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Anything can be awesome when it's made of Lego.


This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 5

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the girls of Canterlot City's LEGO Team, better known as the Equestria Girls, have planned to spend a relaxing week-long vacation in Lego City.

But just when things get underway, Sunset Shimmer is shocked to discover that seemingly everyone has somehow forgotten that she is part of a team of heroes, and believe her to still be the wanted criminal she once was.

Isolated from her best friends, Sunset must rely on some of the most unlikely sources of assistance if she is to have any hope of finding out what happened, who was responsible, and to reverse the effects before it's too late.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 47 )

Nice job sneaking in a reference to Wildstyle. :twistnerd:

And why do I get the feeling that Wallflower Blush is going to have something to do with what happened to Brickburg? :rainbowhuh:

Can't wait to see how you do Sunset's return to Equestria and her reunion with Princess Celestia. That was the highlight of the original "Forgotten Friendship". :eeyup:

I have kidnapped your love and children! In exchange for them, give me your writing talent! Please? Because u are SO talented!! I'm so jealous!

I don't know. I don't think Chronicler can do much with Bricksburg without unintentionally contradicting what'll happen in the next LEGO movie. :applejackunsure:

The next memory Sunset saw was at the climax of the battle against the Dazzlings, where her friends — including Princess Twilight — stood with their musical instruments on the flying performance stage being operated by Equestria’s Spike. The sirens had just beaten them back, and the microphone had landed in Sunset’s hands while she was hovering in the air in her rocket chair. To give her friends the extra energy they needed to win, she attached her rocket chair to the stage, stepped up to join her friends, and began signing her own part of the song. But strangely, while this memory still included that rocket chair, Sunset herself was still nowhere to be found.

Really? No one is questioning why a random unoccupied rocket chair was just hovering around the scene of the battle? Really? :ajbemused:

Why do I also get the feeling that taking that Jump Gate return device is going to bite Sunset in the butt later on?

Seeing how late in the week some comments have been coming in with recent stories, I've decided I'll make my replies on Mondays between each chapter update.

9440736 9446048 I had made that Wyldstyle reference back in the third story, albeit Spike struggles to remember the name correctly, so of course I had to bring it up again here. Anyway, no one in this story is going to have anything to do with Bricksburg or anything else to do with the Lego Movie 2. I brought them up here because, as mentioned occasionally throughout the earlier stories, the events of the first Lego Movie (not perfectly accurate, but approximately close) had occurred in this Lego World, so I wanted to at least acknowledge the set-up of the Lego Movie 2 has also occurred in this Lego World. Based on the trailers I saw prior to writing all of this, what Pinkie Pie said is pretty much what actually happened, as you would expect from her, with the added joke that it's something no one else would ever seriously believe in.

9452894 Ah, I see. I hadn't really seen any trailers, so I didn't know.

9440758 All I can say for now is that while I'll stay mostly accurate to the official version, I'll also include a lot of additional content that I think could have fit in those times between scenes.

9443456 First of all, while I'm sure you're only joking there, I'd advise that you be a little careful to avoid any misunderstandings (the only reason I didn't take offense is because I don't even have the things you threatened :derpytongue2: ). Second, I actually consider my writing talent to be rather average. If my writing talents were worthy of that kind of jealousy, all of my stories would quickly get hundreds of likes and be featured on the front page with every update, and that hasn't happened since the very first story, five years ago. And if you really must know, much of my writing talent was developed by reading all those Bionicle books that came out while the original story was ongoing in the 2000s (good luck trying to find any of them these days).

9446096 Keep in mind the context of the moment: they have no idea their memories have been altered, and their only concern at this time is to simply enjoy the start of a vacation they had been planning for a while. They simply see no reason to suddenly look back and reflect on everything they've done over the past year or two (though as time passes and they start to think a little about it, they may start to realize the discrepancies in their memories). And yes, Sunset "borrowing" that device will come with consequences.

I really liked this chapter. It made me go look at Sunset and Celestia's reunion.

You know I thought of something last chapter: Given that they think Sunset is still a criminal in the Lego World, shouldn't her friends try to arrest her when they talked to her?

Are you going to be writing stories based off of the LEGO Movies?

I never noticed that detail about the throne room, but you're right. Kudos for coming up with an explanation for it since we never got one in either the movie or the show. :twilightsmile:

Please, stop. Just stop. Stop reminding me that my OTP is no longer canon. :fluttercry: :raritycry:

That being said, those LEGO jokes were funny. :twilightsmile:

Yay, Ninjago got a reference :pinkiehappy:

By the way, surprised who the bad guy in Lego Movie 2 was?

Well, you'll be pleasantly surprised is all I'll say

9465244 With the kind of reputation the old Sunset Shimmer had, her friends probably assumed she was planning some greater scheme and had a means of quick escape already set, so they probably didn't think it was worth the effort. Not to mention, most of them aren't exactly known for thinking quite as practically about things as Sunset typically does.

9465299 Not really. My earlier stories took heavy inspiration from the Lego movies available at the time, but once my Lego World got better established (and I ran out of movies to take inspiration from), I got better at writing my own original ideas, so it's doubtful any of my future stories will be so closely similar to the more recent Lego movies.

9465322 It was just one of those things that I noticed and I figured many others probably didn't, so I took this opportunity to simply make it more obvious, and even throw in my own idea for why it was that way in the first place.

9465376 I'm the kind of fan who doesn't make a fuss about major changes in the canon, and this example is no different. (I guess one reason why changes in canon don't really bother me much is because I simply try not to create so much head-canon, as I'm well aware of the potential for future content to end up contradicting it.)

9470243 I've made minor Ninjago references before in my earlier stories numerous times (though I still haven't gotten around to watching much of the series, so hopefully I can eventually find some time to actually do so). As for the Lego Movie 2, as astonishing as it was to find out who was the actual villain, I was especially blown away by the villain's true identity. (I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so please refrain from any details.)

Very clever nod to "Reflections" from the IDW comics, which I still consider their best main series work. :raritywink:

Maybe Starlight is catching up with a certain somepony. :raritywink: "cough"Sunburst"cough"

9489984 Or maybe she's tying up loose ends back in "Our Town"? After all, I bet somepony played a role in telling Sugar Belle Mrs. Cake was offering baking lessons in the same town where her special somepony just happened to be. :raritywink:

9489814 I've never had a chance to read any of the MLP comics, though I have seen bits and pieces of some of them every now and then, so I'm not completely unfamiliar with what you're referring to. But to be honest, most of my inspiration for that bit was from Lego Dimensions (back in the third story, I had thrown in the existence of the "Dimensions Box", so I figured a sort of counterpart in Equestria would make sense).

9489984 Like I said, I'm leaving those details entirely up to the readers. At the very least, I wanted to make sure that at least Starlight Glimmer was acknowledged with a possible excuse for not showing up.

“Yeah, talking with Sunset Shimmer can wait,” agreed Pinkie Pie. “I mean, it’s not like we’re up against some time limit we have no idea about.”

Dang you, plot reasons! :flutterrage:

Meanwhile in the Lego World, Sunset’s magic journal was vibrating and glowing, signaling that a new message had just been received. However, this journal was not currently with Sunset Shimmer. Instead, it was lying on the bedside table in her hotel room. The journal continued to vibrate and glow, but no one was there to read the dire message that had just been sent…

WHY?! :raritycry:

I’m on the odd side of the internet again :P


WHY?! :raritycry:

It's not exactly convenient to carry around a book of that size. Even given cartoon physics.

9515072 If only Sunset had figured out a way to convert the journal's magical properties into something more travel convenient. :trixieshiftright:

9514999 9515072 9515202 I was kind of expecting comments about how Trixie was brought in, or about the scene with the rest of the girls talking about what was going on, but instead everyone seems more interested in one particular aspect that I decided to keep the same from Forgotten Friendship. Well, good thing I already plan on resolving that in a different way than what we saw in the original version.

(By the way, one thing I forgot to mention in the author's notes; now that Trixie has been introduced and her role is already sure to have some significance, I'd like to ask whoever's been adding my stories to numerous groups to also consider throwing in one or two for Trixie.)

Sunset's gonna need a bath after that laundry chute ride. :pinkiesick:

Whew! I was so sure that Sunset or Trixie was going to end up damaging one of Chan's cars. Thankfully, that's not what happened. :twilightsmile:

You know, I've always wanted a more karmic ending to this scenario when I watched this one, like the stone backfiring in the end instead of just being dispelled and erasing Wallflower's memory in addition to restoring the others. Think that could be a tweak to your story?

So no remarks about how part of the Catchy Song from the Lego Movie 2 was included in this chapter? I guess I need to stop setting expectations for these comments...

9541973 For the sake of writing about a Lego setting, I try to throw in as many gags and other bits of humor I can think of. In this example, when I settled on a classic laundry chute escape, I thought about how I could make it a little funnier, and when the idea crossed my mind of Sunset freaking out over something as simple as the laundry she had fallen into, I always got a good laugh out of it, so I decided to make it part of that scene.

9542074 Now that I think about it, I suppose I could've added in a moment where Trixie accidentally breaks a piece off from one of those cars, then tries to fit it back on and pretend that nothing happened. A classic gag, but I think I'll just leave that part as it is.

9551323 No spoilers for future chapters (I've already got everything planned out), but if you look back at my earlier stories, you'll see that I prefer to not let any villain get away with zero consequences. However, those who are truly sorry for their actions deserve less harsh punishments than those who chose to remain evil. Stick around and you'll eventually find out in the epilogue what I have planned on that subject in this story.

I haven't seen the second LEGO movie. I really want to, but I haven't found time for it.

Aw, no "Invisible" song? Not even for the joke later on about how long it is? :ajsleepy:

Let me guess. The facility had a camera, and they were on camera the whole time. :applejackunsure:

Very mysterious underground facilities extend the realms available for a given surface area of ground?

just as long as there isnt a limit to the amount of memories the Memory Stone can hold before failing? :twilightoops:

9568216 As I said way back in the second main story, I'm terrible at including songs (I included implied songs in the second story only because they were essential for the story). I didn't see it necessary to include that song here. Besides, they're not high school students in this story, so that song wouldn't make sense in this situation anyway.

9568260 Actually, if you think about it, they weren't in that facility for long before losing their memories, so not much of any significance really happened there. All the important information happened back at the rock formation and garden. Look closely for some subtle clues and you might be able to figure out the truth before I post the next chapter.

9568304 More will be explained about that underground facility in the next chapter. Also, it was never suggested that the Memory Stone had any storage limit, just a time limit, so I won't have it work any different here.

Seriously, Flash Sentry? Singing the theme song to "Cops"? I don't know whether to be impressed, or annoyed. :facehoof:

“This is Sunset ! She’s always up to no good!” argued Rainbow. She then folded her arms and grumbled, “And now that you mention it, I guess it’s no wonder she would have the support of someone as evil as a Shadowbolt agent.”

:ajbemused: Rainbow Dash, YOU'RE STUPID!!!!! STOP BEING STUPID!!!!! :flutterrage: Oh my gosh, this. This is why she's my least favorite Mane 6, and her portrayal in what I've seen so far of Spring Breakdown isn't doing her any favors. :ajbemused:

“What can I say?” quipped Trixie proudly. “Trixie is a genius!” In actuality, Trixie had just suddenly remembered the advice she was told by that Mikey Spoilers guy back at the ice cream parlor, but of course she would never admit this to anyone.

I was wondering when this was going to show up. :ajsmug:

So, I'm guessing Flash losing his hat is still a bit of a running gag in this story.

9595367 I mostly just threw that in to show just how much contempt Flash has for crooks that keep getting away (especially Sunset Shimmer prior to her reformation). And since Bruce Wayne said that line at one point in the Lego Batman Movie, I figured it was an acceptable reference.

9595381 I wanted to show how the uncertainty of whether or not Sunset was really their friend could cause serious tension in the friendships of the rest of the girls, and Twilight and Rainbow seemed like natural choices for the opposing sides they took. And yes, Flash losing his hat has been a running gag for the entire series since the very first story (much like the "runaway wheel" you identified in the previous story, though I'm sorry to say that one won't be continued in this story, as I felt that I couldn't use it anywhere here without it appearing as too forced).

petal to the metal

pedal, not petal (and this is in the chapter more than once.)


“We’re you’re friends,”

You want the possessive here, not the contraction. (your, not you're/you are)

Shuri was right, "Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved." Sir, you just improved this story. :twilightsmile:

Lego car chases can do all sorts of crazy things, depending if you watched the second movie. Then again, plenty of stories to go.

Freinds together again, althought Trixie in jail might lead to intresting things. Trixies next trick is to use this pickpocket door key to get the wardens chair? :trixieshiftright:

I still occasionally have certain bits of music from various Lego video games going through my head as I imagine some scenes in these stories I write. In the case of the whole car chase sequence in this chapter, I had this one in mind:

9621395 Thank you very much for pointing those out. I made the corrections as soon as I saw your post. I always try my best to correct everything myself by reading through the whole chapter twice before publishing (hence why it typically takes me an entire afternoon to get it ready), but it seems some of these errors still manage to escape my attention, so again, I really appreciate people like you quickly pointing out any errors I might've missed.

9621707 I honestly have no idea what you mean by that. :rainbowhuh: Are you trying to say that my Lego version is better than the official version of Forgotten Friendship? Or are the events of this chapter what made this a much better story, in your opinion?

9622165 You'll find about about Trixie's (and Wallflower's) fate in the epilogue, which will be posted tomorrow, so you'll just have to wait and see.

Your version of events improved what was an already good canon story.

Really hoping you can improve "Rollercoaster of Friendship" I didn't care for that special in the slightest. I'm also quite curious how you might tackle "Spring Breakdown" if you ever get to it (and assuming there are nomore specials afterward).

Nice to see another story completed.

I wonder if Ragamuffin can have, accidents, with various air intakes, vents, portholes etc. After all, they need cleaning as well, and a sweep is lucky at weddings.

Youd rather have him be the attack of opportunity of the pipe cleaning ferret? :yay:

9633244 What I've got planned for the next story will likely be mostly similar with a few small additions that I think would make it better (much like what I did for the fifth main story). In addition, I do have some early ideas for the following story (based on Spring Breakdown, which you'll probably not see until next year), and I believe I've mentioned in my blogs that I've also got ideas for two or three more additional (and completely original) stories that I intend to save until after the official series ends, and thus those original stories will serve as a finale for this series of fanfics.

9633330 Whoa there, let's wait until after I start and then finish the next story (based on Rollercoaster of Friendship) before talking about any specific details for the one to follow after that (which again, I probably won't get to until early next year).

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