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I edited your Sun's Equestria Girls Adventure: Quest to Save Equestria story fill free to rewrite it in your fanfiction.net

Here’s the last edit version of Chapter 12.

Chapter 12: Ending to a Friendship Story

After days of refixing the Festival of Friendship, everypony from all over Equestria, and creatures from other cities join in for the celebration

Spike is wearing sunglasses and is holding a microphone.

"Fillies and gentlecolts, get ready for a little…" Spike announces through the microphone, slide on the floor and stands up.

Then with light shining on the stage, Spike happily announces, "Songbird Serenade!"

Songbird Serenade spread her wings revealing herself as the crowd cheer for her.

Songbird loudly announces, "And now, to celebrate the fact that we're all still here in one piece, give it up for Princess Twilight, Princess Sun, and all of their friends!"

Everyone begin to clap and cheer with smiles on their faces.

A stallion shouts, "All right! Way to go, guys!"

"Yeah! Ha ha ha ha!" Bulk shouts, strong and loud.

Just then, the light dimmed, and Songbird has her tail facing the audience.

Songbird Serenade:

I know you, you're a special one

She then turns around to face the audience.

Songbird Serenade:

Some see crazy where I see love

Songbird begins to walk on the stage.

Songbird Serenade:

You fall so low but shoot so high

Big dreamers shoot for open sky

Just then, the light turn on with multiple colors and six ponies with her hair style and colors dance on the stage as Songbird slowly opens her wing one at a time to the music.

Songbird Serenade:

So much life in those open eyes

So much depth, you look for the light

Celaeno and Rainbow give each other hoof/claw bump.

Rarity makes a black cape with matching top hat.

"Ooh!" Capper says, pleased with the work.

Rarity puts the hat on, and says, "And perfection!"

Songbird Serenade:

But when your wounds open, you will cry

Pinkie, Sonata, and Pinkie laugh together with smiles on their faces. Skystar turns to see her mother, Queen Novo walking towards them.

Songbird Serenade:

You'll cry out now and you'll question why

Skystar happily says, "Hi, mom!"

Skystar and Novo hug each other.

With a grin, Novo says, "You are still so grounded. Then laughs as Skystar opens her eyes in shock.

Songbird Serenade:

I can see a rainbow

A platform of hearts rise up with Songbird on it, and is on a perch. The dancer continues to dance as ponies carrying different color banners flying by.

Songbird Serenade:

In your tears as they fall on down

I can see your soul grow

Through the pain as they hit the ground

Songbird Serenade flies up in the air as sparkles follows behind. Soon, Songbird begins to fly over the audience.

Songbird Serenade:

I can see a rainbow

In your tears as the sun comes out

As the sun comes out

Songbird then flies close to where sun and Princess Twilight are. Then flies away. The two look to see the singer flying around, but something catch their attention. Far behind the crowd is Tempest, she stares at the crowd as everypony else listen to the music. Then walks away a little.

Tempest looks at the night sky and the celebration. Princess Twilight lands on the ground by her while Sun walks to her on her human legs.

Tempest speaks up, "Well, that's one thing that never changes around here. The party."

"Well, I hope you'll stay. More friends are definitely merrier," Princess Twilight says.

Tempest is surprised to hear Princess Twilight saying that.

But Tempest nervously says, looking at her horn, "But, um... my horn."

Princess Twilight calmly says, "You know."

Tempest shuts her eyes, and slowly turns to the princesses.

"Your horn is pretty powerful, just like the pony it belongs to," Princess Twilight complements.

Sun smiles, and says, "She's right, it's not the horn that makes the pony. After all, you were able to do many things with and without it."

Tempest smiles, and says, "I did tell you two I wanted to show everypony in Equestria what I could do, right?"

"I did remember," Sun answers.

Tempest walks ahead of the two, then lights up her horn. She then releases her magic sparks up into the sky. Just then, they exploded into a ball of magical sparks and changes colors.

Songbird Serenade:

I can see a rainbow

In your tears as they fall on down

Then the magic zooms across the sky, exploding to different colors at different locations.

Songbird Serenade:

I can see your soul grow

Through the pain as they hit the ground

The three smile too see the magical fireworks. Tempest is feeling a bit blush, but is happy all the same.

Pinkie comes up from the audience, and happily says, "Nice touch, Tempest!"

"Actually, that's not my real name," Tempest admits.

Happily curious, Pinkie comes up to Tempest, and asks, "Oooh! What is it?!"

Tempest is rather embarrassed about it.

Sonata happily urge, "Come on, girl, spill it!"

"I'm curious to know what it is too," Adagio adds.

The girls lean close to Tempest waiting for an answers.

Tempest then whispers to Pinkie, "It's Fizzlepop Berrytwist."

Pinkie gasp with a big smile and stars coming from her eyes.

Pinkie wrap Tempest with her hooves, and happily shouts to the world, "Okay! That is the most awesome name ever!"

Soon the girls start laughing.

Sun voice narrates, "After the party, Tempest and Grubber decided to spread the news about the Storm King's defeat to everyone so no one will live in fear. Everything return to normal in a magical way. And I'm happy to say that the Magic of Friendship is what happend us in the end."

In the living room at Sun's house having some lunch, the human version of the mane six, Wire Wolf, Screwball, and baby Regana clap as sun and the Dazzlings finish the story.

"Great story, sis," Screwball complements.

"I like the part when you guys fight alongside with pirates," Rainbow says.

"I like all the music you guys sang," Pinkie adds.

"I definitely like to go underwater as a mermaid. I definitely like to know what it's like to have shimmering fins," Rarity says.

"I like to study marine biology without having to go up to the surface and being a mermaid," Twilight says.

"And see the sea creatures," Fluttershy adds with a smile.

Wire Wolf says, "I have to admit, you and your friends from both worlds have a lot adventures."

"We sure do. And that's just one of the many stories we have," Applejack says.

Twilight asks, "Just curious, is Queen Novo still… a little upset with the other me?"

"Nah. she's over it now. In fact, she allowed all of us to come back anytime. But first, they want to fix up their city after being gone for so long," Aria answers.

Sonata wonders, "I wonder if there's a Queen Novo and Princess Skystar in this world."

"Probably, but they might not be royalty in this world," Adagio answers.

Pinkie sadly says, "I kind of feel bad for Tempest. Losing friends is no fun."

"Yeah. But we agreed to be her friends, and we hope she'll come back for a visit," Sun says.

Then Screwball asks, "Think we can hear another story. I want to hear about the time you had to battle the Pony of Shadows."

Sun giggles, "Again?"

"What? I like that story," Screwball replies.

Suddenly, Pinkie points at the window, "Look! The rain has stopped!"

The gang look out the window to see the rain has stopped, and it's sunny outside.

"Wow! It has stopped raining!" Rainbow surprisingly says.

"And it took a day long story to pass the time," Applejack replies.

Then Screwball asks, "Can we still hear the story?"

"I think it's a good idea. After days of raining, the place is soak and wet," Twilight say.

"I'm alright with another story," Wire Wolf replies.

"Us too," Everyone reply.

Sun giggles, "Alright, I can tell you another story."

Then she begins to tell the story, "On a hot day in Canterlot City…"

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Comment posted by Phetiamwantip deleted March 11th

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Battle for Equestria

While the Storm King is having fun with the magic. Capper is delivering a large cake to the castle with the Dazzlings by their side. Of course, they're in their human forms. All four are wearing aprons and chef hats. The cake is light blue and white frosting, ponies in chain, the symbol, and heards. Spike is a decoration from the top and is breathing fire. Rainbow and the others are pretending to be prisoners and are pulling the cakes.

Seeing them, the storm creatures growl and have their shields up.

"Uh, yeah, I got a delivery here for a Mister 'The Storm King'. I was given explicit instructions to bring this here cake to this here castle's throne room," Capper says, holding the paper.

"Yes, and we like to get through in order to deliver it," Adagio adds.

The storm creatures look at Capper, the Dazzlings and the cake. They growl and have their spears up

"All right, then. Look here. Could one o' y'all go be a pal, go tell your boss he's not gettin' his 'congratulations on subduing defenseless pastel ponies' cake? 'Cause I don't wanna be the one responsible for the big guy missin' his special dessert. You know what I'm sayin'?" Capper says as he walks away.

Then the four join up with the others. Capper count down with his fingers to zero. And right on cue, the guards move out of the way. Pinkie smile in reply. Capper wink in reply.

Capper walks past the guards as says, "Thank you kindly, fellas. I'mma be sure and put in a good word for the botha y'all."

Soon everyone begin to walk past the guards. Pinkie is still holding a smile. The guards look, and growl in reply.

Applejack whispers to Pinkie, "Pinkie, quit lookin' so happy! Ya ain't foolin' nopony!"

"Oh! Okay!" Pinkie replies, Then makes a sulking look on her face.

The group begin to walks down the street of Canterlot to take the cake to the throne room.

Grubber is at the pie stands as he happily says, "Mmm! Pie!"

Suddenly, he notices the cake.

"Oh, hello, cake!" Grubber says.

Grubber drops the pies and runs to the cart.

Once he grabs onto the cart, Grubber happily says, "Ooh! Don't mind if I do!"

He scrapes the frosting off, and eats it.

"Mmm! That's some, like, gourmet ithing!" Grubber says to himself.

Then he noticed an eyeball, and questions, "Who putth eyeballth in filling?"

Just then, the eyeball blinks at him.

Grubber panic, and screams, "Guards!"

But Squabble pulls him in the cake. Sadly, that catches the storm guards attention, and surrounds the group

"Uh-oh. Plan B?" Capper replies.

Then Rainbow shouts, "The jig is up!"

Rainbow kicks the bottom of the cart, and the cake burst all over the place. Celaeno, her crew, and Skystar, Novo, and the fourteen hippogriffs come out of the giant cake.

When they all land on the ground, Celaeno calls out, "Come on!"

"Harr!" Boyle shouts, swatting his hook at the spears.

Skystar and Novo dodge the spears, and grab two of the storm guards. Then throw them on to the other guards for Spike to get away. Squabble puts his inner tube on the storm guard. And Lix picks a storm guard on the butt, causing him to yelp.

Applejack uses her lasso and rope to run around the stormguard and tie him up. Then pills on the rope causing him to fall.

Rarity and Capper trip over the guards with the ribbon, and Rarity uses her magic to tie them up.

"Lovely!" Rarity complements.

Pinkie runs to a storm guard, and presents a present as she shouts, "Surprise!"

Then runs away.

Suddenly, Pinkie jumps out from inside the box, and shouts, "Double surprise!"

Then throws a cupcake at him.

"Whee!" Pinkie cheers as she throws multiple cupcakes at a fast rate, causing her to laugh.

The Dazzlings uses their geodes to pony up, and fight back. Aria uses her star chain to tie up the guards. Sonata uses her water powers to soak them to freeze them in ice. Adagio uses her sonic singing voice to send them flying.

The rest of the hippogriffs guards begin to free the ponies who are trapped in cages and chains.

Fluttershy runs, but the spear slams in front of her, causing her to yelp,

She looks up, and worriedly says, "Ooh!"

Fluttershy looks up to see the Storm guard in front of her.

Fluttershy shyly asks, "You seem tense. Do you wanna talk about it?"

The storm guard look at Fluttershy, "Huh?"

Celaeno is fighting off the shoulders by sword fighting them, and hitting them with her pegleg. Rainbow helps her out as well. Then Celaeno uses her sword to hold one off.

Then Celaeno says to the others, "Head for the castle! We'll hold them off!"

"Come on!" Rainbow shouts.

With that the girls, Capper, Spike, and Skystar leave for the castle, except for Fluttershy. She is helping a storm guard talking about his feelings, and he's crying.

"Let it all out," Fluttershy says with a reassuring smile.

Suddenly, she hears her friends shouting, "Fluttershy!"

"Oh! Sorry, our time is up. Buh-bye!" fluttershy apologizes, and leaves off to the castle with her friends.

The storm guards cries as he says, "Goodbye!"

The group begin to run the path up to get to the castle, but the storm guards are on their tails.

Skystar flies behind, and shouts, "Keep going!"

"Shelly? Sheldon?" Skystar says, lifting her shell friends.

She then throws them at the guards. They both end up biting one of the guards on the eyes.

The guards scream, "I can't see!"

The group quickly run to the castle. But the time they reach the castle grounds, there are storm guards.

"Uh-oh," applejack replies.

"This isn't good," Sonata adds.

Capper turns to Spike, and replies, "Hey, ain't you a fire-breathin' dragon?"

Spike turns to Capper with a grin, knowing what Capper means.

With Capper's laughter, he is using Spike like a flamethrower. The storm guards tails get burn, scream, and run away. That makes the group to get closer to the castle.

From the balcony, Tempest, Sun and Princess Twilight look to see what is happening.

Shocked, Tempest asks, "What?! How?!"

Princess Twilight gasp, and smiles to see her friends are here.

Then she happily says, "It's... It's the Magic of…"

But the Storm King cuts in, and says, "Yeah, yeah!"

He then grabs the three and says with sappy tone, "Friendship, and flowers, and ponies, and bleh!" and sticks his tongue out.

Sun mutters while rolling her eyes, "Way to ruin the moment."

The Storm King puts them down, and says, "I'm so totally over the cute pony thing."

"This... ends... now!" With that, the Storm King uses the magic of the staff to zap at the sky, making the clouds form.

As Capper uses Spike to fire at the guards, he notices the storm is coming.

"Uh-oh," Capper replies.

Everyone stop in their place to see the thundering sounds. Suddenly a strong wind begins to blow.

Back on the balcony, Sun, Princess Twilight, and Tempest watch as they see the Storm King use his magic.

The Storm King maniacally laughs, and shouts, "Yeah!"

Seeing the storm, Capper shouts, "Move them hooves, ponies!"

Soon everyone begin to run for it. As the castle and the city is being surrounded by a powerful tornado, the storm guard and many object are being caught and swept away by the wind. The gang looks to see the castle is right at the center of the powerful tornado

"You'd have to be flying faster than a speeding Pegasus to break through that wind!" Rainbow says.

Pinkie gasp, and says, "Excellent idea, Rainbow Dash!" as she puts on a helmet with goggles on with a grin on her face.

Back on the balcony of the castle, the Storm King laughs with triumph, seeing the storm he creates surrounds the area.

"Now I truly am the Storm King! And the entire world will bow to my ba-ba-ba-boom, baby!" The Storm King announces, with a strong and loud voice.

Tempest comes up to him, and loudly says through the storm, "Yes, yes, you are every bit as powerful as I promised, Sire, now, restore my horn and I swear to use my magic to serve you!" and bows to him.

The Storm King laughs, and shouts, "Who cares about your dinky little unicorn horn?!"

"But... we... we had an agreement!" Tempest replies in shock.

Then the Storm King evilly says to Tempest, "Get with the program! I used you! It's kind of what I do!"

The Storm King uses the staff to blast Tempest, but she is too quick and dodges the attack. Then uses her own magic. When they both combine, it makes an explosion that sends them both back. The Storm King hits the wall and falls forward. Tempest is sends back and almost falls off the balcony, but manages to grab on to the fence.

Both of the princesses gasp in shock to see there are two decisions in hand. Either get the staff, or save Tempest before she is blown away. Tempest tries to hang on to the balcony, but the wind is too strong.

Just as Tempest loses her grip and about to be taken away by the wind, Sun and Princess Twilight grabs Tempest by her off.

Sun screams, "Hold on!"

"Why are you saving me?" Tempest asks.

Princess Twilight smiles, and says, "Because this is what friends do."

Tempest becomes surprised to hear it. Then starts to realize that she may be wrong about friendship. Sun and Princess Twilight pulls Tempest back onto the balcony.

Just then, the Storm King comes up to them, and sarcastically says, "Awwww! Isn't that just so sweet!"

With an evil laugh he lights up the staff and points it right the three.

Then he says, "Yeah. See ya!"

Meanwhile, Boyle, Capper and Squabble are going with Pinkie's plan. Squabble has his claws on an explosive trigger. Capper and Boyle are a bit concern about it. Squabble seems eager to do it.

"You sure about this?" Boyle asks

Pinkie shouts, "Just do it! Thank you!"

In a crapped space, Pinkie and the others are inside. Pinkie is excited while the others are scared.

Pinkie cheers, "I'm excited! Who's excited?! Aaah! I've never been so excited!"

"I'm not! This is by far the most craziest idea you ever came up with!" Aria answers.

"Why not?" Pinkie asks.

Aria screams, "We in your giant party canon!"

Yes say are… and it's the only way for them to get to the castle and save their friends.

Just then, Squabble pushes down the trigger, and sparks comes out of the box. Then…


The party cannon fires the gang in the air. They all scream as they fly through the storm.

Pinkie screams, "Whee!"

They all fly in the air until they reach the castle.

The Storm King laughs as he is ready to use his new powers on Sun, Tempest, and Princess Twilight. But ends up getting hit by the group of friends. The staff ends up getting hit into a glass window.

The girls roll in the castle.

After rolling on to Fluttershy, Pinkie weakly says, "Bull's-eye!"

Sun runs up, "Guys!"

Sonata hugs Sun, "We're so glad you're safe.

"Pinkie! You all came back! I'm so sorry! I was wrong to…" Princess Twilight says, and begins to apologize.

But Pinkie hugs her back in remorse, "I'm sorry, too. Friends mess up sometimes, but we never should've…"

But before Pinkie can shout, Rainbow shouts, "Uh, make up later! This isn't over!"

The others look to see the staff the Storm King has is beginning to unleash magic. Everyone gasp in shock to see what is happening. The staff's magic is getting out of control. The roof of the castle is collapsing. Tempest tries to run to the staff, but the falling debris of the castle is covering her path. The girls and Spike panic as the castle begins to fall.

Princess Twilight shouts, "I've gotta get control of it!"

"Go! You've got this, Twilight!" Pinkie screams.

But Princess Twilight says, "No. We've got this. Together."

The gang knows that to get the staff is to do it together. Applejack ties her waist around with a rope. Then tie the other end to the rock. Applejack is at the end. Follow by Fluttershy, Rarity, Sonata, Spike, Rainbow, Adagio, Aria, Pinkie. Sun is holding Twilight who is at the end.

Pinkie screams, "Whee!"

Soon, they all take to the sky to form a chain to grab the staff before it destroys the castle.

Just then, the Storm King is able to get out of the debris with a furious look on her face, "The staff belongs to me!"

Sun gasps, "Twilight, he's coming!"

Princess Twilight gasps, and turn to see the Storm King climbing to grab the staff. Twilight and the other others are trying to stay in balance.

The Storm King screams, "No! That's my staff!"

The Storm King continues to climb on the debris and building to get the staff. Princess Twilight reaches out to grab the staff as it continues to explode powerful magic. The pony princess and the Storm King race to grab the staff before it gets way.

The Storm King screams in anger, "Miiiiiine! Mine!"

Suddenly, Applejack ends up getting pulled as she screams, "Whoa!"

"No!" Princess Twilight screams, reaching to the staff.

Princess Twilight grabs it, and the Storm King misses it. But end up crashing through the glass window. The strong wind begins to carry Princess Twilight, but Sun holds on to her around the waist with the staff. Suddenly, Sun is pulled out of her foot.

And the two scream as they are both carried away by the wind along with the Storm King.

Pinkie screams, "Twilight! Sun!"

But by that time, Sun and Princess Twilight are gone

"Nooooooooooo!" Pinkie screams in agony.

Everyone become shocked to see that two of their dear friends are swept away by the powerful storm. Tempest who is able to get past the debris is stunned by the sight, and has seen the whole thing. Soon the girls lower themselves to the ground as the storm begins to disappear.

Once the storm is gone, the sun is beginning to shine from, but the girls and Spike are not feeling bright. Pinkie begins to cry and leans to Applejack who beings to comfort her. Sonata begins to cry as well, and Adagio hugs her.

Suddenly, a bright light appears at the clearing sky. Then coming back to the castle, Princess Twilight and Sun, who pony up to her wings, ears, and extended hair are flying back. The staff's crystal is also glowing as they land.

Everyone begins to shout and happily cheer to see their two friends are alright. Soon enough, both of the princesses land back on the balcony ground, and feel a bit dizzy from the tornado.

Pinkie happily cheers, "Group hug!"

Soon the girls and Spike give their princess friends a hug. Both of them sigh in happiness to know they have great friends, and glad to be back with them.

Tempest is watching the group hug from the far. She is in a away… glad to see the girls together and friends. But, she feels that she doesn't have a place here. Tempest decides to make leave the scene.

As Tempest leaves and the group of friends enjoy their hug. The Storm King suddenly appears on the edge of the balcony, and somehow escape being blown by the tornado. Tempest turns and gasp to see the Storm King is back. The Storm King holds the same orb Tempest has used on the princesses, and is going to use it on the two princesses and her friends.

Tempest takes action as she lights up her horn and runs towards the group. Seeing Tempest coming, the girls get in front of Princess Twilight and Son to protect them. But Tempest jumps over them as the Storm King throws the magical orb.

Tempest jumps over the girls and Spike as she screams, "Nooo!"

Once she lands behind them, Tempest is hit by the orb, and the magic begins to turn her to crystal. But she ends up heading towards the Storm King. Stunned, the Storm King is becoming crystal as well. The two go over the balcony as the two have been completely turned to crystal. Then the statue falls off the balcony, and hits the ground… broken into pieces. The Storm King is gone forever.

Tempest however is still over the balcony, levitated by magic. She is then being pulled back on the balcony that Sun is able to use. Sun then uses the staff to slowly put Tempest back on the balcony floor, safe and sound.

"Whoa! I can't believe she did that!" Rainbow says, looking surprised.

"We can," Princess Twilight says.

Then Applejack asks, looking at Sun, "Land sakes, how did you know how to use a staff like that?"

"It's kind of a long story," Sun answers.

Sun then uses the staff to reverse the orb's effect on Tempest. Tempest gasp and begins to move as the spell has been broken. Tempest looks to see the girls and Spike looking at her with Sun holding the staff. Princess Twilight and Sun, who is holding the staff is in front of the group. Tempest calms down, and look at them not saying a word.

Fluttershy asks, "Now what?"

The girls look at each other, unsure what to do with the situation. Sun and Princess Twilight look at their friends, then look at Tempest.

With a calm smile, Tempest answers, "Now... we fix everything."

Tempest walks inside the castle throne room, Sun, Princess Twilight, and the others follow her.

Tempest then places the staff into the hole with the crystal in the hole. Soon, the magic begins to flow out of the crystal of the staff and back to where to Equestria and the princesses. First Cadence is back to normal. Then Princess Luna gasp for air as she is change back as well. Finally, Princess Celestia is back to normal

Cadence happily cheers, "Twilight!"

"Sun!" Celestia happily says.

"Princesses!" Princess Twilight happily cheers.

Soon, all five princesses and the others join together for a group hug as the Canterlot Castle is being fixed up by the magic in the staff. The magic begins to flow all across Canterlot Castle and the city. All the magic is being returned to everypony in Canterlot. Even Derpy is reverted back to normal. Equestria is saved. The Storm King is gone. Finally, once again, the Magic of Friendship is what saved the day

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