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Come and join my Rosy Life Riders!

Da Rules:
-We talk about how handsome I am (Your Handsome Leader) and ponies!

-In fact, talk about whatever you want in this group!

-Please limit self promotion, promote whatever you want once a week. The rules for self promotion are just like The Shameless Self Promotion group.

-Please be respectful and don't abuse others.
-This includes authors
-This also includes stories (Basically for this, don't say 'God your story blows' and not give a reasonably detailed reason why)

-Follow the site rules

-Don't post NSFW images and links (In the forums, putting stories in the NSFW folder is fine), NSFW language is fine.

-Have Fun!

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Welcome to the comment section of this group!

Heh, and now no one can claim "First":trollestia:

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