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I’ve organized the entire of Sun’s Equestrian Adventure: Better Together Season 4 chapter for you, think you can rewrite the entire story?

Here’s the edit version of chapter 56

Chapter 56

Equestria Special: Summer Sun Setback Part 5

During the celebration, Twilight, Sun, and their friends, including the Chaotic trio, and the former villain duo are having donuts.

"Hmm, these donuts are delicious," Cozy Glow says.

Crescendo giggles, "You also have a piece of frosting on your nose."

Soon the pair begin laughing.

Pinkie hugs Twilight as she giggles, "A brand new holiday? You're my kind of princess!"

"I'm just glad we pulled it off," Twilight says.

"Yeah. Despite, you two and the others caused the mess," Sun says, and smirks at Cozy Glow and Apep.

That make the two blush.

Applejack says, "About that... We just wanted to say we're real sorry."

"You did tell us you'd changed," Applejack says.

Then Fluttershy says, "As your friends, we should've trusted you."

"Next time you say you're not gonna freak out, we'll believe you," Rainbow says.

Twilight smiles, "Good. Because I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of things I'll need my best friends' help with."

Sun turns to Apep and Cozy Glow, "But what will you do? If what you said is true, then should we do something about the others?"

"To be honest, I have no idea. Since they're gone and we found broken chain in the forbidden area, they must have found what they're looking for," Cozy Glow says.

"I remember reading about Grogar when I was younger, but I always thought he was a legend," Sun says.

"Well, he does seem real when he brought them all in one place," Applejack says.

"But what are we meant to do about it?" Rarity asks.

"I might have a plan, but what if we go back like nothing happen and let them know that you guys pulled it off, and we remain hidden," Cozy Glow says.

"I don't know, it sounds risky," Sun says.

Apepe says, "Sssshe'ssss right, which is why I'll go on with them while Cozy Glow remain here."

"Apep? Are you, are you sure?" Eris asks.

"I'm sure. I can keep track of what they're doing and I can try to notify you as much as I can," Apep says.

"Thanks Apep, you're taking a huge risk of you being discovered. We really appreciate it," Twilight says.

Sun says, "We wish you the best of luck."

Apep nods his head.

Eris walks to Apep, "Apep, there's something I need to let you know."

Eris then whispers to him. Apepe is surprised, but also nods his head, making the others confused.

Apep whispers, "I guess… I see you there."

Discord says in thought, "You know, it really does seem like you just might be ready for whatever comes next, your Majesty."

Back in Grogar's lair, Apep is able to return just before Grogar does. When Grogar comes back, the Storm king walks over.

The Storm King asks, "Sooooo did you find what you're looking for?"

"Once again, I've found success where you all find failure. I have located what I sought, and tomorrow I will set out to retrieve it. When I return, Equestria will finally be ours for the taking," Grogar says, and walks away.

"Hmph!" The Storm King says, crossing his arms.

Queen Chrysalis says, “Oh, stop pouting.”

"You knew you couldn't stay that buff. You had to return all the life force to those Earth ponies so Grogar doesn't suspect anything," The Storm King says.

"I don't have to like it," The Storm King says.

Then the Storm King says, "Well, I don't like that we worked so hard to destroy their party and they still pulled it off. But you don't see me complaining!"

"Our goal wasn't to destroy. It was to distract. And now we have exactly what we need," Chrysalis says, and lifts the bell up with her magic.

"And no time to waste. We have to master the Bell before Grogar returns," Tirek says.

"We've managed to stay one step ahead of everypony so far. It is too bad, Cozy Glow has been captured, right Apep," Chrysalis says.

"Yes, but I'm sure she'll be fine as long as we keep moving forward," Apep lies, but knows the truth.

Then the Storm King says, "You know, it really was super easy to get all those Earth ponies and Pegasi and unicorns to turn on each other."

"It was, wasn't it? Now that is something to think about…" Chrysalis says with a grin.

Here’s the edit version of chapter 55

Chapter 55

Equestria Special: Summer Sun Setback Part 4

Walking out to the area, Twilight, Celestia, and Luna are planning to enjoy the festival, but have no clue what has happened.

"You two just enjoy the festivities. I have a few surprises in store for—" Twilight happily says.

Suddenly, Discord flies by with his hands behind his back, looking relaxed. Screwball and Eris show up looking concern.

Twilight asks with a straight face, "Yes, Discord?"

"Oh, well, don't mind me. I'm just here for the chaos.” Discord says.

He suddenly wears an orange shirt with white and yellow flowers and sunglasses.

Eris rolled her eyes, "Yeah. I like Chaos as much as you do, but don't you think we should help the others with this."

"With what?" Twilight asks.

"Um, it's kind of a long story.”

Suddenly, thunder and lightning appears in the sky.

Discord laughs, "And here we go!"

Just then, Rainbow Dash zips by.

Confused, Rainbow asks, "What is Rainbow Dash doing?"

Twilight flies over to see what Rainbow is doing, until she bumps into a cart of soup. Pinkie comes out of the opening. Pinkie tries to cover it from Twilight.

Twilight asks, "Pinkie, is this soup?"

"Yes! I... was really hungry.” Pinkie says with a sheepish smile.

At the same time, Rarity, Spike, and the Dazzlings are trying to calm down the crowd.

"Nopony understands wanting to take pride in your work more than I do!" Rarity says.

But a unicorn says, "You could do more with your magic than make frilly dresses!"

"Oh, pffft. Nopony makes frills anymore. This season's actually all about simplicity—" Rarity scoffs it off.

"Not the point, Rarity!" Spike says.

"Besides, Rarity has been able to do more, when she's with Twilight and the others and you know it.” Sonata says.

"Sonata's right. Rarity is one of the ponies who helped save Equestria multiple times." Aria says.

"With what?" A unicorn asks.

"With the Magic of Friendship. She along with her friends combine it and create something even more powerful. Sun also used to be a unicorn before coming human and an alicorn, and she didn't really need unicorn magic to defeat those in her way, but her friendship with us." Adagio says.

Twilight tries to fly over to figure out what is going on.

Feather Flatterfly runs over and freaks out, "Princess! I beg your forgiveness! It's entirely my fault!"

"What is?" Twilight asks.

Suddenly, thunder and lightning flash in the sky. Then it begins to rain.

"That!" Feather Flatterfly screams.

Fluttershy comes over, and pushes him away saying, "Oh, um, just a slight hiccup in the weather."

She nervously laughs in reply,

Twilight is even more confused, and turns her head to see Rainbow moving the sky. She then looks to see Applejack running with a cart.

Twilight flies over, and asks, "Applejack, what is going on?"

"I told y'all this was a bad idea! But nopony ever listens to me!" Applejack angrily scolds and throws her hat to the ground.

Having enough, Twilight says, "That's it!"

Twilight then uses her magic to swisk everyone into the air and they all land on the ground together.

"I thought everything was fine! What is going on?!" Twilight asks, getting upset.

"Everythin' was goin' fine.” Applejack says.

"Until it totally wasn't.” Pinkie says.

And Fluttershy says, "We tried to fix it ourselves."

"Why didn't you tell me? Or Sun?" Twilight asks.

"We didn't want you to freak out." Twilight answers.

Twilight says, "And you thought not telling me everything was a total disaster would avoid a freak-out?!"

"When you say it like that, it sounds like a really bad plan.” Spike sheepishly says.

"A very bad plan. Just be glad that we decided to send Wire Wolf to find Sun and explain to her about the disaster and your crazy plan.” Aria says.

"He's not the only one.” Sun speaks.

The girls turn their heads to see Sun and Wire Wolf, but gasp in shock to see Apep.

Twilight begins to inlight her magic, but Sun says, "Wait, Apep's on our side new! We talk things over and well, he changed to say."

"Really?" Twilight asks.

"Really. He told me everything that has happened with Grogar and the other well, villains that are here. His whole disaster now is a distraction.” Sun says.

"It is a distraction." Crescendo speaks.

The others turn to see Crescendo with Cozy Glow, and it's a shock for everything.

Twilight asks, "Let me guess, Cozy Glow has reformed too?"

"Um, yeah. We talked it over and is willing to change.” Crescendo says.

Cozy Glow blushes, and says, "We also decided to talk to you about it. I guess in a way, you were right, Power isn't the reason why you make friends. Crescendo showed that to me, and gave me this nice necklace too."

"And I'm glad you like it." Crescendo says.

Cozy Glow kisses Crescendo on the cheek making him blush.

Then Cozy glow turns to the girls in sadness, "What I'm trying to say is, I’m sorry for what I caused."

Twilight smiles, "I'm glad that you decided to turn your life around, but you should at least make up for it."

"Trust me, Cozy Glow and Apep can fix the mess they along with Tirek, Chrysalis, and the Storm King caused with the celebration.” Sun says.

"Wait, they did all this?" Rainbow asks.

"Um, pretty much.” Cozy Glow says.

"But don't worry, I have a plan for them.” Apep says.

Suddenly, they hear the thunder and lightning flash.

"First, let's get this fix first.” Sun says.

Twilight takes a deep breath, and says, "I know how I used to react, but I really have changed. Panicking won't solve anything."

Discord, Eris, and Screwball show calm smiles on their faces. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna walk over.

"But we can handle whatever problems come our way as long as we handle them together!" Twilight says.

"And it will take all of us to fix it.” Sun says.

"Even us.” Cozy Glow asks.

"Of course.” Sun says.

"Spoken like true leaders." Celestia says.

They turn their heads to see the princesses.

"How can we help?" Celestia asks.

Just then, Discord, Eris, and Screwball appear.

Screwball says, "We can help too."

"I love a good to-do list.” Twilight says, bringing out a parchment with a quill.

Cozy Glow rolled her eyes, "Of course you do."

"Yeah.” Sun replies.

Then Twilight says, "So tell me exactly what happened so we can figure out exactly what "to do" to fix it."

With that, everyone gets to work. Celestia, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Eris help tend to weaken earth ponies. She accidently bump into Apep who is also helping. They turn to each other, and blush with smiles on their faces.

Instructed by the weather pony, Rainbow Dash and the pegasi fly in the sky. Rainbow circles around the sky making a rainbow train to divide it. Thwn two pegai take the cloud away. Luna uses her magic while Cozy Glow and Screwball kick the clouds away. Discord breaking the fourth wall, hides the cloud behind the scenery.

Twilight and Sun explain to the unicorns with Rarity about how important their performance is and how much they can do with it. Plus, how much it's a part of it, and means alot to the ponies. The unicorns nod their heads agreeing to do the show. They soon see, Spike carrying Pinkie while two earth ponies roll over party cannons.

Meanwhile, Tirek, the Storm King and Chrysalis are able to sneak into the restricted area of the castle and try to find what they're looking for. Finally, Chrysalis is able to find it, and tries to use her magic to break the lock. It doesn't work thought. She sees a book on the ground and uses it to break the chain. She inform the others of what she finds.

The weather ponies instruct Rainbow and the others on how to clear the clouds. Soon, everypony is taking their seats. Seeing the clouds almost cleared up, Flare turns to her crew to begin the show.

They start off by creating fireworks with their horns and fire to where the moon is. With a bang, the fireworks create a silhouette of the Mare in the Moon. Flare then whistles for the signal. Pinkie then stuff in fireworks in the cannons and stands on two of them. She jumps and starts the fireworks show, much to everypony's amazement. The princesses smiles that celestia even begins to shed a tear with joy. Then the princesses fly on to the stage with Sun and Twilight are.

Using the device, Sun also uses her magic to raise the sun, thanks to Twilight and Celestia's quick teaching. Soon, the sun is up for everypony to see and they all cheer with glee.

Twilight holds a microphone, and says, "This Celebration has always been a reminder not to fear the night, for there is always a new day to look forward to. But as we look towards Equestria's future, I am sad to say today will be the last Summer Sun Celebration."

Everypony gasps in shock.

Sun holds her, and says, "Because there is something even more important to celebrate. There are two ponies who have watched over us night and day for as long as we can remember. We will no longer commemorate their battle or their reunion. Instead, we will take this day to celebrate how much they mean to all of us."

"From this day forward, today will be known as…" Twilight says.

Then they both say it together, "The Festival of the Two Sisters!"

Everypony cheer to hear the new celebration in place of the old.

Very pleased and begin to have watery eyes, Celestia says, "We don't know what to say."

Celestia then hugs Twilight and Sun with smiles on their faces. The princesses wave to the crowd as they cheer with glee.

Here’s the edit version of chapter 54

Chapter 54

Equestria Special: Summer Sun Setback Part 3

In the castle throne room, Twilight and Sun meet with the others to see how they're doing.

Twilight happily says, "It's all coming together. I really think this is gonna be the best Summer Sun Celebration ever!"

"You've done an outstanding job.” Rarity happily says.

Twilight says with glee, "We've all done an outstanding job!"

"I agree." Sun says.

Screwball happily says, "And I did a great job taking care of Regana. She's so cute."

Regana continues to sleep peacefully.

Just then, Discord join the group.

"And what about me? You'll be happy to know that I have been watching myself all night, and I have yet to do one "Discord-y" thing.” Discord says, using the binocular.

Sun whispers, "The real goal was to keep Discord out of trouble and not to make it, was it?"

Twilight nods her head.

"Now, that truly is amazing," Luna says.

Discord turns his head to see the princesses.

"Twilight, we know you had, uh," Celestia says.

She laughs, and says, "Difficulties using the amulet to raise the sun and moon. We thought perhaps a practice session before the festivities might be in order.

"That's... a good idea." Twilight says, sounding relieved.

Then turns to her friends, "Thank you all so much."

Twilight, Celestia and Luna leave the room and close the door. Sun picks up Regana to her arms.

"I'm going to take Regana to my room and tuck her in.” Sun says.

"Okay. We'll handle everything from here." Wire Wolf says.

"Thanks." Sun says.

Sun leaves the throne room with Regana in her arms.

Screwball sadly says, "Aww, but I want to play with her some more."

"Don't worry, she'll be full of energy once she wakes up.” Eris says.

Applejack happily says, "I sure am proud o' her."

"We're proud of Twilight and Sun.” Sonata happily says.

"Yeah! She finally realizes things will turn out fine, even when she isn't micromanaging every little detail." Spike happily says.

Suddenly, someone stomps their hooves on the ground.

"Braeburn? W-What's wrong?" Applejack asks.

"Earth ponies sick... Food missin'... Can't... bake... anythin'..." Braeburn weakly says, and collapses.

Adagio runs to Braburn and holds him. She touches his head.

"He seems fine, but he looks so weak." Adagio says.

Just then, the Royal Guard comes in and says, "Something is wrong with the weather! Storms, hurricanes, fog – you name it! It's a disaster out there!"

They soon hear the thunder going on outside.

"What in the world?" Sonata exclaims.

Fire Flare comes in and sternly says, "Rarity! Please inform her highness that we will not be performing! A simple fireworks show is beneath us! We're better than that!"

Then walks away.

Applejack says in shock, "What the...? Everything was fine a minute ago!"

Fluttershy walks to the window, and says, "Apparently, a lot can change in a minute."

They see the earth ponies losing energy while the pegasi are having trouble getting through the sky. The unicorn performers are leaving.

"It's total chaos out there!" Rainbow screams.

Then everyone turn to Discord, Eris, and Screwball.

"Don't look at us!" Discord says.

"What are we gonna do?" Fluttershy asks.

"Do about what?" Twilight asks, walking in with flash cards holding magic.

When they see Twilight, they quickly cover the windows.

Spike laughs nervously and asks, "What are you doing here?"

"I forgot these. You guys okay?" Twilight answers.

"Twilight, w-we're sorry, but—" Applejack says.

But Rainbow quickly says, "But, uh, we don't know what to do now that everything's all ready!"

"I guess I was too organized. I'll try to come up with a few last-minute errands for you before sunrise.” Twilight says.

Twilight then leaves.

"Well, that's a relief!" Rainbow fakely says.

Soon enough, Twilight leave the scene.

Applejack asks, "Explain to me why we didn't tell her the truth?”

"Oh, Twilight is finally learning not to let her stress get the better of her. If she finds out everything went wrong, it could be devastating!" Rainbow says.

"Oh, she would be so upset." Fluttershy says.

"She'll totally freak out!" Rainbow says.

"I think you should tell her.” Aria says.

"And Sun." Adagio says.

"Yeah. Twilight said she changed and she has. The last time someone didn't put trust in a friend it went wrong.” Sonata says.

"But Twilight will go ballistic if she sees this." Rainbow says.

"She'll even be more when you guys try to hide it from her.” Wire Wolf says.

"Well, what do y'all suggest?" Applejack asks.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh! Let's just fix it all before she notices. No lying necessary." Pinkie says.

"I guess." Applejack says.

"We'd need a miracle," Spike says.

"We have a miracle! Don't we?" Rainbow says.

Suddenly, Discord appears dressed as an angel.

"I suppose I could fix everything. But isn't the real miracle here the miracle of teamwork and character growth?" Discord says.

Then he disappears and feathers land on the ground.

Rainbow screams, "OH, COME ON!"

"Discord is right. Twilight needs us. Whatever happened, we can fix this." Fluttershy says.

They soon hear thunder and lighting.

Spike looks outside, and asks, "What did happen?"

Outside, Cozy Glow and Crescendo Wave are watching the weather going crazy outside.

"That did not go as planned.” Crescendo worriedly says.

Cozy Glow says in guilt, "But it did work, for us. At least, for me at first."

"What do you mean?" Crescendo asks.

"I planned this weather disaster. On purpose," Cozy Glow says in remorse.

"What? Why?" Crescendo asks.

"It's a long story.” Cozy Glow says.

Crescendo looks at the thunder, and says, "Um, maybe you can make it quickly if that's alright."

"Okay.” Cozy Glow says.

In the castle suite, Sun tucks Regana into bed. Sun suddenly hears slithering sounds. Sun turns around to see nothing. Suddenly, Sun sees something slither from behind by the mirror and quickly turns around.

Sun stands up and asks, "Um, hello. Is someone there?"

Sun turns around to see nothing. Suddenly, the lights turn on. Sun quickly turns around and gasps to see Apep.

"Hello, Ssssun." Apep says.

"Ap," Sun quickly says, but his tail covers Sun's mouth.

Then Apep's tail coil the upper part of Sun's body and pins her arms to the side. She lifts Sun up and brings her close to him.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to do you harm. Just allow me to explain.” Apep says.

Sun is confused to hear it. She notices the calm look in his eye. She then nods her head.

Apep then removes the coil from Sun's mouth.

"Okay, so what you need to talk about?” Sun asks.

"I came to apologize.” Apep says.

"What?" Sun asks.

Meanwhile, Applejack and Pinkie are looking over the earth ponies. Pinkie pulls out a pony's tongue and puts it back in.

"Even if I was an actual doctor, I would have no idea what's wrong." Pinkie says, dressed like a doctor.

"There's gotta be a reason. Something got 'em all sick. Maybe the food?" Applejack says.

Soon Pinkie becomes to panic and drops the cupcake she is eating, "I ate the food, too! Does that mean I'm sick?! Oh, nooo!"

She coughs and falls to the ground.

Pinkie jumps back up, and says, "Nope! I feel fine."

She grabs a cupcake from her head and eats it.

At the castle, the guard continues to walk around. It stops to see a mare guard. Suddenly, Tirek's shadow appears behind him. When the guard turns around, Tirek suck the magic and energy out of him. The Storm King takes the star pin and uses it on the door. That allow the three to enter inside.

In a hiding place, Cozy Glow finishes explaining the story.

"I see.” Crescendo says.

"Yeah. I guess it wasn't the smartest idea. The weather is going crazy.” Cozy says.

"We can worry about apologizes um, later. Right now, we need to find Twilight and Sun and tell them what's going on.” Crescendo says.

"Yeah. I don't think they'll believe me.” Cozy sadly says.

"I do. And well...” Crescendo says, beginning to blush.

He then says, "I got a present for you."

"A present?" Cozy Glow asks.

Crescendo presents the red necklace with the gold chain. Cozy Glow gasps in surprise to see it. Then Crescendo tie the chain around Cozy Glow's neck. He then opens the locket to show her the photo of them.

Cozy Glow smiles and soon begins to shed tears, "Crescendo, it's beautiful."

"I knew you would. I wanted to give it to you a while ago, but um, you had a different plans. Anyway, despite of all the things you did, I still believe in you and loved you. That's kind of what love and friendship is.” Crescendo says.

Cozy Glow begins to shed tears of sadness and begins to cry, "I'm sorry, Crescendo."

She then hugs him, "I was a bad pony! I'm sorry for everything! I wouldn't blame you if you never forgive me."

"Actually, I do.” Crescendo says.

"You do? But why?" Cozy Glow asks.

Crescendo wipes a tear from her face, and says, "Yes. You're my friend and still is. You still have a chance to turn my life around. You can start by fixing the mess with the weather. And I think Twilight and Sun would like to hear it too."

"You think so?" Cozy Glow asks.

"Sure. We can find them right now.” Crescendo says.

Crescendo and Cozy Glow hurry to find Twilight and Sun.

At the same time, Rainbow and the Wonderbolts are trying to gather up the storm clouds. On the ground, Fluttershy is trying to calm the weather pony down.

Feather Flatterfly rocks himself holding his legs, and panics, "I don't know how this happened! I'm gonna be fired for... for sure!"

"Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts will have all the weather rounded up any minute." Fluttershy says.

Suddenly, they hear Rainbow Dash scream and fall to the bushes close by.

Rainbow comes out, and says, "Or not!"

Then the weather pony faints.

In the castle, Chrysalis, Tirek, and the Storm King notice one of the doors close by.

Chrysalis opens the door and whispers, "Not here. The Archives are in a different part of the castle."

Suddenly, one of flamingos honk and notice the door open. As Chrysalis and the others leave, one of the flamingos begin to leave the room. Then begins to follow them.

Outside, Rarity and Spike are trying to get the performers not to leave.

"What about aiming for perfection?" Rarity asks.

"We've set our sights higher.” Fire Flare says.

"Higher than perfection?" Spike asks.

"Higher than putting on a silly little show for the other ponies.” Fire Flare says.

Confused, Rarity asks, "But you were so excited before. What changed?"

"She's right. Why do you think you're too good for performances? Especially since all the ponies are so excited to see it." Adagio says.

The bird follows to see another one. They both communicate for a little. The bird squints its eyes and leave. Then the bird changes to Chrysalis. The Storm King picks the locks allowing them access.

In the suite, Apep talk to Sun about what he wants to say.

Sun asks, "You want to apologize."

"Yes. I do. After sssseeing you how happy you are with your friendsssss and that boy, Wire Wolf, I was thinking, maybe I got a bit carried away." Apep says.

"A little?" Sun questions.

"Okay maybe way overboard," Apep says.

Then says, "The point it, I kind of let my eyessss of romance get the better of me. Not just on you, but Sssssun Goddesssss as well. Plus, I’m sorry for um, you know, trying to take over your world."

"I can tell how sorry you are, and I forgive. However, I do hope you can come up with a way to make up for at least some of the trouble you caused.” Sun says.

Sun then smiles, "But I am glad you decided to turn your life around. I do hope maybe someday you'll find someone special to be with you."

"Actually, that's another reason. I have seen someone." Apep says, beginning to blush a little.

Sun asks, "Really now? So who is she?"

"It's a female draconequus. I saw you talking with her earlier." Apep says.

"You mean Eris?" Sun asks.

"Yes. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." Apep says.

"I can tell you really like her.” Sun says.

"Yes. that'ssss why I need you. I kind of need your help.” Apep says.

"Sure. I'll help you. Let's head down and talk to Twilight too." Sun says.

Suddenly, the doors open and Wire Wolf come in.

Wire Wolf panics, "Sun, we got a problem. We need…"

He then glares, "Apep."

"Wait, Wire Wolf! He's changed now.” Sun says.

"Really? Are you sure?" Wire Wolf asks, staring at the snake.

"Yes. I'm sure. He didn't harm me." Sun says.

Wire Wolf sighs, "Alright. I believe you."

"So what seems to be the trouble?" Sun asks.

"Yeah. The Summer Sun Celebration is going nuts. The weather is going crazy, earth ponies are collapsing, and the unicorns are acting strange.” Wire Wolf says.

"What?" Sun asks.

Apep sighs, "I knew I forgot something."

"You know something about this?" Wire Wolf asks.

"Never mind that, we need to get down there and fix the problem. Apep can explain on the way as we find Twilight.” Sun says.

"Alright.” Wire Wolf says.

"Of course.” Apep says.

Sun and the others leave the room, but make sure they're quiet about it. They close the door slowly and head down stairs to fix the problem.

Here’s the edit version of chapter 53

Chapter 53

Equestria Special: Summer Sun Setback Part 2

In the courtyard of Canterlot Castle, all the earth ponies are getting the food for the celebration.

Suddenly, Pinkie pops out of the cart of dessert spooking the ponies.

"Step away from the wagons! Official food-tasters here on official food-tasting business!" Pinkie says, and begins to eat the desert.

Sonata who is in her human form giggles and takes out an apple pie. As Sonata eats the pie, Applejack explains the addition to Braburn, her cousin from Appleloosa.

Braeburn sighs, "Well, it ain't gonna be easy. But I think we can whip up these new cookies Twilight wants before sunrise."

"If anypony can handle some last-minute bakin', Braeburn, it's y'all.” Applejack says.

Sonata comes to Applejack and Braeburn as she eats the pie.

"Hey, guys, this pie tastes great.” Sonata says.

"Thanks.” Braburn says.

He and the girls turn to see Pinkie continuing to eat the desserts, especially the cupcakes.

"We brought plenty for the Celebration. But if she keeps testin', we might be in trouble.” Braeburn says.

Sonata giggles, "I'm surprised she hasn't pop yet."

Then Sonata grabs Pinkie by the tail and pulls her away from the table.

As she is being dragged away, Pinkie screams, "But I see a suspicious-looking cookie!"

Once the girls are gone, Tirek secretly peak through the bushes to see a pony walking by. He then secretly comes out and suck out the magic and energy from a green mare. The poor mare becomes weak and falls to the ground.

Braeburn runs over, and asks, "You okay?"

Tirek quickly hides in the bushes before Tirek can see him.

"I feel weak all of a sudden…" Apple Honey weakly says.

Braburn and another apple cousin come over to help out. A few of the Apple family gather to help them out.

Suddenly, Tirek peeks out and suck magicand energy from another pony and quickly hides. The pony collapses.

Braeburn looks at the bush and asks, "Is somepony back there?"

Braeburn looks around to see what is going on. While behind his back, Tirek suck out his energy too.

Apple Cobbler runs over, and asks, "What is it?"

"Everypony... get away from the food... 'til we figure out what's goin' on...!" Braeburn answers, feeling weak and tired.

Everypony scream and put drop the food and run off. Tirek comes out of the bush with laughter and snatches the pie.

Meanwhile, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Aria talk to the pegasi the new instruction for the weather.

The pegasus in charge name, Feather Flatterfly exclaims, "The princess wants what?!"

"Just what's on that little card. No big deal. Rainbow says, giving him the card.

Feather Flatterfly panics, "No big d-d—?! I-I-It's a m-much more aggressive weather pattern than what was originally ordered! This... This is... very irregular! We'll need to... No, first we must... Wait! We ca—"

Then wails.

Fluttershy walks over and says, "Take a breath."

Feather Flatterfly inhales.

"Let it out slowly.” Fluttershy instructs.

Feather Flatterfly exhales, and says, "Tell the princess we will do our best."

"We're sure you're doing an excellent job," Rainbow says.

"Oh, yeah, totally. You're not gonna panic and screw it up at all!" Rainbow says.

Aria rolled her eyes, and says, "Point it. Don't get nervous and you won't screw up."

Then the girls leave to continue with their other errands.

Feather Flatterfly begins to panic, "I... I... I'm not built for high-pressure situations!"

Suddenly, Cozy Glow comes in, "Golly. Sounds like you need some help."

Feather Flatterfly turns his head to see Cozy Glow.

He asks, "Who are you?"

"Somepony who's organized enough to handle the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture!" Cozy Glow says.

"The big... Yes! That sounds right!" Feather Flatterfly says, sounding relieved.

Cozy Glow chuckles and says, "This kind of weather has to be handled delicately. Good thing I'm here. I'll take care of everything."

"Cozy Glow, is that you?" A voice says.

Cozy Glow quickly turns to see a the merpony that has hooves and transparent wings. The same young colt that has a light orange body, purple eyes, white mane and tails with orange lighting.

Cozy Glow blushes and straightens her hair, "Uh, Crescendo. How long? I mean. It's nice to see you again."

"Um, yeah. It's nice to see you too. What are you doing here?" Crescendo asks.

"Um, well, it's I mean. Helping the weather ponies.” Cozy Glow says, embarrassed.

"Sounds nice. Mind if I uh, hang out with you.” Crescendo says.

Cozy Glow's face becomes red and answers with a soft smile, "Um, sure."

At the stage where the celebration take place, the fireworks are going on and it's amazing. Rarity, Spike, and Adagio walk over to see it for themselves.

"Whoa!" Spike says, impressed.

"The Flaming Sky Firework Troupe is a marvel.” Rarity says.

"I think they're very impressive. I'll have to think about asking them to use their fireworks for the Rainbooms performances.

A unicorn Fire Flare says, "We take pride in what we do."

"These last-minute changes aren't too challenging, are they?" Spike asks, passing her the note.

Fire Flare takes the note and says, "Ha! The more challenging, the better! We aim to astound! Now, if you don't mind, we do have a new routine to prepare."

Then gives the note back to Spike.

Fire Flare turns to her group and says, "Horns at the ready!"

Rarity, Spike, and Adagio see there is no problem so they decide to head back. Unknown to them, Chrysalis sees them leaving and transform into a green unicorn.

She walks past them, and says, "Very impressive."

"Thank you. Unfortunately, we have no room for anypony else at this time…" Fire Flare says.

She clears her throat and says, "I'm sorry?"

"Crackle Cosette. And I don't want to join your silly little troupe.” Chrysalis says.

Fire Flare asks, "Pardon me?"

"Oh, I meant no offense. It just seems a pity for unicorns to waste their talents on something so... inconsequential.” Chrysalis says.

The unicorns begin to mutter.

"Unicorns wield magic. We are the most powerful ponies in the land. Don't you ever feel you're destined for more than... performances?" Chrysalis says, walking on the stage to the other ponies.

Then walk away. That ends up making the unicorns think about what she says.

In the Canterlot Castle, Apep slithers down the halls. He then slithers to the Canterlot Garden in the back. He sees, Sun with Wire Wolf, Screwball, Regana, and Discord.

Screwball passes Regana and says, "Yeah. Your baby sister really miss you, but it was fun while it lasted."

"I know, I'm just glad she feels better.” Sun says.

"Yeah. So what this new speech you and Twilight are working on?" Wire Wolf asks.

Sun giggles, "Sorry, but I promise Twilight not to tell you guys until the following day."

"Aww.” Screwball replies.

Wire Wolf and Sun lean to each other and show love. Apep sadly sighs and continues to hide.

"Is it wrong of me to do this? Try to take Sun away from those she loved, and the one she loved the most.” Apep says in thought.

Apep continues to see sun smiling and having a good time with the ones who are with her.

Apep sadly says, "I can't go through with it. I need to talk to her."

Suddenly, there is a slight loud shaking.

Sun asks, "What was that?"

Everyone looks to see someone approaching them.

A voice screams, "Dizzy! Come to your sissy wissy!"

Everyone looks to see a female draconequus coming towards them. She looks exactly like Discord, but with long white hair. The others look to see this.

"Come to sissy wissy!" The female draconequus shouts.

The female draconequus jumps and gives discord a hug.

Discord happily says, "Eris! How is my sister doing?!"

"Doing fine bro. Glad I was able to come." Eris happily says.

Screwball happily hugs her, "Auntie Eris, it's great to see you."

"You too, Screwy.” Eris says.

Eris turns to Sun, "And Sun, it's great to see you and your friends again."

"Hi, Eris, it's glad to see you two. It's been a long time." Sun happily says.

"Yeah. When I heard about the celebration I rushed over." Eris says.

Apep is surprised to see the female draconequus and feels his heart is beating like a drum. To Apep, Eris is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. It's love at first sight for him.

He quickly hides and says to himself, "Alright, calm down. It's just a female draconequus that appears out of nowhere. A beautiful one for that matter. But, I… I don't know what to say.”

He sighs, and says, "I need help."

Then an idea hits him, “And I think I know a certain princess who can help me."

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