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What the Tittle Says

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Does anyone want to help me with my fanfiction? I really want some help.

Hi everyone I was wondering if you could help me with a crossover for sonic and Pokemon. When I'm finished with this crossover in making a sequel with Mlp and Pokemon and sonic just like in sonic and mega mans worlds unite. Would it be ok if anyone would help me out?

People say Rainbow Dash is faster than Sonic....

I don't believe them. They say Rainbow Dash flies at Mach 5 and goes up to Mach 10 when she does he Sonic Rainboom. :rainbowdetermined2: HOWEVER, Isn't a Sonic Rainboom a "Sonic boom" that manipulates light from water molecules in the air....and doesn't a Sonic Boom only occur at Mach 1? :rainbowhuh:

Besides that, the Sonic Team as stated that Sonic an move faster than the speed of light....and even the online series "death battle" stated his top speed is unknown!

I like sonic from sonic X better than the others

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