Seriously. This is, like, a lot of other groups combined


Discord is our mascot, because duh.

Welcome to this wonderfully compelling idea of a group! Like the title says, this group is here to implement the uses of every other (major) group we can possibly think of and stuff. Like, why is this here? To create a major hub for us to use so that we don't need to be a part of every single group. And why not?

Of course, this group could be a wildly entertaining time. There should be something here for everybody, if you are so curious to join. We welcome you to stay awhile!

If you are curious as to who runs the group and as to what's in it, then we invite you to check us out using the link to the index below!

Welcome to the Group!
(Home of the World Famous and Original Mustache Wars)

Your Moderators

Churchy, an eccentric individual who, contrary to the norm, does not enjoy long walks on the beach. He is the founder of this group. Visit him to question anything about the group, anything at all.

KitsuneRisu. KitsuneRisu is a silly poni. However, he is also a total genius. He helps to run this whole business, and so, you can visit him with any questions you may have as well. I wonder if he hates birds? Squawk.

sparkfyre. Resident Hot Bitch #swaggie

More People To Know Located in the Index

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This sounds hilarious and chaotic. In other words, great and terrible at the same time!


Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

[This comment doesn't exist]

Who’s reviewing the stories around here?

You do not have a folder with the sex / porn theme. :scootangel:

Trump rules, Bill Clinton is a rapist

Hello everypony. I am looking for review on my story "Tales from the Equestrian Others-the Fallen Angel of Ponyville".
It's a story the progresses into something darker, but still has a lot of Slice of Life aspects to it.
Please offer this Pegasus a helping hoof!

Wowee! Nobody has commented on here in a long time. So sad.

Might as well join XD

Who wants to join my group the Rosy Life Riders?!

I want to create a group that will allow a person to have fun. It could range from trolling (within some limits) to self promotion! It's a place to just sit around and talk about anything you want. Especially if it is about my Handsomeness:raritywink:

I've started a group on Fimfiction called the Tournament of Canterlot where authors can submit their stories and then try to get their followers to sponsor them by donating to Oxfam’s Syria appeal. At the end of 2015, the stories who’ve gained the most sponsorship share in cash prizes up to $5,000, depending on how much is raised.

There’s also a place for musicians, voice actors and other brony artists to offer prizes for specialized criteria such as the story with the best villain or the best shipping; motivating authors to advertise their stories/ the tournament, therefore raising more money for the Syrian Refugees.

Tournament of Canterlot

What category is the 'main' folder for? Miscellaneous? :rainbowhuh:

Discord iz b3z+ pwni :rainbowwild:

To whoever it may concern. What, no anthro folder? Nice group though, totally joining.

so that we don't need to be a part of every single group

I am here because I am part of every single group :trollestia:

So I take it this group will include just about anything right?

stop that! :flutterrage:
thats to much chaos to discord! :raritydespair:

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