stick a handful of mechs into the line anyway (not that that's a bad thing:twilightsmile:).

As for helping to write crossovers, I would say that I am inclined to the idea (I actually have a Lego story idea myself), but I don't use GoogleDocs and I'm not sure how I would help write or edit a story short of you emailing a Word doc. I'm sure if this site would allow me to edit another author's story, but then again, I myself am inexperienced when it comes to editing my own stories on this site. My usual method is to do it in a Word doc and then copy and paste to the doc here on the site. It's a time consuming process, especially for longer stories, but my computer and internet aren't the best and it might close on its own or freeze and then I'd lose my work. It could still happen in Word, and sometimes does, but it happens less often. Though I do have Docs on my smartphone and have been meaning to try it out.

7042722 To be fair, the only one who wouldn't have made that mistake is Sugarcoat. In fact, I suspect she's secretly in the same boat as Twilight right now. She doesn't personally believe in the "Everyone for themselves" mentality of the Shadowbolts and would like to quit, but until then she's going to act as friendly as possible so they don't start to have reason to suspect her. Sunny Flare also needs to work on her temper a little, otherwise I sense it's only a matter of time until it becomes something that can be exploited to leave her vulnerable.

I actually forgot Trenderhoof was a Shadowbolt in the movie, but I knew he was going to snitch to the Shadowbolts in Baltimare.

So does this mean we be seeing Fluer de Lis aiding the Shadowbolts too?

A long chapter and hardly any comments? Well, as much as I'm glad that I don't have to type any long replies, I am starting to wonder why some of the regular commenters from the previous stories aren't saying much anymore.

7072913 Yeah, I noticed that he was pretty much nothing more than a background character in the movie, so I decided to give him at least a somewhat notable role in this story.

7073815 Sorry, but I don't really have any plans for mentioning anyone outside the six that this story focuses on. Just like with the LEGO Team, you know there are lots of other members out there, but they're not part of the focus group here, so don't expect to see much of them in this story.

I'll bet the treasure is a dud and Cinch knew this, she simply wanted to set up a decoy mission in the hopes of luring out the spy.

So... I think Twilight is finding a way out, but then Cinch... AHA!

(For me.)

It is easy to see that lego Twilight sparkle is the informant. You should have left twilight's desire to leave out of the story until much later. It would have been an epic revealed and since the other were there their loyalty would be questioned and put a spotlight on chich.

I'm on the edge...OF GLORY! And by glory, I mean my seat. This is :rainbowkiss: AWESOME!

7117911 We don't know that. Personally, my money is on Spike. Don't rule him out just yet.

I just had a sudden realization. How did a pair of laser pistols end up in the broom closet of a boat? For that matter, what's a banana doing in a broom closet?

I think there are two informants. I think it is Twilight sparkle and Soursweet. Both of them showed no interest in the games. I think Soursweet found out that twilight was the traitor but made a deal. For keeping the secret both will find a way out of course chinch may already know and Soursweet is being a double spy.

Another realization. Is Shining Armor ever going to find out about this?! :twilightoops::pinkiegasp:

One more thing, are the reserves going to do anything cool in this story? I want to see the reserves do cool stuff. :twilightsmile:

Hmmm, SciTwi is a lot less likeable in this series than in the movie. I mean, she basically joined an obviously evil organization just because she was bored and unfulfilled. What? Couldn't she have just joined the Castle Region's LEGO Team or something? Her sister-in-law is the leader of the headquarters for crying out loud. Couldn't she have pulled some strings for her, or did Cadence for some odd reason just not recognize Twilight's talent?

Either she took some very intensive training within a short period of time, or has had some connection to the Shadowbolts long before she officially disappeared.

I'm kind of leaning towards the latter explanation. It would explain how Trenderhoof can be a travel writer and a secret agent at the same time.

7117911 7123803 You'll find out the identity of the Informant eventually. For now, I'm just glad that I've been able to keep it enough of a mystery to keep everyone guessing.

7127584 Wow, you certainly seem excited by my series of stories. :twilightblush: I'm glad you've enjoyed them all so far. (Just so you're aware, I post new chapters only once every two weeks, and I respond to comments only once nearly a week after posting a new chapter. With the amount of time I'm able to set aside to work on this, that is pretty much the best I can really do, so don't expect to hear from me very often.) For your question here, I guess you could say that Lego Twilight's past is something similar to Sunset Shimmer: wanting to learn everything, but felt held back by her mentor and ultimately resorting to less-than-pure actions. Also try to keep in mind that at the very beginning of the show, pony Twilight did not want to make any new friends at all, and I wanted to try to reflect that more than what Friendship Games portrayed. (And to answer a question you had on the previous chapter regarding the contents of that closet, keep in mind that this is a Lego world. Lego is famous for its quirky humor, so expect to see silly moments like that every now and then.)

“I take offense to that,” responded Sugarcoat irritably. “Captain Obvious is my father’s name.”

Hey, I know you won't be able to respond to this message for a while, but did you come up with that line yourself? If you did, it's highly deserving of an award. Applause to you.

Well, this confirms the informant can't be any of the Shadowbolt agents assigned to Twilight. Unless they've been spying on her, they would have no way of knowing about her secret arctic base. That means the informant is either Twilight herself and she's a very good actress, or Spike.

You've been playing Portal, have you? By the way, the cupcakes were a lie! :pinkiesick:

7159356 I'm pretty sure it's Spike. The segments focusing on the Shadowbolts seem to be written in third-person limited from Twilight's viewpoint, so I don't think it's Twilight.

7159859 At this point, it could very well be Spike. Or it's possible that it's one of Sour Sweet's two faces, and the other face has no memory of the treachery.

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