• Published 25th Jan 2019
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Shadow the Hedgehog: Forgotten Friendship - Pinkie Pie Sweets

While trying to save her friends memories, Sunset meets a black and red hedgehog who lost his Ina different way.

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Epilogue: Visual Contact of a Different Shadow

In a far away planet there is a place called G.U.N Headquarters, where the soldiers protect the planet and the people who are living there. On the top of Guardian Mountain of the headquarter there is a different black and red hedgehog. He is sitting on the mountain on his down.

Lately, he's been getting strange images in his head. He's been having these imagines for some time now. He can remember them and their faces. He sees six girls in a group and each has different color skin, but there is one who really has his attention. A teenage girl with amber color skin, red and yellow hair, and teal color eyes. He feels that girl is somewhat like him, but reminds him of another.

"Who were those girls, and why do I feel like I know them. And that firehaird girl… who is she? Where did she come from? She somehow reminds me of… my lost Maria," The hedgehog says in thought.

"There you are," A voice comes up.

The hedgehog turns his head to see a white bat with black wings walking to him and sitting next to him. She is also holding two canned drinks.

"Thought you would like some, Shadow" The bat says.

"Thanks, Rouge," The hedgehog, Shadow says, and takes one of the cans.

The bat Rouge asks, "So what are you doing way up here?"

"It's nothing," Shadow answers.

"Nothing? You seem to come up here when you're trapped in your own thoughts and you don't feel like sharing it with anyone else," Rouge says.

Shadow sighs.

"Come on Shadow, can you tell me what's bugging you? And I promise, I won't tell Sonic or the others," Rouge says.

Shadow turns to Rouge, "You promise not to tell a soul."

"I promise," Rouge says.

"Fine. I've been having these strange visions lately," Shadow says.

"Like what?" Shadow asks.

"I'm not sure. I've been seeing seven teenage girls. Each of them have different color skins, each with different color hair. And yet, I can sense a special power within them. But there, there is one that really caught my attention," Shadow says.

"Hmm, that does sound strange. Have you met them before? Who is this specific one that has your attention?" Rouge asks.

"No. I never met them before, but I feel like I'm starting to know them. As for this one girl, she has amber color skin, red and yellow hair like fire, and teal eyes almost like the sea. She also has the same power like the others. She somehow reminds me of Maria for some reason. I felt like she is the one I should mostly protect," Shadow says.

Rouge takes in what Shadow is saying, and wonders who he feels he know the girls, and doesn't know who they are himself.

"That sounds a bit strange. You don't know them, and yet you feel like you do. And there's this girl who reminds you of Maria. I wonder what could that be about," Rouge replies.

"I don't really know… the other thing I do know is that the girl's name… was Sunset," Shadow says.

"Sunset. That's a nice name, suits her skin and hair color," Rouge says. Then she takes a sip of her drink.

Then she says, "I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. Who knows, you might meet her someday."

"I believe so," Shadow answers.

He then looks up in the shy to see the sun setting.

He asks himself, "Sunset Shimmer… who-who are you?"

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Wait?! So, their are two Shadows? The Original/Canon Shadow, and this Shadow that has meant and befriended Sunset, Human Mane Six/Rainbooms, Trixie, and the other CHS Students.

Do their two minds linked their own memories or something?

Sequel bait identified. Sequel bait has worked. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!

Very interesting story. If you do do a sequel, I hope we see Omega as well as Shadow and Rouge

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