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(Takes place between LEGO Equestria Girls 7 and LEGO Equestria Girls 8.)

The Equestria Girls of Canterlot City's LEGO Team have defeated a number of villains over the years, many of whom later regretted their poor choices. Convinced that these former villains deserve a second chance, Celestia Playwell has decided to create a new team within the LEGO Team that would consist of these former adversaries, and assigns the seven Equestria Girls to go out and invite them to join this new team. Some candidates are easily reasonable, others are rather questionable, and a certain few are so controversial that only two of the Equestria Girls are even told about them.

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Comments ( 7 )

But, doesn't Principal Celestia only have a one-word name?

A very interesting start.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

You're making your own Suicide Squad, I like it

Sonata I can see wanting to join. It's the other two I'm more worried about.

In Chronicler's universe no, you better read/reread previous stories to understand why (and she's not a principal here)

New story and I managed to read this chapter just a day after it was posted (YAY :yay:)
Well that very intriguing project, I have no doubts that the first five girls will work together just fine (maybe not right from the start but after some teamwork time) but sirens it's a Russian roulette play. Sonata will join without questions, just promise her some free taco :pinkiehappy:, Adagio will likely need some very strong words and Aria... well I think she will join the project only if others do so.

Celestia let out a sigh of frustration and stated, “As I said back in the other room, this project is completely voluntary. It is entirely their choice on whether or not they join this specialized team. The worst that could happen is they say no and nothing more will come of this.”

Oh no Tia you're wrong, the worst that could happen is they say yes then escape and start causing troubles across the Lego world while trying to get their powers back.

Promise her a free taco and she will be begging to join :pinkiehappy:

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