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After escaping ARK, Shadow's escape pod is hit by a meteor and is send far from earth and to a different world.

In Canterlot City, Sunset tries to convince her friends about the memory stone, the pod crashes in a forest close by. Sunset and the girls meet the hedgehog, Shadow. Soon the group team up to find the memory stone to save their memories, while helping Shadow remember his past.

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I know what song would go well with this story.

I Am All of Me by Crush 40!

needs some work with the spacing of the paragraphs and spelling as well as the pacing abit, but an interesting read at least. Ill put this under "Watch" for now

I imagine at first not well wonder how pinkie will react though?

I knew I saw this before! Your on FanFiction too!

Shadow has a heart attack and dies of terror.

Wait?! So, their are two Shadows? The Original/Canon Shadow, and this Shadow that has meant and befriended Sunset, Human Mane Six/Rainbooms, Trixie, and the other CHS Students.

Do their two minds linked their own memories or something?

The idea of Shadow's deep, masculine voice saying Meanie instead of bully.:rainbowlaugh:

Sequel bait identified. Sequel bait has worked. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!

Very interesting story. If you do do a sequel, I hope we see Omega as well as Shadow and Rouge

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