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Duelists of the Friendship Cup - DrakeyC

Friendship Games is retold, but with less academics and athletics and more card games.

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Star Light, Star Bright – Twilight vs Starlight

Duelists of the Friendship Cup

Star Light, Star Bright – Twilight vs Starlight

-Twilight Life Points: 8000-

-Starlight Life Points: 8000-

A holographic coin appeared between the two duelists, their heads on either side. It flipped and landed, displaying Starlight’s portrait. “Starlight Glimmer takes first turn.”

“Perfect.” Starlight picked up her opening five cards, fanned them out, and laughed. “Well, this will be over sooner than I thought. I summon ‘Constellar Aldebaran’.” A glowing portal of light appeared behind Starlight. A monster in silver and brown armor adorned with crests of stars jumped out and kneeled in front of her, a pair of curved horns rising from its helmet (1300/800). “I activate Aldebaran’s effect to Special Summon another Level 3 Constellar monster from my hand. I summon ‘Constellar Leonis’ in defense mode!” A second silver and brown-armored monster jumped from Starlight’s portal, this one covered in glowing blue spikes with a blue blade of energy extending from its wrist (1000/1800).

“I then activate Leonis’ effect. Once per turn I can perform an additional Normal Summon of a Constellar monster. I summon ‘Constellar Kaus’!” A third warrior in silver armor jumped in front of Starlight, this one wielding a large silver and gold bow (1800/700). Starlight pointed at Kaus. “I activate Kaus’ ability. Up to twice a turn I can increase the level of a Constellar monster by 1. I boost the level of Aldebaran.” Kaus turned and fired an arrow at Aldebaran. The knight glowed gold as it was struck (Level 3 → 4).

Starlight stretched her hand up. “And now, I overlay Constellar Aldebaran and Constellar Kaus! Using my two Level 4 monsters, I construct the overlay network!” The watching students began to applaud and cheer. Starlight’s two monsters turned transparent, their images outlined in gold. Within each of them a spark of gold light floated out and began to orbit them, leaving streaks of light in the air. Starlight grinned as the two forms slid together into a mass of gold light. “By the light of the bull and the light of the archer, open a path to the cosmos and gallop to a shining new star!” Starlight’s Extra Deck ejected her card and she picked it up. “I Xyz Summon ‘Constellar Omega’!” The golden light burst, revealing a centaur in gold and silver armor with the two sparks of gold light circling it (2400/500).

“I think I’ve done enough for now, so I’ll end my turn.” Starlight crossed her arms. “Good luck, Twilight.”

“I don’t need luck.” Twilight stiffly drew her card as it ejected to begin her turn. She slid it into her hand and pulled out another. “I activate the Continuous Spell card ‘Lightsworn Sanctuary’.” Four golden pillars swirled into existence around Twilight and extended beams at their tops, banners hanging from them. “As long as this card is in play, each time a card is sent from my deck to the Graveyard, I can place a Shine Counter on my Lightsworn Sanctuary.

“Next, I activate the Spell card ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’. This lets me discard three cards from the top of my deck, and then I can add a Level 4 or lower Lightsworn monster to my hand. I choose ‘Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden’. However, she won’t be here long. I activate ‘Solar Recharge’ and discard Minerva to draw two cards, and then I discard the top two cards of my deck.”

Twilight slid her card into her duel disk and then drew the offered ejected cards. The auto-shuffler beeped and retracted two cards, slotting them out in her discard slot. “At this time I have activated the effect of Minerva. Since I sent her from my hand to the Graveyard, another card is discarded from the top of my deck.”

-Twilight’s Deck: 25 cards-

Starlight laughed. “You’re going to burn out your deck at this rate. But sure, go ahead, send all your cards to the Graveyard. It’ll save me time.”

“The Graveyard is a more reliable resource than the deck.” Twilight pushed her glasses up her nose. “I will demonstrate this with the effect of Lightsworn Sanctuary. Once per turn I can discard a Lightsworn monster in my hand and then retrieve another from my Graveyard to my hand. I discard ‘Ehren, Lightsworn Monk’ and retrieve ‘Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter’. I then set a monster in defense mode, and one card face-down. That will end my turn.” Twilight’s two holograms shimmered into place, their backs to Starlight.

“That’s all? A lot of talk for a whole lot of nothing?” Starlight drew with a smirk. “I’ll show you some real dueling. I summon ‘Constellar Algiedi’ and activate his effect to Special Summon ‘Constellar Acubens’ from my hand.” Starlight’s first monster descended from the golden portal above her, a slim figure in silver armor wielding a club with a blue gemstone set in it (1600/1400). Algiedi raised its club and fired a ray of light at the ground. Within the circle of light rose a second monster, a massive silver robot with a pair of glowing orange scissor claws (800/2000). “The effect of Acubens activates now, raising the attack power of all my Constellars by 500 points!”

Starlight pointed across the field. “Constellar Algiedi, attack!” The silver figure (1600 → 2100) ran forward and swung its club at Twilight’s facedown card, revealing a white wolf-like beast (200/100).

Twilight calmly reached to her duel disk and turned her card over. “Since you attacked Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, its effect activates. I destroy one card on the field, and then send the top three cards of my deck to the Graveyard. I choose to destroy Constellar Leonis.” As Algiedi’s club drove Ryko down, the beast opened its mouth and fired a ray of light. Leonis exploded in a blast of sparks. Its task done, Ryko shattered into light. Twilight looked down as her deck beeped and retracted her cards to discard them.

“So you held off one attack, here comes another two! Contellar Omega and Constellar Acubens attack directly!” Omega (2400 → 2900) raised its hooves and stopped, sending a burst of light across the field. Acubens (800 → 1300) raised its scissor claws and fired one like a missile on a long cable. Twilight looked away as the two holographic attacks exploded in front of her.

-Twilight Life Points: 3800-

-Twilight’s Deck: 22 cards-

“And I’m not done yet. I overlay my Acubens and Algiedi. Using my two Level 4 monsters I construct the overlay network!” Starlight’s two monsters slid together and lit up. “By the light of the crab and the light of the goat, open a path to the cosmos and gather the light of the stars!” Starlight held her card up before placing it on her duel disk. “I Xyz Summon the Rank 4 ‘Constellar Praesepe’!” Starlight’s newest monster burst out of the light, a burly knight in bright silver and gold armor with a massive pair of energy disks mounted on the back of its hands (2400/800). “I end my turn.”

“Very well.” Twilight drew and placed the card on her duel disk. “I activate another copy of Charge of the Light Brigade. I send the top three cards of my deck to the Graveyard and then add a Level 4 or lower Lightsworn monster from my deck to my hand.” Twilight held out her searched card. “The card I take is ‘Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner’.” Her duel disk beeped and a card in her Graveyard ejected. “Further, one of my discarded cards was ‘Wulf, Lightsworn Beast’. Since he was sent from my deck to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon him, and I shall do so with him in defense mode.” A muscular humanoid wolf rose onto Twilight’s field, its paws on the end of a club it had stuck into the ground (2100/300).

-Twilight’s Deck: 17 cards-

“Next I summon ‘Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner’.” A young woman clad in white robes appeared on Twilight’s field in a flash of light, two scarves fluttering in the air behind her (1000/1000). “I activate Lumina’s effect and discard a card to Special Summon a Lightsworn monster in my Graveyard. I Special Summon ‘Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn’ in defense mode.” A new monster appeared, a man in a dark blue cape with black pants, a pair of daggers strapped to his thighs (1700/1000). “I activate Raiden’s effect now and send the top two cards of my deck to the Graveyard.” Twilight’s duel disk beeped as her cards discarded. She tapped her touchscreen. “One of my discarded cards was ‘Lightsworn Judgment’. Since I discarded it, I can add a monster card from my deck to my hand.”

“I now activate the effect of Lightsworn Sanctuary. I discard ‘Shire, Lightsworn Spirit’ and return Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden to my hand. I then end my turn.” In front of Twilight, Lumina and Raiden lit up in gold light. “During my end phase the effects of Lumina and Raiden activate. Lumina sends three cards from my deck to the Graveyard and Raiden sends two."

-Twilight’s Deck: 10 cards-

“Man, she’s worse than I figured.”

“Does she even know how to attack?”

“She’s doing more damage to herself than to Starlight!”

The whispers of the crowd reached Twilight’s ears. She narrowed her eyes. They think this duel is all about damage and attacking. They’ll see on my next turn.

“I’ve gotta say, I expected to win, but this is too easy.” Starlight yawned as she drew and casually slipped her card into her card tray. “I summon ‘Constellar Pollux’.” A knight in spiked silver armor stepped out of Starlight’s summon portal, a sword with two parallel blades in its hand (1700/600). “I activate Pollux’s effect to perform an additional Normal Summon this turn, and summon ‘Constellar Siat’.” A small knight hopped onto Starlight’s field, eyes gleaming inside its helmet. It barely came up to the knees of her other monsters (100/1600). “I activate Siat’s ability, and let it copy the level of Constellar Pollux. And I’m sure you know what’s next.” Starlight smirked and held up her cards.

“I overlay the Level 4 Constellar Pollux and Constellar Siat! By the light of the twins and the light of the waterbearer, open a path to the cosmos and gallop to a shining new star! I Xyz Summon ‘Constellar Omega’.” Another centaur rose in front of Starlight from the merging of her two monsters. “But you know what?” Starlight grinned. “I think we can do one better this time. I think I’ll give him an upgrade! Using the Rank 4 Constellar Omega, I construct the overlay network!”

The crowd went wild as Starlight’s monster glowed brightly, a golden silhouette weaving in the air around it. “With the galaxy as your guiding light, gallop down the path to the cosmos and take flight among the brightest stars!” She thrust her fist into the air. “Rank-Up, Xyz Evolution!” Constellar Omega burst apart in rays of light, the rays striking the silhouette around them and filling it out. “Using a Constellar Xyz monster I control as the sole Xyz Material, I Xyz Summon the Rank 6 ‘Constellar Ptolemey M7’!” The shape shattered to reveal a large silver and gold dragon, wings of the night sky spread into the air and its tail coiling down and around Starlight (2700/2000).

“Constellar Ptolemey, lead the charge! Attack Lumina!” Starlight’s dragon opened its mouth and fired a ray of white light. Lumina raised her arms to defend herself as the light struck her in an explosion of light energy.

-Twilight Life Points: 2100-

“Omega, Praesepe, finished off her other monsters!” The two Constellars raised their hands together and fired twin beams of light across the field. Raiden and Wulf gleamed and exploded as the beams struck them each in turn.

“That’s it for me. I end my turn.”

“Good.” Twilight reached to her deck and drew.

-Twilight’s Deck: 9 cards-

“You know, I admit I almost feel bad about this.” Starlight sighed and shook her head. “Your first duel and you picked it with me. A shame it barely lasted three turns, and you couldn’t even scratch my Life Points. At least make this last turn count, Twilight.”

“I will.” Twilight nodded. “We agree on one thing, Starlight – this is the last turn. For you.”

The students watching burst out laughing. Starlight did the same. “Are you blind or just trying to make a joke? Take a look at the field, you have one Spell card that isn’t doing much, a face-down you would have used by now if it did anything worthwhile, and no monsters, whereas I have three of my best monsters out.”

“Your words show how unskilled at this game you really are.”

Starlight’s laughter stopped. “What was that?” she snapped.

“I don’t care what’s on the field, Starlight. I’m more concerned with what’s in your hand.”

Starlight looked down and turned her hands over. “You are blind, aren’t you? I don’t have any cards in my hand.”

“Exactly. You used them all. You got so caught up in an easy win that you overextended yourself. Once I get rid of your cards on the field, you’ll have nothing left to play but whatever you draw next turn.”

“Sure.” Starlight rolled her eyes. “Wiping out my field? I’d like to see you try.”

“Then watch closely.” Twilight tapped her duel disk’s screen. “I activate my Trap card ‘Glorious Illusion’. This lets me revive a Lightsworn monster in the Graveyard. I revive Lumina.” The robed woman rose up in front of Twilight again, her scarfs blowing out. “I activate Lumina’s effect and discard ‘Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue’ to revive Wulf, Lightsworn Beast. Then I summon Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden.” A young woman with red hair and white robes stepped onto Twilight’s field. She extended an arm and an owl flew out of the summon portal as it closed, perching on her forearm (800/200).

Twilight held her hand out. “And now, I tune my Level 3 Minerva with my Level 4 Wulf.”

Starlight stepped back, grimacing. “That card is a Tuner!?” Around her the crowd gasped.

Minerva split into three rings of green light arranged in a horizontal column. The rings moved to rotate around Wulf as it dissolved into four sparks of light. The rings spun faster and a bolt of light shot through the four sparks, growing to engulf the rings.

Twilight’s duel disk opened on its far end and a card slid out. “I bind together my two Lightsworn, and call forth from my Extra Deck this monster! I Synchro Summon the Level 7 ‘Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn’!” The pillar of light receded to reveal a large white dragon standing next to Twilight. On its head rode a knight in gleaming gold armor with wings extending from the back, a glowing white sword in its hand (2600/2000).

“I’m not done yet.” Twilight held up a card in her hand. “Remember how I was able to add a monster card to my hand when I discarded Lightsworn Judgement on my last turn? Well, it’s time to use it.” Twilight set her card on her card tray. “Using the power of the Lightsworns in my graveyard, I bind together four of them with different names so that I can Special Summon ‘Judgement Dragon’!” Another large white dragon flew out of a golden portal and landed on Twilight’s other side, wings withdrawing as it touched down (3000/2600).

“I activate the special effect of Judgment Dragon!” Twilight raised her hand and snapped her fingers. “I pay 1000 Life Points and destroy all other cards on the field!” Judgment Dragon opened its mouth and began to summon particles of light between its jaws.

-Twilight Life Points: 1100-

“What!?” Starlight gaped. “You idiot, you’re going to destroy your own cards, too!”

“Wrong.” Twilight held up her duel disk and tapped one of the cards there. “You should pay more attention to my cards, Starlight. Remember when I played Lightsworn Sanctuary, and I explained about its first effect? Every time I’ve sent cards from my deck to the Graveyard, Lightsworn Sanctuary gained a Shine Counter. Now it’s time to use them. Since Lightsworn cards I control are about to be destroyed by a card effect, I can remove two Shine Counters for each of them to prevent their destruction. I count three Lightsworn cards: Michael, Lumina, and Lightsworn Sanctuary itself. I need two counters for each of them, and Lightsworn Sanctuary has eight Shine Counters on it, so that’s two more than I need.”

The pillars around Twilight lit up in a golden barrier and sent out two rays of light, projecting the same barrier around Michael and Wulf. Judgment Dragon snapped its head down and fired a blast of light rays. The rays struck Twilight’s cards and dispersed into sparkles, ripples forming in the golden barriers. The rays reached Starlight’s field and pierced her monsters. Starlight watched with wide eyes as her three monsters exploded into showers of light, the remains raining down around her and fading.

“And now, it’s my turn to attack.” Twilight thrust her hand out. “Judgment Dragon, Michael the Arch-Lightsworn, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, attack Starlight directly!” Judgement Dragon fired a beam of light. Michael raised his sword and pointed in command for his mount to follow suit. Lumina raised her palms out and sent out two smaller rays. The three attacks swirled around each other and exploded in Starlight’s face.

-Starlight Life Points: 1400-

Starlight glared as the smoke cleared. “I’m not done yet!” she snarled. “You only have 1100 Life Points left, and I still have one more turn! I can turn this around!”

“Yes, you could,” Twilight said calmly. “As unlikely as it may be, the right draw would allow you to rebuild your field and wipe out my Life Points. Which is why I have to remove that possibility from the equation.” She snapped her fingers again. “I pay 1000 Life Points and once again activate the effect of Judgement Dragon.”

The dragon fired rays of light out. Twilight’s hair blew out behind her as Michael and Wulf exploded, and the pillars of Lightsworn Sanctuary crumbled around her.

-Twilight Life Points: 100-

“You’re insane,” Starlight hissed. “What does destroying your own cards accomplish?”

“I’ll explain the effect of Michael the Arch-Lightsworn now, if you have the patience to allow me. It’s common courtesy in this game.” The ghostly image of Michael appeared behind Twilight. “Since Michael the Arch-Lightsworn was destroyed by a card effect, I can select any number of Lightsworn monsters in my Graveyard and shuffle them into the deck, and recover 300 Life Points for each of them.” Twilight tapped her duel disk screen as a row of monster cards ran across it, her finger pressing to them in turn. “I choose to recover fifteen Lightsworn monsters.” She held up her duel disk as it lit up in white light. One by one cards retracted inside her duel disk from her Graveyard slot and emerged back on top of her deck. When the last card was placed they rapidly shuffled themselves.

Twilight lowered her duel disk. “During my end phase I activate Judgment Dragon’s effect, discarding four cards from the top of my deck. That will end my turn.”

-Twilight Life Points: 4600-

-Twilight’s Deck: 20 cards-

The crowd was silent. Starlight’s duel disk beeped and ejected the top card of her deck. She ignored it, staring across the field with her mouth hanging open.

“You just took out almost all my Life Points in one turn… and then you went from 100 points to 4600, and recharged your deck in the same move…” she whispered.

“You could have won this duel, if you made better decisions,” Twilight replied. “But you were so busy thinking this was an easy win that you made several misplays. I spent my time getting my cards into play for my final turn, but you never thought ahead more than the next turn and your next attack. That is why you lost, Starlight. Not because I drew better cards or you drew terrible ones. Because I knew how to use my cards properly, and you didn’t.”

“You’re right…” Starlight looked down at her duel disk and the card being offered for her draw. She reached down and put a finger on the edge of the card to slide it back into place.

“I surrender this duel.”

Twilight looked at her duel disk display The word ‘FORFEIT’ appeared over Starlight’s portrait as it lit up red. Starlight’s portrait and field dissolved and Twilight’s portrait grew to fill the screen, the word ‘WIN’ under it. Twilight’s new record appeared as the word dissolved: 1-0.

“She just beat Starlight in three turns…”

“Are we sure Starlight didn’t throw the game?”

Twilight’s ears twitched at the murmurs of the crowd. She turned her head and saw several of them fall silent at her gaze. She reached to her duel disk and gathered up her cards, then turned it off. The hard light card tray faded and her deck cycled back into the card tray and shuffled.

Across the cafeteria, Starlight collapsed back into a chair, staring down at her still-active duel disk.

“Twilight!” Twilight turned her head as a girl with red and purple hair ran up to her. “You just beat one of the best duelists in the school!”

“Yes. I did.”

Someone else in the crowd shouted, “How did you do that?”

Twilight closed her eyes and pushed her glasses up, her brows creased in annoyance. “I played the game better than her.” She looked at the clock on the wall. “Pardon me, class begins in five minutes.” She turned and left the cafeteria, the crowd parting for her as she passed.

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