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Anything can be awesome when it's made of Lego.


(Takes place between LEGO Equestria Girls 9 and LEGO Equestria Girls 10.)

The Equestria Girls of Canterlot City's LEGO Team have been to many places and defeated all kinds of threats to the Lego World involving Equestrian Magic. Now, as the holiday season arrives, the girls decide to relax and celebrate by traveling to the ideal holiday destination of the Winter Village. As they spend a month at this special region, they'll find themselves on several misadventures.

Summaries of each short story:
Winter Blast: The girls ride the famous Holiday Express train to the Winter Village, but faced with a blizzard upon arrival and somehow forgetting to bring their winter outfits, they must brave the brutal weather just to reach the cabin they rented for their stay in the village.
Operation: Soufflé Delivery: Pinkie Pie is determined to finally bring her holiday soufflé to Rarity while it's still fresh, but she and Sunset unexpectedly find themselves forced to make the delivery run right through the middle of a snowball battlefield.
Past Reflections: While on her way to a friendly meeting with Twilight, Sunset encounters Emmet and Lucy from the former city region of Bricksburg, and as the four of them share stories of their past adventures, they realize they all have quite a lot more in common than they first thought, while also learning some valuable friendship lessons as well. (contains spoilers for The Lego Movie 2)
Secret Stash Recovery: To make up for one of her past crimes, Sunset decides to retrieve one of her secret stashes and donate it as holiday gifts for children, but when she's unable to find where she left that stash, all of her friends will have to work together to figure out it's hidden location.
(more will be added with each new update)

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 8

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the Equestria Girls make another attempt to simply enjoy themselves without worrying about fighting any evil or otherworldly magic by attending the Starswirled Music Festival.

While everyone has their own plans to have a good time at this music festival, Sunset's involve spending the first day with Pinkie Pie for their one and only opportunity to watch a live performance of their favorite band, PostCrush. But things get weird when Sunset finds herself repeating that first day over and over again.

Caught in a time loop with seemingly no one else to share her experiences, Sunset Shimmer must try to figure out what caused it and how to stop it, and hopefully not go completely crazy in the process.

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 7

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the Equestria Girls attempt to finally enjoy a relaxing vacation on a week-long luxury cruise, without having to worry about fighting any forces of evil.

However, Rainbow Dash is convinced history is sure to repeat itself and believes that evil magic from Equestria is bound to show up. The rest of her friends are highly skeptical of that, especially when her efforts to find it only result in ruining their vacation.

Is Rainbow Dash just wasting her efforts and there's really nothing out of the ordinary going on at all? Or is there actually some sinister force that no one, not even Rainbow Dash, could have possibly expected to encounter?

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(Takes place between LEGO Equestria Girls 7 and LEGO Equestria Girls 8.)

The Equestria Girls of Canterlot City's LEGO Team have defeated a number of villains over the years, many of whom later regretted their poor choices. Convinced that these former villains deserve a second chance, Celestia Playwell has decided to create a new team within the LEGO Team that would consist of these former adversaries, and assigns the seven Equestria Girls to go out and invite them to join this new team. Some candidates are easily reasonable, others are rather questionable, and a certain few are so controversial that only two of the Equestria Girls are even told about them.

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 6

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, a new theme park opens just outside of Canterlot City, and its PR manager, social media celebrity Vignette Valencia, offers Rarity the opportunity of a lifetime.

Once opening day arrives, Applejack struggles to maintain her friendship with Rarity, who has grown increasingly stressed with preparations for the parade scheduled for later that night. Meanwhile, Vignette takes advantage of her phone being enhanced by Equestrian Magic to modify everything and everyone around her to satisfy her every desire, even risking the lives of the rest of the Equestria Girls in the process.

Can Rarity and Applejack overcome their issues and reconcile their friendship? And can they and the rest of their friends stop Vignette before she takes her abuse of Equestrian Magic too far?

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 5

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the girls of Canterlot City's LEGO Team, better known as the Equestria Girls, have planned to spend a relaxing week-long vacation in Lego City.

But just when things get underway, Sunset Shimmer is shocked to discover that seemingly everyone has somehow forgotten that she is part of a team of heroes, and believe her to still be the wanted criminal she once was.

Isolated from her best friends, Sunset must rely on some of the most unlikely sources of assistance if she is to have any hope of finding out what happened, who was responsible, and to reverse the effects before it's too late.

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(Takes place between LEGO Equestria Girls 5 and LEGO Equestria Girls 6.)

Starlight Glimmer has been given permission to spend the next few days in the Lego World with her new friends, so she decides to spend that time with each of them individually to learn more about this alternate world they live in. All seven of them are excited to show her their favorite aspects of their world, and in a world made of Lego, all kinds of craziness is sure to occur.

Summaries of each short story:
Kung Fools Fighting: Sunset Shimmer takes Starlight to the dojo where she once learned the basics of hand-to-hand combat, hoping to pass her impressive fighting talents onto Starlight so that she could be ready to defend herself in any situation.
Flight Simulator Extreme: Rainbow Dash teaches Starlight how to pilot an aircraft by using a flight simulator, but the first attempt doesn't quite go very smoothly.
Gunslinger Shenanigans: Applejack shows Starlight how to use a pistol, and throughout the practice session, Starlight ends up learning both the advantages and the hazards of firearms.
Mistress of Disguise: Rarity shows Starlight a wide range of different outfits she has designed for her friends, specifically the ones she had just created especially for Starlight.
Pet Shop of Wonders: Fluttershy shows Starlight all kinds of animals she cares for in her pet shop, including a creature unlike anything from Equestria.
Highs and Lows: Pinkie Pie shows Starlight around her secret party planning cave and ends up demonstrating a rather funny party trick.
Twilight’s Laboratory: Twilight Sparkle invites Starlight into her secret laboratory, where she performs scientific experiments and invents all kinds of incredible gadgets and devices.

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 4

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, the LEGO Team of Canterlot City may not be sent on missions very often, but that doesn't mean they won't see a lot of action, even in their home city.

First, in an effort to save Camp Everfree from its financial troubles, Rarity convinces her friends to enter a contest, but a familiar group of former Shadowbolt agents will provide them with some serious competition.

Later, the team is invited to a film studio, but soon find themselves trying to solve a mystery when a series of incidents threaten to shut down production of an upcoming movie.

Finally, while a mirror altered by Equestrian magic threatens to further corrupt someone seeking vengeance, Sunset Shimmer takes the opportunity to show the Lego World to Starlight Glimmer from Equestria.

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Making an epic series is never flawless. Sometimes, unexpected accidents happen on the set. Sometimes, anger and frustration can result from things just not going the way they should. And sometimes, silly goofs and mistakes happen that everyone can't help but laugh at.

Let's speculate what it would be like if the series LEGO Equestria Girls was filmed with actors and actresses in the Lego World. What kind of bloopers might have occurred along the way? Let's take a look at this (not canon) satirical take on the series.

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This story is a sequel to LEGO Equestria Girls 3

In an alternate world where everything and everyone is made of Lego, former Shadowbolt agent Twilight Sparkle is now a member of the LEGO Team in Canterlot City and has become good friends with Sunset Shimmer and the rest of her teammates, yet she continues to suffer trauma after the Midnight Sparkle incident.

When the team is sent on their next mission, they are joined by two other LEGO Team members, Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce, and it's not long before the team starts to realize they all suddenly have new magical abilities.

While Twilight, Sunset, and the rest of their friends try to figure out what exactly has been giving them this new magic, Gloriosa and Timber face their own issues against a super wealthy businessman named Filthy Rich. The team and the brother-sister duo try their best to work together, but some of them can only be pushed so far before they reach a breaking point.

Chapters (17)
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