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LEGO Equestria Girls 3 - Chronicler06

In the Lego World, Sunset Shimmer and her team of friends find themselves battling against a group of Shadowbolt agents. A group that includes the Lego World's Twilight Sparkle.

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The Magic of Friendship

Chapter 15
The Magic of Friendship

The five Shadowbolt agents — Sunny Flare, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, and Sour Sweet — all rode their respective vehicles over to a specific site at the edge of City Park. Once they arrived, they all quickly climbed out of their vehicles and approached the site of a massive stone slab on the ground.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” asked Lemon Zest.

“They told us over the headsets to look for a massive stone slab on the ground at the edge of the park,” replied Sugarcoat. “This one is by far the largest we could find in the entire city, so I’m completely certain we’re at the right location.”

The other Shadowbolts had already started searching around the edge of the massive stone and it wasn’t long until one of them found something right up against it.

“Hey, look! I found a doorway in the ground!” Indigo Zap called out. As the others rushed over to her, she banged on that door three times. A few seconds passed before someone on the other side responded with three more bangs on the door.

“Yup! They’re in there!” noted Lemon Zest with a smile.

“Then let’s bust ‘em outta there!” declared Indigo Zap with determination.

“I’m not so sure if any of our vehicles are up to the task,” Sugarcoat pointed out.

“Then we’ll just have to do a bit of rebuilding,” stated Sunny Flare. She rushed back to her mech and immediately started taking it apart.

The four other Shadowbolts quickly followed Sunny Flare’s example and it wasn’t long until all five of their creations had been completely disassembled. Right away, they all began to reassemble all of those Lego parts into a single large vehicle with wheels on the front and tank treads on the rear. As soon as they had completed that mighty vehicle, Lemon Zest drove it around so that the rear was facing the door in the ground, then Indigo Zap grabbed a few chains and wrapped them between the door handle and the vehicle’s rear axle.

While Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare stood back on the sidelines, Sugarcoat stated, “This will either rip off the door, snap the chains, or destroy the axle.”

Sour Sweet switched to her sour face and responded, “We just built ourselves a halftrack! I really don’t think anything’s gonna happen to the axle.”

“I partially agree,” added Sunny Flare. “I’m more concerned about the chain breaking, but we won’t know for sure until we try it out.”

Once Indigo Zap finished attaching the chains, she banged her hand against the side of the massive halftrack a few times and immediately backed off. Lemon Zest stomped on the accelerator and the halftrack began to speed off. As soon as the chains pulled taut, the mighty vehicle didn’t even jerk as the door was suddenly ripped right out of its frame in the ground, flew through the air, and tumbled to the ground and continued to be dragged along until the vehicle stopped.

Sour Sweet switched to her sweet face and remarked, “See? I told you it would work.”

While Indigo Zap removed the chains, Lemon Zest hopped out of the driver’s seat and joined her teammates as they approached the now opened doorway. They all smiled as they watched the five LEGO Team girls — Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy — step outside.

Rainbow Dash smiled and remarked, “Boy, are we glad you girls are now fighting on our side!”

As Indigo Zap tossed the chains aside and joined up with everyone, Sugarcoat immediately folded her arms and stated, “Save the gratitude for later. Midnight Sparkle’s rampage has only gotten worse and unless something remarkable happens very soon, I don’t think we’ll have a remote chance of even surviving this night.”

“I think your wish just got granted,” remarked Pinkie Pie as she stared straight up into the sky. She pointed upwards and excitedly exclaimed, “Look who’s dropping in!”

All ten girls quickly turned their gaze upwards at the dark nighttime sky. It was difficult for them to see anything at first, but as they continued to follow Pinkie’s outstretched arm, they soon noticed someone dropping out of the sky high above. The lights from the entire city provided just enough illumination to reveal that this person had red and yellow hair and had a lot of light blue on her torso.

“It’s Sunset Shimmer!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash excitedly. “She’s back!”

“Remarkable,” muttered Rarity in awe. “She actually fulfilled her promise against impossible odds.”

“Where’s she going?” asked Fluttershy with concern.

“Ah dunno, but we’d better find out,” replied Applejack. “Let’s get a move on, y’all!”

All ten girls immediately climbed into the massive halftrack. Lemon Zest once again took the driver’s seat, while Indigo Zap decided to ride shotgun beside her.

“That way!” shouted Indigo Zap as she pointed straight ahead.

Lemon Zest quickly drove the mighty halftrack ahead, following the direction in which Sunset Shimmer was falling.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer found herself in quite a dilemma. She had successfully returned to the Lego World with Twilight’s magic-capturing device in her possession, but now she suddenly found herself falling out of the sky with no way to safely slow down her descent. All that she had worked so hard for to save her home was about to be all for nothing as she couldn’t escape the simple law of gravity.

As she gazed across the city, taking in what would probably be the last thing she would ever see, something suddenly caught her eye. She saw Midnight Sparkle, armed with a giant tube of superglue and spraying it on just about everything around her.

Sunset knew that everything she had done this evening was to stop Midnight Sparkle at any cost, and considering the situation she was now in, she realized there was a way she could still do that. It was far from an ideal solution, but it was the only one she was now left with that offered any hope of success.

Well, if I’m gonna go down… might as well take her with me, Sunset thought grimly. With a look of determination on her face, she began to angle her body to accelerate her descent and aim herself onto a collision course with her opponent.

Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle had lost all patience as she used the superglue to freeze anyone and anything that dared to get too close to her. “I will have order!” She sprayed something to her left. “I will have perfection!” She sprayed something to her right. “And I will have it forever!” She sprayed something directly ahead. She turned around and what she saw next shocked her so much that she actually dropped the giant tube of superglue. “What the—?!”

Sunset Shimmer was now only seconds away from Midnight Sparkle. Knowing there was no turning back, Sunset held both of her fists out ahead of her as she came in at Midnight almost like a superhero. As the distance between them rapidly closed, Sunset thought about her life and remembered all the great opportunities she had, all the terrible mistakes she made, all of her inspiring efforts to redeem herself, and most importantly, all the wonderful friends she had made. This may not have been how she wanted to go out, but in the end, she had to admit… she had a pretty good run.


Sunset Shimmer slammed into Midnight Sparkle and both minifigs fell together for a few seconds before they crashed into City Hall. They impacted the side of the building with so much force that countless pieces of it were blown off and scattered all over the street below.

Moments later, the big halftrack carrying the remaining members of Canterlot City’s LEGO Team and Shadowbolt agents arrived at the scene of the impact. As soon as the vehicle came to a stop, all ten girls quickly climbed out onto the street and silently gazed up at the big hole in the side of the building. Along the way here, they had seen Sunset slam into Midnight, and there was no doubt that this was where they both came down. They all just continued to silently stare at the point of impact, not knowing whether or not either of the two had even survived such a devastating crash.

It wasn’t long until they noticed some debris within the impact site start to shift, and then out from the cloud of dust within that hole stepped a slightly dazed Sunset Shimmer. She took another step forward, but suddenly lost her footing and fell out of the building. She then grasped onto the end of a banner — advertising City Hall’s recently completed renovation — and tore it completely in half along its entire length in an effort to slow her descent. When she reached the end of the banner, she then grabbed onto the outstretched top of a streetlight, swung around it a few times, and then let go, did a few rapid backflips, and gently landed on the street right on her feet. As she stood back up, she wobbled a bit to her left, then to her right, and then back to her left until she reached out to the post of that streetlight to hold herself up.

Now that she was finally at a complete stop after her wild ride, Sunset panted heavily for a few seconds. As she gradually caught her breath, she glanced over at the gathered crowd. As she stared at the smiling faces of her friends, she couldn’t help but smile and giggle. She was finally home, alive and well, and immediately had only thing to say to her friends. “I really hope all of you saw that, because I am not doing it again!” she quipped.

Sunset’s five friends, along with the five Shadowbolt agents, all turned to each other and smiled. After everything they had been through in the last few hours, it was a huge relief for all of them to finally be back together again.

Sunset suddenly heard the device hanging from her neck warble to life. She glanced down at it and saw its ring of lights start to revolve around it. She turned her gaze back up to the other girls and saw something truly remarkable. One by one, all five of her friends began to glow with magical energy, each a different color to represent each of them. Equestrian magic that had been stolen from each of them was now suddenly completely restored. This sight made Sunset’s eyes widen and jaw drop. She glanced back down at the device and realized that she had been only partially right. The device really was the key to defeating Midnight Sparkle, but not in the way she had imagined.

The rubble in the impact site suddenly shifted again, and a slightly battered but completely unharmed Midnight Sparkle flew out of the hole in the building. When her gaze fell on Sunset, she smirked and remarked, “Well, Sunset Shimmer, I don’t know where you came from, but I have to admit, you sure do know how to make an entrance.”

Sunset looked up at Midnight and responded, “To be honest, I don’t know where I just came from, either. And personally, I’d rather not talk about it. But I do know one thing is certain.” She removed the device from around her neck and grasped it in her left hand. With more determination in her voice and facial expression, she continued, “This isn’t the way! I know you feel powerful right now, like you can have everything you want! I’ve been where you are, I’ve made the same mistake you’re making! I put on a crown and, just like you, I was overwhelmed by the magic it contained! I thought it could get me everything I wanted!”

“Oh, you’re wrong,” interrupted Midnight with a crazy grin. “Unlike you, I can have everything I want!”

“No, you can’t,” argued Sunset. “Even with all the magic and power, you’ll still be alone!”

“Good!” Midnight shot back. “I always work alone! If that’s the price for unlimited power, then I’ll gladly accept it!”

“Then I’ll just have to prove you wrong!” declared Sunset as she held up the device. “True magic comes from…” She opened the device and, one by one, began listing the Elements of Harmony.


The orange magic surrounding Applejack began to rise up and then quickly flow towards the device.


The blue magic surrounding Rainbow Dash began to rise up and then quickly flow towards the device.


The pink magic surrounding Pinkie Pie began to rise up and then quickly flow towards the device.


The purple magic surrounding Rarity began to rise up and then quickly flow towards the device.


The yellow magic surrounding Fluttershy began to rise up and then quickly flow towards the device.

As all that magic flowed willingly into the device, it began to lift Sunset off the ground. Her confidence never faltered as she continued, “I understand you, Twilight, and I want to show you the most important magic of all!” She then slammed the device shut and threw it onto the ground.

With the destruction of that device, the magic contained within was released in another glowing sphere of energy. As that magical energy expanded to engulf Sunset, she willingly embraced it and began another magical transformation of her own. This one was unlike the one that gave rise to Midnight, and it was definitely nothing like the very first one she had experienced. This was not some painfully twisting dark magic that was flowing into her, but rather the warm and welcoming embrace of true harmony.

The magical transformation lasted only seconds, and when the glowing sphere of magical energy faded, her altered form was revealed to everyone. She now wore pale pink over her torso, hands, and a skirt around her upper legs with a long tail-like extension at the back. She also had orange over her lower legs, and her red and yellow sun symbol on her feet, upper arms, and near the neck on the front of her torso. She also now had a broad wingspan of golden glowing energy attached to her back. Her skin tone and hair color had remained unchanged, but her hair now stood up on end, she had a red band across her eyes, and she had a long horn made of brilliant golden energy on her forehead.

With her magical transformation complete, Sunset Shimmer opened her eyes and finished, “The Magic of Friendship!”

Down on the ground, all of Sunset’s friends smiled at the sight of her new magical form. The same could also be said for the five Shadowbolt agents, along with the slowly growing crowd of citizens that were beginning to gather at the scene. Midnight Sparkle, on the other hand, did not share the same enthusiasm. In fact, she actually expressed fear at the sudden arrival of one who could actually match her level of power.

“You may call me Daydream Shimmer,” declared the transformed Sunset in a calm and relaxed voice, “and I am here to undo all the damage you have done.” Her magical horn began to glow more brightly, and then she spread her arms out, unleashing two beams of magical energy in opposite directions, quickly closing up numerous dimensional rifts throughout the city. She repeated the process to close the rest of those rifts across the city, then aimed both arms towards the base of Canterlot Mountain and released one more magical beam, sealing up the rifts that had been left open in the underground base.

Midnight Sparkle was infuriated by this. Without any hesitation, she telepathically called in all of her mechanical drones and ordered each and every one of them to swarm in and attack Daydream.

Daydream Shimmer saw the incoming drones, so she raised both arms up parallel to her magical horn as it glowed brightly again. Once her magic was fully charged up, she thrust her arms outward, unleashing a golden shockwave that quickly spread across the entire city. As that shockwave passed through each of the drones, they jerked around and sparked with overloaded electricity, then they suddenly stopped and simply dropped out of the sky. All across the city, countless drones crashed to the ground, and the citizens cheered victoriously.

Midnight Sparkle furiously roared out in frustration and shouted, “You’ve just ruined hours worth of hard work!”

“No research project could be worth the level of devastation you intend to unleash upon both this world and Equestria,” argued Daydream Shimmer.

“This isn’t just about the science!” Midnight shot back. “I now have the power to rebuild this world in any way I want, and I intend to do just that.”

“You cannot remake the world in your image, Twilight,” argued Daydream. “No one can! Every individual brings their own unique contribution to the world, and if you cannot tolerate those differences, then you don’t deserve the right to rule over any of them.”

“Enough of your nonsense!” snapped Midnight. “I’m done with taking orders! And I refuse to let anyone stop me from studying or building anything I want!” Her horn began to glow brightly as she charged up a magical attack. “Maybe after I’m through with you, I’ll dissect your remains, just to find out what makes you so special.” She then unleashed a magical blast directly at Daydream Shimmer.

Daydream quickly conjured up a magical shield to block the attack. She then dispersed the shield and fired a magic blast of her own at Midnight.

Midnight easily dodged the attack and quickly fired back. The two magically enhanced minifigs continued to battle in the sky over Canterlot City. They fired quick bursts at each other, blocked and dodged attacks, and occasionally even came to physical blows against each other.

Down on the city streets, everyone was cheering for Daydream Shimmer. It wasn’t just Sunset’s friends, but also the Shadowbolt agents and all the countless citizens. They certainly didn’t have nearly the kind of power needed to take on Midnight Sparkle, so all they could really do was just stand back and watch the one-on-one battle between good and evil.

As Daydream blocked another magical blast, Midnight furiously shouted, “Why won’t you fall?!”

“Because, unlike you, I have a lot that is worth fighting for,” answered Daydream. “You are weak when you stand alone. My strength comes from the friends whom I have sworn to protect under any circumstances. The only way you can ever match my power is to embrace true friendship.”

“How many times do I have to tell you?!” snapped Midnight as she conjured up yet another attack. “I WORK ALONE!!” She unleashed a very powerful magical blast, but Daydream deflected it and moved aside.

The battle raged on for many more minutes. Each time it seemed like one had an opening, the other quickly closed it off. As they kept firing magic blasts at each other, some of them would occasionally strike something on the ground. No innocent civilians had gotten seriously hurt, but it was becoming clear that this battle would not result in a quick and easy finish for either side.

“They appear to be evenly matched,” Sugarcoat noted. “This battle could go on for quite some time.”

A stray magic blast suddenly struck the massive halftrack that had been parked not far from where the group of friends had been watching, causing it to explode into a huge fireball and sending pieces of it scattering across the street.

“To say nothing of the inevitable collateral damage,” added Sugarcoat.

“We need to help Daydream defeat Midnight before they seriously hurt someone,” said Fluttershy with concern.

“But how?” asked Indigo Zap skeptically. “They’re blasting each other with super-powerful magic! I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting in the middle of that!”

“Agreed,” replied Rarity. “But perhaps a diversion could be more feasible.”

“Good thinkin’, Rarity!” responded Applejack. “If we can distract Midnight, it might give Daydream the upper hand she needs!”

“Any ideas?” asked Lemon Zest.

“Whatever it is, we’d better do it really soon!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash as she pointed up at the ongoing battle.

Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer ceased their attacks and stared firmly at each other as they hovered over the city. As Midnight began to build up her most powerful attack yet, she shouted, “One way or another, this ends right here, right now!” She then unleashed a constant beam of magical energy directly at Daydream.

Daydream quickly responded with her own constant beam of magical energy fired directly at Midnight. Their attacks met in the middle and pushed against each other. The meeting point between their attacks remained at a stalemate for a moment, but then Midnight put more force into her attack, pushing back against her opponent’s. As Daydream now struggled to hold off the approaching blast, Midnight laughed triumphantly.

Everyone watching the battle now looked on worriedly. Their one hope of salvation was now only moments away from total defeat, and none of them had any idea what they would if the unthinkable were to happen.

“Twilight! Stop! This isn’t who you are!”

Midnight Sparkle glanced over to her right at the sound of that familiar voice. Standing atop the Octan Building, with a certain pair of glasses in his hand, was the young boy Spike. The fear and worry in his eyes was hard to miss, and as Midnight gazed into them, her own eyes suddenly flashed back to the regular violet color they had once been.

“Spike?” whispered Midnight.

Midnight had spoken very softly, but Daydream was just barely able to notice it. Realizing her opponent was distracted, she immediately put all the force she could into her attack, pushing the meeting point between their attacks away from her and directly towards Midnight.

Midnight’s eyes quickly flashed back to glowing blue as she suddenly realized what was happening. She tried to force back Daydream’s attack, but it was already too late. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed as she was rapidly engulfed by the massive wave of magical energy.

The next thing Midnight Sparkle knew, she was alone in a white void. The magical flames around her eyes had vanished and her eyes had reverted back to the nonmagical violet color. She nervously looked around and suddenly flinched as she saw the slowly approaching form of Daydream Shimmer.

Daydream showed genuine concern as she slowly hovered closer to Midnight. She reached her arm forward and calmly said, “Take my hand, Twilight. Let me show you there’s another way… just like someone once did for me.”

Midnight hesitated at first. She had just been completely defeated and had been expecting her opponent to finish her off. Yet, Daydream expressed no malice at all and was actually offering her hand in friendship. She wondered why Daydream could be so forgiving after everything that had happened, but this suddenly got her thinking about just how awful the things she had done really were. She soon began to feel very remorseful for her actions, and as tears began to form in her eyes, she slowly reached her arm out.

As Midnight and Daydream clasped hands, a spark of golden magic emerged from where they met and flowed up Midnight’s arm. When that spark reached her head, it took away the glowing magical horn and wiped away her tears. As the warming glow of this magic surrounded her, she closed her eyes and actually smiled.

Finally, the surrounding white void vanished and the two girls found themselves standing in the middle of a scorched patch on the street. In addition, they had both reverted back to their original forms, albeit with slightly disheveled hair. Twilight’s hair was also hanging down loosely and she lacked her glasses.

As Twilight opened her eyes, she pulled her hand away from Sunset’s and her eyes began to tear up again. “I’m… I’m so sorry…” she mumbled sadly as she shamefully looked away. “I… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen…”

“I know,” assured Sunset with a smile. “And going by my own experiences, they’ll forgive you.” She then reached both hands forward and gently grasped both of Twilight’s hands.

Twilight slowly turned her gaze back to Sunset and smiled in response. After everything that had happened to her, it was nice to finally have someone really care for her.

It wasn’t long until the two former enemies noticed the surrounding crowd, particularly the five LEGO Team members and five Shadowbolt agents they were both very familiar with.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad that’s over with,” remarked Rainbow Dash.

“Indeed,” agreed Rarity. “After everything we all went through this week, I am most certainly looking forward to a return to normalcy.”

“I doubt that’ll be the case for some of us,” Sugarcoat pointed out. “Either way, I think we can agree that the worst is over.”

“You said it,” agreed Applejack. She turned to Sunset and added, “Good work gettin’ that device back. We never could’ve done this without ya.”

“I still can’t believe you actually had to dive right into the Infinite Abyss of Nothingness just to get it back,” remarked Pinkie Pie.

Twilight’s eyes widened in shock as she glanced back at Sunset. “You actually went into the Infinite Abyss of Nothingness?” she asked incredulously. “And came back alive?!”

Sunset rubbed the back of her head and sheepishly replied, “Not exactly the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” As she returned to attention to Twilight, she smiled and added, “But at least everything turned out for the better because of it.”

“I’ve been trying to study that anomaly for years!” exclaimed Twilight in astonishment. She suddenly grinned as she grasped Sunset’s shoulders and excitedly asked, “Tell me! What did you see on the other side?!”

Sunset smiled as she gently pushed away Twilight’s hands and answered, “Trust me, you don’t wanna know.” She then frowned as she turned her gaze down and muttered, “I’m probably gonna need a lot of therapy after what I saw over there…”

Before Twilight could ask any further, she and the other girls began to hear some huffing and panting. They all turned to the source of the noise and saw Spike running down the street towards them while carrying a pair of glasses in his hand. When he stopped near them, he was so out of breath that he immediately bent over forward and continued panting. He continued huffing as he held up the glasses and mumbled between each heavy breath, “So… many… stairs…” Finally, he passed out and fell forward onto the street.

While Fluttershy knelt down to check on Spike, Sunset picked up the glasses in his hand and smiled as she held them out to Twilight and said, “I believe these belong to you.”

“Oh, thanks,” replied Twilight as she took the glasses and put them back on. She blinked a few times as her eyesight adjusted, then sighed and sadly muttered, “All that magic and power, and it still couldn’t repair my eyesight. I guess that’s one scar I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.”

“Yeah, Spike told us about that laser beam incident,” said Sunset. “Quite a shame how that could’ve been avoided…”

“Yeah, I know…” muttered Twilight in agreement. She then smiled and said, “But I guess it can now serve as a reminder for something better. A reminder of the potential consequences when you refuse to accept any help, especially when that assistance can be of great benefit.”

Sunset looked at Twilight with a knowing smirk and slyly asked, “So what you’re meaning to say is…?”

Twilight glanced away and sheepishly replied, “I guess working alone has kinda lost its appeal to me.”

Sunset sighed and playfully remarked, “You have no idea how much I’ve been hoping you would eventually say something like that.”

Twilight turned her gaze down and shamefully added, “I just can’t believe things had to come to this before I finally realized it.”

“Don’t take it too personally,” assured Sunny Flare as she stepped forward. “I and the other agents here all had… unpleasant quirks in our attitudes. But when we were forced to work alongside with Sunset’s team, our behavior actually improved quite a bit. In a way, you could say that saving the Lego World has benefited all of us.”

“My only regret is that we saved the world in these dorky outfits,” grumbled Lemon Zest as she gestured to the formal Shadowbolts uniform that she and the others agents — including Twilight — were still wearing.

“No one says you have to keep it,” stated Sugarcoat. “After tonight’s events, I seriously doubt any of us will be working for Cinch ever again.”

“That reminds me,” Pinkie Pie suddenly spoke up. “Whatever happened to Miss Cinch anyway?”

“Duh! She got blown to pieces when she tried to escape!” replied Rainbow Dash. “We all saw it happen.”

“No, that was only the vehicle she tried to escape in,” countered Twilight. “I designed it to ensure the occupant’s survival under any circumstances, so she’s probably wandering around somewhere in this city.”

“Either way, there’s not much we can do about her right now, so let’s not worry too much,” assured Sunset. “I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.”

Somewhere in Canterlot City, Cinch slowly began to regain consciousness. She had certainly not expected that evil Twilight to specifically target her as she made her escape. Regardless, as she took note of her surroundings, she was pleased to see that she was still alive and relatively unscathed within the mostly intact cockpit of that escape craft. Beyond the canopy, it was too dark for her to see exactly where she had landed, but at the moment, that mattered little to her.

Cinch noticed that the canopy had apparently come loose upon impact, so she pushed it aside before she stood up and stepped out of what little remained of the escape craft. She then brushed off any dust on her clothes and straightened them out. Despite her rough landing and unknown location, she intended to maintain her sense of professionalism.

“Well, well, look who just landed behind bars.”

Cinch immediately turned to that taunting voice and saw that it had come from Canterlot City’s Chief of Police, Flash Sentry. Even more startling, he was standing on the other side of a wall of prison bars with a smug look on his face. As her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, Cinch quickly glanced around and found nothing else but solid walls and a big hole in the ceiling. She had crash-landed right into a jail cell!

“Finish rebuilding that roof, boys!” Flash called out towards the hole in the ceiling. “On the double! Stat!”

Cinch glanced up and saw some other police officers standing on the roof who were busy reassembling the bricks of this particular room. As soon as Flash had barked that order, the officers quickly picked up the pace.

Click! Clack! Click! Clack! Click! Click! Clack! Clack! Click! Clack!

“By the way, Cinch,” Flash spoke up, drawing the older woman’s attention. “I recently called Mister Kjeld Playwell over in Lego City and he says he’ll be in town tomorrow morning. I have a feeling he wants to have a little chat with you.” Flash gave another smug grin, then turned away and began to walk off out of the jailhouse. “Goodnight!”

Cinch immediately rushed over to the bars and grasped them as she furiously called out,” You cannot do this to me! I am the headmistress of a worldwide organization! I deserve better treatment than this!”

“Says you, sissy!” snapped one of the two occupants in the only other jail cell in the building.

Cinch glanced ahead through a second set of prison bars and saw the two notoriously incompetent crooks, Rocky and Mugsy.

“Yeah, sissy!” agreed Mugsy. “Who cares?!”

I care!” Cinch shot back. “I have very high standards and demand nothing less than the upmost respect of everyone around me.”

“Well ya ain’t gonna find it here, sissy!” argued Rocky. “This is prison! There ain’t no such thing as respect in these places!”

“What I am stating is that I most certainly don’t belong in an abhorrent place like this,” argued Cinch.

“With an attitude like that, I’d say you do,” quipped Mugsy.

“I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time with you,” grumbled Cinch. “You two are by far the most dim-witted minifigs in all of the Lego World. I have no reason why I should associate myself with the likes of you.”

“Hey!” shouted one of the officers on the roof. “Lights out, crooks!” He then threw the final brick into place, completely cutting off Cinch from the outside world.

Author's Note:

As with my previous stories, I made the final battle last a bit longer than what we saw in the Equestria Girls movies. In this case, not only is Midnight Sparkle around for more than one chapter, but also a few other details and bits of dialogue are added in. This particular chapter isn't quite as long as most of the others in this story, but I guess that's just the way things turn out sometimes. Just one more chapter and then the epilogue left to go before this story is complete.

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