• Published 25th Jan 2019
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Shadow the Hedgehog: Forgotten Friendship - Pinkie Pie Sweets

While trying to save her friends memories, Sunset meets a black and red hedgehog who lost his Ina different way.

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Chapter 2: Unidentified Hedgehog

In the Animal Shelter, Sunset and the others are able to get the mysterious hedgehog to the shelter with him being seen.
In one of the rooms, Twilight and Fluttershy are running a check up on their mysterious friend. Outside of the room, the
girls are sitting waiting for results. Sunset is passing back and forth in concern.

Rarity turns to Sunset, "Sunset darling, you shouldn't be passing around like that. It won't do you any good."

"Sorry, I'm just worried about the hedgehog, and confused about him," Sunset answers.

"I think we're all confused. I never seen a hedgehog that big before, and has black and red fur," Applejack says.

"Yeah. however, I do like the shoes and gloves he is wearing," Rainbow says.

"Me too. I definitely represent his darkish appearance personality, especially the gold rings on his wrists and ankles,"
Rarity says.

"Still, I wonder where he came from. I never seen a hedgehog like that in Canterlot City or in Equestria," Sunset says.

Pinkie asks, "You're from Equestria like Princess Twilight?"

"Yes. You guys already know it. But I suspect that memory was erased as well," sunset says with a sigh.

Applejack calmly says, "I don't know which is stranger, us having our memories erased by a rock or the fact that we may
have found an alien hedgehog."

"Indeed, I remember having to go through a lot during the school year. A black and red hedgehog is something new to me
though," Rarity says.

"It's new to me too. If it's not from Canterlot City or in Equestria, and has fallen out of the sky in an escape pod, then here
is one conclusion that is highly close to impossible," Sunset says.

"Like what?" Rainbow asks.

Sunset looks out the window to see the sun setting, "The hedgehog is from out there… in space… somewhere."

The others look at each other with confused and worried looks. If what Sunset says is true and what they have seen with
their own eyes, this mysterious hedgehog that has reach the city is from outer space.

Everyone turn their heads to see the door opening, and Fluttershy and Twilight leaving the room.

Sunset walks to the girls, and asks, "How is the hedgehog doing?"

"We're happy to let you know that he is doing just fine," Fluttershy says.

"He?" Rainbow asks.

Twilight nods her head, "Yes. After a theral check up, we discovered that the creature is a strange mutation of a
hedgehog. We also know that the hedgehog is male."

"Oh, so the hedgehog is a boy then. I should have knows judging by the gloves and shoes that he is wearing," Rarity says.

Sunset asks, "Is there anything else you find out about him?"

"Well, examining him, we discovered that he received a few bruises probably due to the crash. We also saw that he had a
bad blow to the head," Twilight says.

"That's sounds should take him to a doctor," Pinkie says.

"I don't think it's a good idea. If we bring him to any doctor of vet, they'll call the police or something and take him to a
science lab. He'll be treated like an experiment," Sunset says.

"You're right. It's best that we keep him out of sight," Twilight says.

"I agree. We don't want to draw too much attention to the little feller," Applejack says.

"So what dowe do with him? I don't feel right keeping him at the shelter like a pet," Fluttershy worriedly asks.

Sunset steps in, "I can take him to my house."

"Are you sure you wanna look after him? We don't want 'that what ever he' is' givin' you any trouble," Applejack asks.

"Don't worry, We handle a lot worse than him during the school year," Sunset says.

The girls look at Sunset.

Pinkie says, "She does have a point. Besides, how much trouble can one hedgehog be?"

Rainbow rolls her eyes, "You might what to rephrase that, Pinkie."

"It's okay guys, I think I can look after him. In a way, I'm kind of an alien myself. A foreigner from a land of talking ponies. I
think I can handle him," Sunset says.

"If you say so. But if you have any trouble with him, give us a call. Let us give you our…" Rarity says, but notices Sun

Rarity suspects, "You have our numbers already, haven't you?"

"I did," Sunset answers.

Twilight asks, "Maybe you can start telling us about this memory stone, and how you were able to come across this

Sunset nods her head, and agrees to tell the girls about it.

In the room, the mysterious hedgehog is sleeping in large blasket on top of a table. He also has a red blanket covering
him to the neck and his head laying on a pillow. The hedgehog groans as he slightly turns his head.

Outside of the room, Sunset has explain that she has gone back to Equestria to ask Princess Twilight for help. There she
explains that she has make amends with her old teacher Princess Celestia. There they go to a restricted section to an
ancient library. Princess Twilight find a scroll that explains the Memory Stone origins. Sunset says that the Memory Stone
belong to an evil sorceress, and with the stone, she can erase any memory even fragments. Clover the Clever chased after
her, but has his memories erased, but manages to write done what he done and able to findher. Sunset also says that
somehow Clover and the sorceress end up in this world, and someone else found it.

"And so someone from this world must be using the Memory to erase all your good memories of me in order to make
you all hate me again," Sunset says.

"I can't believe it! Who would do such a thing?!" Rarity asks in shock.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's someone who still has a grudge against me even though I change," Sunset says.

"I think someone needs to get a life and move on," Rainbow says.

"Yeah. And erasing people's memories is not the answer. It could cause some problems to the people who memories are
erased. Not to mention it could be dangerous if being used too much," Twilight says.

"You're right. I suspect Trixie might have it. Given to the account on what she said to you guys about making my photos
faked," Sunset says.

"You're right. She was so sure of that you made those pictures instead of actually making it," Pinkie says.

"And it's possible that someone might not try to get us. They might try to erase the good memories of you throughout the
entire school," Twilight says.

"You're right. It might be hard to know if she has the stone or not. Not to mention, trying to figure out how to get the
memories back from it, Sunset says.

Sunset turns to the girls, "If we're going to find the stone, then we need to do this carefully and separately. You all can
stay together, but I have to do my end on my own."

"What?! Why?!" Rainbow asks.

"If the whole point is to make you guys hate me, it will be suspicious if they see me talking to you like friends. They'll erase
your memories all over again," Sunset says.

"She's right. We need to act like none of this had occurred. Which means we have to make sure we don't make too much
contact with Sunset until the stone can be found," Twilight says.

"Sounds like a plan, but what will be do if we find it?" Pinkie asks.

"That I don't know. I have to wait until Princess Twilight gets back so I can have an answer to our problem. I think we
should head home for the day. We had a rough day," Sunset says.

"Just make sure to take care of the hedgehog. I read quite a few of hedgehogs and know the perfect thing for him to eat,"
Fluttershy says.

"If you say so. Although, I question about the diet that he eats," Sunset says.

Sometime later, it's already night time, and Sunset has driven the hedgehog to her house. She takes the hedgehog in the
basket and a few bags full of food into her home, and into her room. She places the bags of food on the table. Then walks
upstairs to place the basket on her bed.

Sunset shows a calm smile and rubs his head, "I do hope you wake up soon. I like to get to know you."

Sunset then walks down the stairs that leads to her bed, and decides to call for take out today, and do some homework.

Sometime later, Sunset is still working on her homework assignment and finish writing the last answer to her homework.
She then puts her books and papers in her backpack for tomorrow. She then gather the clothes she is going to wear
tomorrow and place them on the couch next to her backpack. Finally, she grabs her journal and decides to write to
Princess Twilight about what happened today.

Suddenly, she hears the doorbell and walks over. She opens to real the pizza guy.

"Here's your delivery mam'," The pizza guys says.

"Thanks," sunset says.

Sunset takes the pizza, soda, and a another small box,and pay the pizza man, and close the door. Sunset then places her
dinner on the table. She then begins to eat it. As she eats, she still wonders about the hedgehog she and others discover
today. She still wonders where he come from, and what he is. She also wonders if he has a name.

"I do hope he'll wake up. I only wish there is a way to me to help him," Sunset says to herself.

She stops texting and takes out her journal she uses to talk to Princess Twilight.

As she writes, Sunset says in thought,

"Dear Princess Twilight,

How are things going with the research on the Memory Stone. You're not going to believe what happened. I went to the
beach to convince the others about the memory stone. It didn't help that Trixie was trying to make things worse for us.
Suddenly, something shot out of the sky and lands in the woods, so I decided to check it out. The others decide to come
with me. We found an escape pod with a black and red hedgehog inside, but falls unconscious soon after getting out of
the pod. We were able to take care of him, and he's staying with me in my house. I think the hedgehog came from space
far from earth. The girls know what needs to be done, so they're going to help me find the stone tomorrow, but have to
act like this never happen because the person with the memory stone might suspect something. Write to me if you find
anything about the stone, and some advise on taking care of the hedgehog.

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer."

Sunset then puts the book on the table and continue having her dinner. She only eats two slices of pizza and puts the rest
in the fridget for tomorrow.

Late in the night, Sunset is fast asleep in her bed with the hedgehog sleeping in the basket close to her on the bed. Sunset
is sleeping peacefully that she is not going to wake up very soon.

In the basket, the black and red hedgehog stirs in the basket, and finally opens his eyes.

He mutters, "Where… where am I?"

He hedgehog feels so weak and tired. He slowly turns his head to see Sunset Shimmer sleeping in her bed.

"That girl… who is she? And why…. Does she feel so… familiar?" The hedgehog asks himself.

He then falls asleep and continues to for the rest of the night.

Author's Note:

Sunset is now taking care of the strange hedgehog. How will Sunset and Shadow get along?