• Published 25th Jan 2019
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Shadow the Hedgehog: Forgotten Friendship - Pinkie Pie Sweets

While trying to save her friends memories, Sunset meets a black and red hedgehog who lost his Ina different way.

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Chapter 1: A Slightly Friendship Investigation

On a planet earth in a city of Canterlot City, many people are at the beach playing in the sand, volleyball, surfing, or just
sunbathing. Finally, arriving at the beach is a girl and ex-unicorn name Sunset Shimmer. She has to take a trip back to
Equestria after discovering her friends good memories of her are erased. Now she knows that someone is using an
ancient stone called the Memory Stone to erase everyone's memory of her. She decides to head back to the beach to find
the girls.

"I do hope that the girls are still here. I have to convince them about the memory stone," Sunset says.

Sunset continues to walk to the beach to find the girls to convince them about the stone.

Deep in space, the black and red hedgehog that is still in the escape pod is unconscious. Soon, it begins to fall out of
space and into a nearby planet.

Back on the beach, sunset tries to convince the girls about their friendship towards her and the Memory Stone is the
reason for them having trouble remember many things. Sadly, because of Trixie's interference, the girls are not planning
on listening to her.

"Why would you I photoshop this?! I'm not making this up?" Sunset asks.

"Because. You expect us to believe that these girls will ever be friends with you. Trixie doesn't think so" Trixie remarks

"No guys! You have to believe me. I'm not making any of this up. I…" Sunset says.

She then begins to stammer in shock, "I-I-I-I-I…"

Confused, everyone turn around and gasp in shock. They see something fly across the sky and crashes into the forest
close by. The bird fly away as they cry their bird sounds in fear, and cause the ground to shake. Everyone end up losing
their balance and fall on to the sand.

"What in tarnation was that?!" Applejack asks in shock.

"I don't know, but that is definitely not normal," Trixie answer.

Sunset is still in shock for what she has seen. She knows that she needs to find out what it is, but she needs to convince
the girls about the memory stone. Then again, she wonders if whatever lands there can be dangerous. Sunset decides
there is one thing to do.

Sunset stands up, and walks along the beach.

"Where are you going?" Rainbow asks.

"To check out what that thing was?" Sunset answers.

"What?! Something just land in the forest, hard, and you want to go check it out! And not knowing it could be dangerous
or not! Are you out of your mind?!" Trixie asks in shock.

"I know it sounds completely crazy, but someone has to," Sunset answers.

"Um if you don't mind me asking, but why?" Rarity asks.

Sunset sighs, "I guess it's because I've been in crazy situations like this. Sadly, you all don't remember. Someone used the
Memory Stone to erase all your memories of you ever being my friends. You don't remember Princess Twilight offering
me her friendship. Us being in the battle of the band and saving the school from the Dazzlings who were sirens from
another world. Saving Twilight from being corrupted by Equestrian Magic, and saving Camp Everfree from Gloriosa who
was also corrupted my magic and we got these geodes that gave us magical abilities. You… all don't even remember me
being your friend."

The girls are feeling unsure about this statement. Twilight then notice the sadness in Sunset's eyes and on the verge of
tears. She starts to sense the truth from Sunset's words.

"You all don't have to go if you don't want to, but I'm going," Sunset says.

She then walks away to find out what crashed in the forest. Trixie and the others are looking a bit skeptic, but decide to
walk away and go back to their beach fun. All except for Twilight. She feels something within her heart thar she shouldn't
walk away. Twilight looks to see that Sunset is walking towards the forest trail. She decides to go with her heart, and head
back to her friends.

Sunset looks in the forest trail. She can see how dark and a little spooky it us, but decides to put on a brave face and walk

Suddenly, she hears someone calling out, "Sunset, wait!"

Sunset quickly turns around to see Twilight and the rest of the six friends running towards her. They stop at front of the
trail to catch their breath.

"Girls, what are you doing?" Sunset asks.

"Helping you silly," Pinkie answers.

Before Sunset can asks, Twilight says, "We're sorry, about how we acted. I admit, I don't fully remember and part of my
memories are blank. If what you're saying is true, then we are friends and someone is trying to take that away from you.
We want to help you get our memories back, and we're not going to let you walk into danger alone."

"Twilight's right, what you're doing is plum crazy," Applejack says.

"She's right. You could get hurt," Fluttershy says.

"You don't know what could be out there," Rarity says.

"Which is why we're coming with you," Rainbow says.

Sunset is stunned to see the girls smiling back at her, and wants to help her.

Sunset smiles as she shed tears, "Thanks guys, that… really means a lot to me."

Twilight hugs Sunset as she begins to cry with a smile on her face. Applejack and the others smile as well. Although,
Rainbow turns her head away, not wanting to get sappy or emotional.

"Well, if you guys really sure about it, then we better find out what that thing is," Sunset says.

"Agree," Twilight says.

Soon the girls are walking down the forest trail to find the thing that has fallen in the crash. They been walking for a while
now. The main six realize they are still in their swimsuits and sandals, and should have change.

"I wish we changed before we came out here," Rarity complains.

"Yeah. It's hard to walk in sandals," Twilight says.

"I wonder if we're anywhere near the crash," Sunset replies.

"Sure hope so. This is supposed to be the spooky part of the woods," Pinkie says.

"Yeah. I heard that people actually go missing in these parts," Sunset says.

Fluttershy gulps, "Let's not think about that."

Suddenly, Sunset stops, and the others bump into the ones at front.

"Why you stop for?" Rainbow asks.

"There's something over there," Sunset quietly answers.

The others look ahead to notice smoke is coming from a clearing off the path. Sunset puts her finger over her mouth,
letting the others know to stay quiet. Then they quietly sneak off the path and walk to the bushes close by. Sunset pushes
the bush to the side, and gasps to what she is seeing.

The others look from behind, and reply, "Woah!"

The seven girls are shocked and astonished to see a crater in the clearing. What's more, they can see a strange container
or a pod of some kind in the middle.

"What is that?" Applejack asks.

"I don't know. I never seen anything like it before, and it fell from the sky. But it looks… almost like a pod of some kind,"
Twilight answers.

"You mean those kinds that people go in to escape? Like in the movies?" Pinkie asks.

"I believe so," Twilight answers.

Rainbow says, "You know what this means, there might be aliens in that pod. We might be the first to make contact with

"Aliens?! Neato!" Pinkie cheers.

"I don't know, people often wonder if living life can survive out of earth, but no one is able to prove it," Twilight says.

"But maybe we will be the lucky ones to discover it," Sunset says.

She then leaves the bush and walk down the crater. Then she walks towards the large pod. Twilight and the others quickly

"That is a pretty big pod," Fluttershy says.

"Yeah. It's enough for a grown adult to fit inside," Applejack says.

"I wonder what's in there," Rarity replies.

"Maybe aliens? Or zombies?" Pinkie guesses.

She gasps, "Zombie aliens?!"

Fluttershy yelps. Everyone begins to get scared to imagine what could be in the pod.

"Pinkie don't scare us like that," Sunset says.

"Sorry," Pinkie replies.

Sunset looks over the pod, "The only way to find out is to open it."

"How?" Twilight asks.

Before Sunset can answer, the pod glass begins to open and smoke comes out of it. The girls yelp as they stand back in
fright. They fear on what is going to come out of the pod. Fear that whatever is inside can be dangerous. Suddenly, they
see a silhouette coming out of the pod, and is down standing on the ground. When the smoke clears, they can see what is
in the pod.

"A hedgehog?!" The girls asks in shock.

Indeed, it's a hedgehog, but it's not normal. This one is black with red stripes on his arms, legs, and on his quills, red eyes,
and white, red, and black gloves and matching shoes with gold wristbands. The hedgehog is looking at the girls with a
stern look causing the girls to flinch in front.

Suddenly, the hedgehog closes his eyes and collapses. The girls gasp in shock.

Sunset runs to the hedgehog and pick him up, "Are you okay?"

"It could be hurt. We should go to the animal shelter or something," Fluttershy says.

"Let's just get it out of here before someone shows up," Rainbow says.

The girls then begin to make their way out of the forest to give the hedgehog some medical care. Sunset has never seen a
hedgehog like him before, not even in Equestria.

Sunset looks at the hedgehog, "What are you and where did you come from?"

The girls continue to hurry out of the forest to get this mysterious hedgehog to the animal shelter.

Author's Note:

Sunset ends up getting help with the strange hedgehog. Now she has two mysteries to solve.