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This story is a sequel to Duelists of the Autumn Crown

It's been three months since Sunset Shimmer lost the Autumn Crown Tournament to Twilight Sparkle and found her ambitions of invading Equestria thwarted. She's since begun to reform as the school turns itself around from the bitterness of the tournaments, and with a new deck in hand she's even made friends.

However, a rival school is soon to arrive for their annual cross-school tournament, and among the ranks of their elite duelists is a familiar face who's been investigating Sunset's mysterious deck. Sunset isn't the only duelist out there with knowledge of magic, and she'll soon find herself facing a dark duelist who seeks to use her cards and powers for their own purposes.

Together with her friends, Sunset is going to have to put the duelists of Crystal Prep in their place and stop the plans of her new enemy. It's time to duel!

Pre-read by Brony-wan-kenobi, RTStephens , and The Albinocorn.

Cover art by SamRose

Reading by Alchemystudent

View Sunset's deck here. View other original cards used here

Chapters (28)
Comments ( 726 )

Yugioh crossover...this should be fun I just built like 3 new decks the other day and let me tell you sir Links? Are bullshit

If you want to be the best you have to make the commitment, not treat this like some silly hobby.

"This isn't something you do for fun, this is a card game!"
Ah, Yu-Gi-Oh logic...

You know all those Synchro and Xyz Monsters no one at this school really uses?

:derpyderp1: "Ahem."
:applejackunsure: "Uh, almost no one."

Huh. An entirely reasonable reaction to someone pulling an entirely new form of monster out of her rear end. That's refreshing to see.

She picked up the viewer for her drone and let the video play, watching the redheaded duelist summon her unknown monsters three at a time; a slap in the face to all Twilight knew about the game.

"Screw the rules, I'm the protagonist!"

Ah yes. Removing the Sirens means that Sunset's still on thin ice with the CHS student body. That's quite the wrinkle to add. And that last line...

Oh, this is going to be fun. Looking forward to more.

Glad to see this go up! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
Also, Fluttershy has Xyz monsters? If I remember he deck from last time correctly, she’ll probably have this guy:
Also, I always though that she would run a Naturia deck with Beast and Barkion to just stun the opponent into submission.
Also, also, Applejack’s going to play fusions? So, Predaplants if she’s still going with plants.

And so it begins! Being a fan of the modern game (though as we've already discussed this isn't exactly the state of the IRL game -- but it's close enough!), I'm excited to see these "Expert Rules" come into play and how our heroes and their new-fangled cards are going to fare against the snooty rich kids at CPA and their Obelisk Blue-esque tendencies (or is it more along the lines of the Leo Institute from ARC-V?). It's cool how you worked Shining in here a bit more, too. Guy didn't really do much of anything in the actual movie aside from... be there, I guess? He feels more like an actual character here.

You got me good with that little name drop at the end, by the way. I suspected something was off since the name "Cinch" never came up once but I didn't expect that of all things. Can't wait to see how things play out from here. Good luck, and keep up the primo work!

Well that ending was a surprise. I enjoyed the first story so I’m keeping my eye on this one too.

What a great start. Glad to see that Shining Armor and Cadence aren't rude and Sombra instead of Cynch? Interesting.

Ooo! Differences already! This will be good! I loved the previous story, so I'm excited to see how Sunset does in this fic and how Sci-Twi gets involved aside from trying to figure out the new cards.


Fluttershy nodded. “They say more than four in five graduates goes on to be a professional duelist, or something related like a judge or a card designer.”

Going to school in order to play children's card games. Sounds like fun!

“You wanted to speak to me, Principal Sombra?”

Okay, I didn't expect that.
Can't wait to see Sci-Twi duel. For some reason, I've always pictured her having a machine deck. There's a story on here that has her using a Genex deck, but I wonder what it'll be like here.

I do hope to see a story with proper extra deck variety.
To be honest, i unserstand how you're playing off CHS is mostly traditionalist duel styles.
And adding a change in the timeline makes for a lot more compelling caution to Sunset's approach.
Don't go too heavy on the original cards now :rainbowlaugh:

Makes me wonder if/when twilight goes magic crazy she’ll create link summoning to counter sunsets pendulums
Like “ see!! I can bullshit new summoning methods too!!”

A nice start for this story, even if I felt the pacing a bit...weird.
Fast from the very beginning, not letting you time to really set the new status quo.
However, my main criticism is not tied to the story per se, but It's an important detail: from what I've seen of the harmony Guardians, they are only the harmony spirits but pendolum, separating their two effects and making them, in my opinion, worse overall.
I suggest to change that, maybe update the effect to make them competitive in the modern meta as the little sisters of the infamous Pendolum Magicians: consistency boosting, ways to add cards in the hand and varieties of combos.
This also works thematically, since those are born from Sunset instead of the more pacifist Twilight, each effect could be more aggressive while in the monster zone and making them support in the pendolum zones.
I hope that those ideas are helpful and an intresting concept like the Harmony Spirits have a great successor in the Guardians

Personally I've never been a fan of pendulum monster. They just feel cheap with their mass summoning, mass revival, and not taking up room in the spell and trap card zone. While the rules gave changed, it annoys me to no end that cards like Rekindling and Ultimate Offering were either limited or banned while these cards get a free pass.

With that out of the way, I'm more than a little disappointed that we wouldn't see Sunset making her own deck from scratch. Looking deep inside herself while looking at the various archtypes out there to see what fits her best. Could have been good characterization. I'm also sad that the Sirens were skipped over. But I am happy that Sunsets cheating isn't being overlooked thanks to magic this time and that the presence of Principal Sombra means there is a chance that the Shadowbolts will consist of different people.

Tracked and liked, and THEN open chapter.

EDIT: in the description...

Sunset isn't the only duelist out there with knowledge of mace,

I'm guessing that's supposed to be magic?

So skipping right past Rainbow Rocks, makes sence for this AU honestly. What would a school of Duelists care for a battle of the bands.

Past that I'm happy to see the return of this AU, and of course will be keeping my eyes open in the chapters for any references to 5D's, just like last time, because...


A sequel :D

I was waiting for so long for one now...

First, I'd like to applaud you for returning to this AU, picking up where we left off with the Autumn Crown. Second, props for jumping straight to movie 3 for a twist on things. And speaking of twists..... that last line in the chapter threw me for a loop. I certainly did NOT expect that person to be in the principal's chair. Finally, it seems like Twilight will be having a much better reason for being in the Friendship Cup as opposed to how she was forced into the Friendship Games.

Here's to more duels in the future!

Less academics and more card games? Are we talking about this story or Yu-Gi-Oh! GX? :trollestia:

It's very interesting. Sombra was surprising, but i think it makes sense since he is the master of dark magic this is the EG universe Sombra or resurrected Sombra who want revenge because we could never know.
This Twilight in this Crystal Prep School is the rare exception who got where she is for her brain and skills? I can imagine this Twilight like someone who use her brain to understand the working of the enemy's deck and find a counter to beat it, it also would explain why was Sci Twi so stressed over about Sunset's deck, as it was told in this chapter. I will be curious to Twilight's deck (and how will it change when she go mad with power) and Sombra's deck (in this universe if he is a main antagonist he probably have one).
About the Expert Rule, i don't know too much about these "advanced" monster types, i saw the series roughly to the middle of the GX, anything beyond that is blank page. Maybe Derpy can shine here a little, if i remember correctly, she had xyz monsters in the former story.
It's gonna be funny when everyone from CHS see Sci Twi first fighting against them:trollestia:, since this CHS don't know their last champion true identity (if i remember correctly).
I can't wait for the next chapter. Let's the new adventure start!



Yeah, from 5D's onward, every new series came with a new mechanic that changed how the game works.
5D's introduced Synchro Monsters, summoned with one Tuner monster and as many non-Tuners to match the Synchro's level.
Zexal introduced Xyz Monsters, summoned by overlaying two or more monsters with the same level to match the Xyz's Rank.
Arc-V introduced Pendulum Monsters, which when two are placed in the Pendulum Zone, allow you to summon as many monsters in your hand (up to 5) between the numbers mentioned in the cards
VRAINS introduced Link Monsters, which I'm still not sure how it works, since it is still fairly new, and also changed the rules about how Extra Summons are allowed.

I hope this helps somewhat.

I'm a little concerned about how this interschool tournament would work where each one plays using a different set of rules. As for Sombra, he's a nice touch but I think I know where this will lead: trying to create cards similar to Sunsets.

Well, here's hoping we get to see more duels and a more diverse cast than in the Freinship Games

Also a Shaddoll deck

I may despise Pendulums with all my heart and soul but I'm loving this story.

The official Duel monsters youtube channel has a guide for how to use Link monsters here

From what I could gather, it seems CHS is going to have to learn the Expert rules if they're going to be considered any kind of a threat to CPS. And since it's only a few days away, they have little time to master them. However, Sunset is confident that they can pull it off, since Princess Twilight was able to learn how to play the game in only three days.

Somewhere, the sirens are screaming about how unfair it is that their movie was skipped.

I know. But I'm just wondering why they never learned the rules in the past or if there were specials rules to make things fair

Yeah, I did a blog post talking about that before. The problem is that the core concepts of Rainbow Rocks - a schoolwide competition, the villains spreading bitterness and competitive spirit among the students - are things the first fic already did with Sunset. A Rainbow Rocks adaptation would hit the same notes as the original fic, just maybe with a team dueling format which 5Ds has shown isn't very interesting. Friendship Games lets me take the competition to a different plain where I can introduce several new opponents and let all the Mane Six have a chance to show their stuff.


Yeah, I can kind of figure that. It wouldn't really work with the set up and it's kind of hard to set up something like a cool Yugioh story with the sirens. Friendship games would make for a far better story and feels like Yugioh.


Ooh, this should be neat. Didn't expect Sombra (yes, everyone else has said that before me), and it seems Twilight hasn't gotten the memo that random Duelists with absurd hair spontaneously developing new cards and summoning techniques out of nowhere is kind of the norm.

Honestly i am not think that i even want to learn these thing minus what i have to know to understand the story but the inner description mostly cover that and while since the DotAC i sometimes feel the urge to play again, but in real life i don't know anyone who would play and i not know on the internet where i could find a good game. As well as i liked more to watch the original and GX episodes, but there is so many other things what i do (and want to do) so i just can't find the time, i just barely started to watch One Piece. Well that's all folks:twilightsmile:

What was wrong with the team battles in 5Ds? I admit, not all of them were interesting, but the ones that were really hit home for me.

Why do you hate pendulums?

They always came down to the third duelists winning it. Jack and Crow just stalled until Yusei could win, even if he had it 3v1. It made them boring and predictable.

I think they're too easily exploitable. Good cards are fine but I've never liked any mechanic or archetype that dominated the game too much. Just my personal opinion.

No one likes an overly dominant deck, and we've all got a different archetype that we hate, (Trickstars for me). But what do you mean by exploitable?

I think they have the potential to be too dominating. They're just too much, in my opinion. I'm not really sure how else to explain it.

Wind Ups was my bugaboo.

Okay, that makes sense. But Pendulums can only be dominating if used correctly, like any other card type. If the player just pendulum summons random monsters, it can be easy to take them out with Mirror traps or other cards with related effects. This is especially the case if the opponent has cards like Macrocosmos or Masked Hero Dark Law, which banish cards when they are destroyed or used.

Yu-Gi-Oh? SOLD! Liked and followed.

Awesome, I've been hoping you'd do a sequel to Autumn, And the first chapter is an excellent hook. I am curious to know how the "Sunset cheating" angle will go.

Twilight dueling Starlight to hopefully take her place and kick her are out of the story?

Can I give multiple thumbs up?:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:

Keith who?

Fantastic chapter. Are the card named chapters going to be a recurring theme?

The inclusion of Radiant Hope means I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this Sombra. I truly have no idea if he's sincere or not. Fascinating.

Also, another classic bit of Yu-Gi-Oh logic: These people have freaking hard light technology, and they use it to enhance trading card games. :rainbowlaugh:

So, evil Keith David means Dr. Facilier or Thailog? Probably the latter, Facilier is too charming (relatively speaking). Huh, different take on Sombra, Hope's presence might mean he's not as bad as canon Cinch, or he could be worse. Hard to tell since the whole conversation was from Twilight's POV, which makes it interesting. He sure knew how to steer the conversation. With all her talk of calculations, I wonder if Twilight's ever built a duel robot. And huh, didn't expect Twilight to duel her. So how long until Twilight finds out theory and actual duels aren't the same?

And thank you for the explanation of XYZ and Synchro, I gave up on following the anime years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing how Sunset does later on, especially since she won't fall back on drawing deus ex machina cards.

Why is it that I like this version of Sombra as Crystal Prep's principal instead of Cinch? His attitude? Ah, well... I'm just glad to see the story is continuing like it is. That duel in the next chapter is going to be fun to read.


Thanks for the explanation of summoning techniques. I'm guessing nobody will bother with Link Summons? (I still don't really understand how that works)

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