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Duelists of the Friendship Cup - DrakeyC

Friendship Games is retold, but with less academics and athletics and more card games.

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Cybernetic Revolution - Rainbow Dash vs Indigo Zap (Part 2)

Duelists of the Friendship Cup

Cybernetic Revolution – Rainbow vs Indigo Zap (Part 2)

“There they are!” Rarity pointed out the window as they passed by. Sunset paused and looked out at the distant back field.

“Rainbow isn’t doing so well.”

“Then let’s get down there and support her!” Rarity replied, pulling her down the hall.

-Rainbow Life Points: 5900-

-Indigo Life Points: 7900-

Rainbow glared as her duel disk beeped and ejected a card. “I’m not out of this by a long shot,” she snapped, grabbing the card and drawing it out. She slid it into her hand and picked another. “I summon U.A. Midfielder again, and return it to my hand to Special Summon ‘U.A. Rival Rebounder’.”

A glowing portal on the ground in front of Rainbow spread open, and as she reached to place Rival Rebounder’s card onto her duel disk, her display buzzed and flashed red. “Huh?”

Indigo raised a hand. “You might wanna pay attention to my Whip Crosser from now on.” She gestured to the motorcycle rider, now glowing bright yellow. “Whip Crosser is Level 7, so whenever you want to use the effect of a monster of a lower level than Whip Crosser, you need to pay three hundred Life Points.”

Rainbow grit her teeth. “You’ve gotta be kidding me. Fine, I pay!” She tapped her duel disk screen to confirm. “And as I was saying, I’ll summon Rival Rebounder to the field!” The portal flashed green and a figure in bright white basketball padding rose from it, orange lines lighting up his padding as he raised his head (2200/2300).

-Rainbow Life Points: 5600-

She held out her hand. “And now, I tune my Level 2 X-Saber Pashuul with my Level 6 Rival Rebounder!”

X-Saber Pashuul lit up green and split into three rings that rotated and floated around Rival Rebounder. Rival Rebounder glowed orange as a column of yellow light rose around it.

“I sync up the blade of the knight and the ball of the athlete, and bring out a grand new titan!” Rainbow grabbed her card and slapped it on her duel disk. “Rise up, Level 8, ‘Colossal Fighter’!”

The light receded, revealing a massive figure in thick beige armor. It stood up, light gleaming off a green visor over its eyes, and crossed its arms (2800/2000).

Indigo smirked. “Not bad.”

“You think he’s cool now, wait until you see him up close!” Rainbow pointed across the field. “Colossal Fighter, attack F.A. Sonic Meister!” Colossal Fighter bellowed and charged across the field, arm raised.

“You dunce!” Indigo snorted and smirked. “Since it’s the battle phase, my Circuit Grand Prix field gives my monsters two more levels, and Sonic Meister gets stronger than your monster!” Sonic Meister’s driver grinned as its engine revved louder, tires squealing (Level 8: → 10, ATK: 2400 → 3000).

“Good for you,” Rainbow replied. “Too bad my Colossal Fighter has a boosting effect too. He gets an extra hundred attack points for every Warrior-type monster in the Graveyard.” She held up her duel disk. “I count four – Midfielder, Goalkeeper, Pashuul, and Rival Rebounder. How’s that for some math?”

Indigo’s smirk fell. “Dang.”

Colossal Fighter (2800 → 3200) jumped up and descended, slamming a massive fist into the front of Sonic Meister. The race car buckled and bent on the front axle, snapping up into the air in a shower of shrapnel, and then exploded.

-Indigo Life Points: 7700-

Colossal Fighter jumped back in front of Rainbow. She flipped up a card from her hand. “I’ll set one card down and end my turn.”

Indigo nodded. “Good, my move.” She drew and then reached to her hand. “I’ll start with a Spell card you should recognize, Mystical Space Typhoon. It destroys your face-down card.” Rainbow frowned as Indigo’s card hologram sent a cyclone across the field. In front of Rainbow, ‘U.A. Penalty Box’ flipped up and shattered.

Indigo reached her hand over to her duel disk screen. “Now that your field is looking clear, I activate the effect of F.A. Test Run in my Graveyard. By banishing Test Run, I can destroy a card on my field.” Indigo looked around. “I think we need a change of venue, so I’ll destroy F.A. Circuit Grand Prix.”

With a series of explosions along the asphalt, the track around the field cracked apart and dissolved into green and orange dust.

“Why would you get rid of your own Field card?” Rainbow asked.

“It’ll be worth it. First, I activated the effect of Test Run in my Graveyard, so my F.A. Whip Crosser gains a level. Then, the effect of Test Run lets me Special Summon an F.A. monster from my deck. I summon ‘F.A. Turbo Charger’.”

A bright yellow portal opened on the track behind her and a massive monster truck rolled out, painted bright purple with glowing yellow exhaust pipes emerging from its hubcaps and the sides of its cabin. It rolled up next to Indigo, looming over her (Level 6, 0/1500).

Indigo’s duel disk beeped and she tapped a prompt. “Since F.A. Circuit Grand Prix was destroyed by a card effect, I can use its effect to add an F.A. card from my deck to my hand. I’ll take this, ‘F.A. City Grand Prix’. That’s another F.A. Spell effect that activated, so Whip Crosser and Turbo Charger both gain a level.” Whip Crosser (Level: 7 → 9) and Turbo Charger (6 → 7) glowed brightly.

“Then, let’s give them a new road to try out. I activate the Field Spell F.A. City Grand Prix!” Indigo slipped her card on her duel disk with a grin. A wave of energy rippled out from around her. City streets with painted crosswalks and streetlights traced around them, transparent holograms of scenic buildings rising up from the ground. When the field was completed, the streetlights simultaneously lit up green.

“Since I just activated—”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Rainbow muttered, waving her hand. “Another F.A. Spell, another level on all of them, I get it. You don’t need to remind me every time.”

“Hey, do I interrupt you when you’re rambling off what your cards do?” Indigo snapped. “Anyway, as I was saying, this Spell gives all of my F.A. monsters a boost of two levels during both the Battle and Main Phases, and it prevents you from targeting them with effects.”

“Uh-huh. So now’s the part where you attack, right?”

Indigo scowled. “Well, if you’re so impatient, let’s cut to it! F.A. Whip Crosser, attack Colossal Fighter!”

Whip Crosser (Level: 12, ATK → 3600) drove forward and popped a wheelie, sailing into the air and slamming into the chest of Colossal Fighter. Colossal Fighter fell back and shattered over Rainbow’s head.

-Rainbow Life Points: 5200-

“Colossal Fighter’s effect activates!” Rainbow called. “When it gets destroyed, I can revive a Warrior-type monster in my Graveyard. I’ll bring back Colossal Fighter itself, in defense mode.”

“He ain’t coming back for free!” Indigo called. “Whip Crosser is Level 12 now, so your monster’s effect costs you three hundred Life Points!”

“Worth it!” Rainbow slapped her palm on her touch screen and Colossal Fighter rematerialized kneeling in front of her.

“That’s debatable, ‘cause he won’t be here long!” Indigo pointed. “Turbo Charger, take him out!” Turbo Charger (Level: 10, ATK: 3000) roared onto the field, tires tearing up the grass in clumps. It slammed into Colossal Fighter and sent it tumbling back before it shattered again.

“And I’ll use his effect again.” Rainbow tapped her screen.

-Rainbow Life Points: 4600-

Indigo put a hand on her hip. “If you’d summoned him in attack mode, you could have kept him around and saved yourself some points.”

“Yeah, but you might have pulled out another Spell to make your monsters gain levels,” Rainbow replied. She grinned. “Besides, he still did what he needed to do.”

“Kneel there and let me destroy him?”

“Exactly.” Rainbow flung her hand out. “Using the effect of Colossal Fighter, I revive my U.A. Rival Rebounder!” The armored basketball player rose in front of her, eyes narrowed.

“By the way, this activates my Rival Rebounder’s effect. Since I summoned him on your turn, I can summon another U.A. monster from my hand or the Graveyard. And I’ll bring back from the Graveyard my U.A. Goalkeeper!” Another portal opened beside Rival Rebounder and the armored soccer goalie came out, hunched down with arms spread.

-Rainbow Life Points: 4300-

“Go ahead, the more effects you use the more points you burn.” Indigo shrugged. “But, hey, it’s not my job to tell you how to play. Me, I’ll just set one card and call it a turn.”

“I don’t need you to tell me how to play!” Rainbow replied as she drew. “Here, lemme show you what I’ve got waiting!” She turned her drawn card over and grinned. “Well, that wasn’t part of the plan, but it just got even sweeter. I activate the Field Spell U.A. Stadium!”

A wave of light around the field rose into the air, tracing out another set of bleachers around the outside of Indigo’s race track.

“Now that it’s in play, I return U.A. Rival Rebounder to my hand, to Special Summon U.A. Midfielder!” Rival Rebounder turned into light and shifted into the form of Midfielder kneeling. “Then I offer U.A. Goalkeeper as tribute and Normal Summon Rival Rebounder to the field again.” Goalkeeper dissolved and its armor pads lit up, shifting into Rival Rebounder’s armor as it appeared within it.

“Normal Summoning Rival Rebounder triggers his effect again, summoning a U.A. monster from my hand. I summon ‘U.A. Playmaker’!” A football player in shining silver pads appeared in front of her, streams of energy glowing orange around it.

“Since I Normal Summoned a U.A. monster, the effect of U.A. Stadium lets me add a U.A. monster from my deck to my hand.” Rainbow’s deck ejected the card into her fingers and she flipped it over to show Indigo. “I’ll take this, ‘U.A. Dreadnought Dunker’, and I’ll return U.A. Midfielder to my hand to summon him.”

Between Rainbow’s first two monsters materialized a muscular basketball player in dark blue and black pants and a thick silver and orange chestpiece (2500/1800).

“All those monsters effects are gonna keep costing you,” Indigo warned.

“I know,” Rainbow replied, not even looking at her buzzing duel disk as she pressed her finger to the prompt.

-Rainbow Life Points: 3400-

“Now that I’ve Special Summoned a U.A. monster, the second effect of U.A. Stadium boosts all of them an extra five hundred attack points.” Rainbow thrust out her hand. “And with all that taken care of, I attack your F.A. Turbo Charger with U.A. Playmaker!”

Playmaker (2600 → 3100) hunched forward and charged across the field, leaning with one of its broad shoulders. It barreled into the front bumper of Turbo Charger, the steel buckling with a loud metallic crunch. The monster truck tipped back on its rear wheels and then over onto its back, the chassis crumbling as it exploded.

-Indigo Life Points: 7600-

Indigo snorted. “You’re down to less than half your Life Points and you’ve barely scratched mine. I’ve seen Crystal Prep students who can duel better in their sleep! And provide wittier banter, too.”

“Careful what you wish for!” Rainbow replied with a smirk. “U.A. Dreadnought Dunker, attack F.A. Whip Crosser!” Dreadnought Dunker (2500 → 3000) held up a hand, an orb of blue energy gathering from its fingertips.

“You dunce!” Indigo groaned. “It’s the Battle Phase, so all my F.A. monsters get two more levels. That puts Whip Crosser at Level 12 again, stronger than Dunker!”

“Not quite.” Rainbow reached for her duel disk and pressed her finger to a screen prompt. “I’ll pay that three hundred Life Points to Whip Crosser to use Playmaker’s effect. When another U.A. monster attacks, Playmaker can give up eight hundred of his own attack points and transfer them to my other monster!”

Indigo’s eyes widened. “What!?

“Do you need me to repeat that?” Rainbow asked coyly. “Here, lemme just demonstrate!”

Playmaker (3100 → 2300) held its palms out towards Dreadnought Dunker. Streams of orange energy flowed out of its armor and into Dunker’s, causing it to glow brighter. Dreadnought Dunker (3000 → 3800) grinned, spun in place, and hurled the ball of energy it held across the field. The orb struck Whip Crosser (3600) and blew right through it, leaving a gaping hole along the length of the motorcycle before it exploded.

-Rainbow Life Points: 3100-

-Indigo Life Points: 7400-

“Oh yeah, and you might wanna know about Dreadnought Dunker’s effect.” Rainbow jerked her thumb at her monster. “When he deals damage to your Life Points, a card on your side of the field gets destroyed. So I’m nuking F.A. City Grand Prix!”

Indigo stepped back and grimaced as the race track dissolved around her. She looked at her duel disk and reached to the screen. “When F.A. City Grand Prix is destroyed, I can add an F.A. card to my hand.” She picked up the card that popped out. “I’ll take ‘F.A. Auto Navigator’.”

Rainbow counted on her fingers. “Let’s see, you had two monsters before, I had three, two have attacked… huh.” She folded her fingers down, leaving one up. “Guess what comes next!” She pointed across the field. “U.A. Rival Rebounder, direct attack! And just like with Dreadnought Dunker, I’ll use Playmaker’s effect to power it up.”

Rival Rebounder (2200 → 2700 → 3500) held its hands together and summoned another orb of blue energy, and Playmaker (2300 → 1500) threw its own smaller orb of red energy into it. Rebounder jumped and flung its hands down, sending the two-colored attack flying at Indigo. She looked away as the orb struck the ground at her feet and exploded in a cloud of smoke.

-Indigo Life Points: 3900-

“I’d say that scoreboard is looking a little more even now.” Rainbow crossed her arms. “How about that?”

As the smoke on the other side of the field cleared, Indigo reached up and wiped the corner of her mouth. She grinned crookedly. “Yeah…okay then. Now you’ve got my attention.”

“Cool, because I’m gonna win on my next turn and I don’t want you to miss it.” Rainbow winked. “For now, I’ll end—”

“Hang on.” Indigo pressed a hand to her duel disk. “Before you end your turn, I activate my Trap ‘F.A. Overheat. This lets me summon an F.A. monster from my hand.” She placed the card on her duel disk. “I’ll play this, ‘F.A. Hang-On Mach’, in defense mode.”

A glowing portal next to Indigo opened. A hovering motorcycle, pale blue and silver, drove out, the driver ducked down behind the windshield.

“Whatever.” Rainbow shrugged. “Would have been handy like, ten seconds ago, to block my attack. But hey, it’s not my job to tell you how to play.”

“The difference is that one of us doesn’t need the help. My turn.” Indigo drew, holding her card out. “I activate the effect of F.A. Overheat in my Graveyard. By banishing it, I can activate F.A. City Grand Prix from my Graveyard.”

“Again?” Rainbow rolled her eyes as the race track traced out along the field again.

Indigo ignored her. “I activated two F.A. cards, so Hang-On Mach gets two more levels, plus two from my field. That brings it to Level 8. Next I’ll activate ‘F.A. Pitstop’. This decreases Hang-On Mach’s level by two, and then I can draw a card.” As she drew, Indigo nodded towards Hang-On Mach. “Although, since I just used another F.A. card, it goes up once more. That makes Hang-On Mach Level 7.”

She took another card from her hand. “And now everything is set for this! Since I have an F.A. monster with a level higher than its normal level, I can Special Summon ‘F.A. Auto Navigator’ from my hand!”

A small cylinder rolled out in front of Indigo and unfurled into a tablet computer. Its screen lit up, projecting the holographic image of a small woman in a pink dress with a parasol and bushy blue hair (0/0).

Indigo looked down at the hologram. “When I summon Auto Navigator with its own effect, the F.A. monster I chose for its effect is lowered back to its original level, and Auto Navigator’s level becomes the amount it lost. Since Hang-On Mach is Level 7, it goes down to Level 4, and Auto Navigator becomes Level 3, plus two more from my Field Spell. Also, the effect of Auto Navigator lets me add ‘F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix’ to my hand.”

Rainbow tilted her head. “You spent this whole duel so far pumping your levels up higher and higher, and now you’re keeping them low?”

“Yes. For this!” Indigo held her hand in the air. “I tune the Level 5 F.A. Auto Navigator with the Level 4 F.A. Hang-On Mach!”

Rainbow’s jaw dropped. “That thing is a Tuner!?”

Auto Navigator glowed green and separated into five glowing rings. Hang-On Mach hovered higher into the air and glowed orange as the rings came along it, energy crackling between them. Indigo tilted her head back to look up at them, a hand above her duel disk. “I link together the avatar of speed and the hoverbike of speed, and together they accelerate towards a titanic new form!” Her monster ejected from her duel disk and she seized it and placed it on the card tray. “Synchro Summon! Roll out, Level 9, ‘F.A. Motorhome Transport’!”

The ground shook and the race track behind Indigo cracked apart and lifted into the air, revealing the doors of a lift platform built into the ground. The platform rose into Rainbow’s view, carrying a massive white truck, orange and blue stripes painted along the sides. Retracted ramps were built into the sides, and vehicle maintenance bays were visible through the windows. The truck ground to a halt, the cab hissing, and two large mechanical claws lifted out from the sides and clanked together (0/3000).

“W-whoa…” Rainbow swallowed heavily. “That’s a big one.”

“You’ve no idea,” Indigo replied. “First, as you might have guessed from its stats, F.A. Motorhome Transport has the same effect as my other F.A. racers, namely that his attack power is equal to its Level times three hundred. It’s currently Level 9, and then rises two more from my Field Spell.” Motorhome Transport revved its engine and glowed orange (ATK: 3300).

“Next I Normal Summon an oldie but a goodie, F.A. Sonic Meister.”

A ramp on Motorhome Transport lowered and the silver race car wheeled out to the ground (0/1000).

Indigo held up a card. “One card left to play, Rainbow. Care to guess what it does?”

Rainbow scowled. “It’s an F.A. Spell to power up Sonic Meister.”

“Close.” Indigo swung the card onto her disk. “It’s the Spell card ‘Galaxy Queen’s Light.” Around the finish line of Indigo’s race track, spotlights materialized on scaffolding and shone on her two monsters.

“I select a Level 7 or higher monster, and for the rest of this turn, all other monsters I control become the same Level as it!” She thrust her hand towards Sonic Meister. “With the boosting effect of my F.A. Circuit Grand Prix, my F.A. Motorhome Transport is Level 11, so Sonic Meister becomes Level 11, and then gains two more levels from the Field too!”

The spotlights intensified their glow, streams of energy coming from them. They wrapped around Sonic Meister and the car glowed a bright silver (Level: 13, ATK: 3900).

Indigo grinned and pointed across the field. “Battle phase! Sonic Meister, attack U.A. Rival Rebounder!”

Sonic Meister’s engine roared and it skipped across the field, flame trails in the wake of its tires. It slammed into Rival Rebounder and sent it tumbling backwards, its armor sparking and falling apart around it as it rolled. It stopped and dissolved into light.

-Rainbow Life Points: 2700-

“Since Sonic Meister destroyed a monster in battle, it can attack again! Take out Dreadnought Dunker!” Sonic Meister’s tired screeched and smoked as it turned in place and jetted in front of Rainbow to strike Dunker, the monster dissolving on impact.

-Rainbow Life Points: 2600-

“And there’s still Motorhome Transport!” Indigo levelled her finger at Rainbow’s last monster. “Attack Playmaker!”

Motorhome Transport’s horn blared and it slowly rumbled across the field. It stopped in front of Playmaker, and the football star looked up at the truck’s claws as they descended on it. They grabbed Playmaker by the shoulders, lifted it into the air, and swiftly slammed it into the cab’s grill. Rainbow looked away as Playmaker exploded in a shower of sparks.

-Rainbow Life Points: 800-

“With the attacks done, I end my turn, and Sonic Meister returns to Level 4, plus two from City Grand Prix.” Indigo rolled her neck as her two monsters drove back into position behind her. “How about you save yourself the trouble and just end your turn so I can attack and win this?”

“You wish!” Rainbow yelled. “You afraid I’m gonna turn it around?”

“Nope.” Indigo shook her head. “By my count, the only card left in your hand is U.A. Midfielder. Sure, you still have your Stadium in play, and there’s some decent combos you could try depending on what you draw. But it won’t be enough. I have almost half my Life Points, the effect of City Grand Prix prevents my F.A. monsters from being targeted by your card effects, and Motorhome Transport itself cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects because of its own effect.

“Your best combo was that Synchro revival trick to swarm the field, but I can’t think of a Synchro that could end this in one more turn, and even if there was, you’d still need to get a Tuner out and summon it.” Indigo held up her hands. “Even at my best, I couldn’t play my way out of this no matter what I drew.”

“Yeah, well, that’s you!” Rainbow growled. “I’m me, and I still have a turn to take, which means there’s still hope of taking you down!” She clenched her fist and brought it over her chest. “I’ve kept up with you just fine until now, even pulled ahead for a little bit. That says to me that for all your talk and fancy rare cards, your deck isn’t all that better than mine.”

Rainbow’s eyes flashed and her body began to glow bright blue. “And if you and I are an equal match, then I say that until my Life Points hit zero, this duel isn’t over!

On the stairs from the parking lot, Sunset gasped and stumbled, tripping down the steps. Rarity gasped and ran to her, kneeling. “Sunset?”

Sunset’s eyes were wide as she clenched a hand in the grass. Again?

“Hey, you okay?” Sunset turned her head. The voice had come from the Crystal Prep bench, but it wasn’t directed at her – the girls sitting on the bench were staring at the one of them standing up and watching the field.


“My turn!” Eyes blazing blue, Rainbow raised her duel disk and drew, the card flashing blue in her hand. She looked at her new card and then reached to the lone card in her other hand. “I summon U.A. Midfielder, in attack mode!” Rainbow’s monster appeared in front of her, hunched over and ready to move. “And since I just summoned a U.A. monster from my hand, I can Special Summon the Tuner monster ‘U.A. Strategist’!”

Next to Midfielder rose a monster in a silver uniform with blue and orange stripes, a clipboard under one arm and a whistle dangling from its neck. The monster raised its head, eyes staring sharply under a white baseball cap, and let out a grunt (1000/600).

At the stairs, Rarity gaped. “Sunset? I don’t believe Rainbow has used that card before, has she?”

Sunset’s hand shook as she pushed herself to her feet. No, she hasn’t.

“I activate U.A. Strategist’s special ability!” Rainbow held up her duel disk as cards began to emerge from her Graveyard. “Once per turn, I can return up to three U.A. monsters in my Graveyard to my deck, and a U.A. monster on my side of the field can gain or lose a Level for each of them.” The transparent images of Rival Rebounder, Dreadnought Dunker, and Playmaker appeared above Strategist. “I return three monsters to my deck, and have U.A. Strategist gain three Levels, making it Level 6!”

Strategist raised its whistle and blew into it; at the sound, the specters of Rainbow’s monsters flowed into it in flashes of blue light.

“And now, I Tune my Level 6 U.A. Strategist with my Level 4 U.A. Midfielder!”

Strategist’s whistle echoed as it turned into six green rings that floated into the air. Midfielder rose up into them as they began to spin. A pillar of blue light shot down through the rings.

“I unite brains and brawn, coach and player, and call in the unparalleled master of the field!” Rainbow’s duel disk popped open and a new card materialized in her Extra Deck. She grabbed it and held it up. “Meet a superstar like no other! Rushing in, Level 10, ‘U.A. Marvel Victor Prime’!”

The pillar of light receded, revealing a darkened form floating in the air. Around the field, the lights of Indigo’s track darkened, and spotlights on U.A. Stadium swung around, shining on the monster. Clad head to toe in a silver bodysuit with glowing blue and orange stripes up the sides, it hung ominously in the air. The monster raised its head, scruffy blond hair blowing in the wind, and dropped to the ground, landing on its feet. It held a hand to the side and a pair of orange sunglasses appeared in its fingers; it slipped them on, grinned, and reared up to its full height, arms crossed (2700/2500).

Indigo’s eyebrows lifted. “Not a bad show to go out on, at least.”

“You tell me,” Rainbow replied. She pressed her fingers to her duel disk and another card ejected from her Graveyard. “I activate the effect of U.A. Penalty Box in my Graveyard. By banishing it, I can add a U.A. Spell from my deck to my hand. I’ll take ‘U.A. Powered Jersey’ and equip it to Victor Prime!”

Victor Prime held its arms out. A set of black and red armor with massive spikes, electricity sparking from them, appeared around it. One by one the pieces gravitated onto Victor Prime, the armor’s red sections lighting up once complete, forming a large spiked chestpiece and gauntlet.

“U.A. Powered Jersey gives the equipped monster an extra thousand attack points, and battle damage you take from the monster wearing it is doubled.” Rainbow thrust her hand out, a blue aura over her entire body. “So without any further delay Victor Prime, attack Sonic Meister!”

Victor Prime (2700 → 3700) tensed its limbs and leapt into the air. Lightning coiled from the spikes of its armored jersey and into its gauntlet. With a laugh, it brought its arms together and thrust them forward, firing a beam of blue energy. The beam lance through Sonic Meister (1800) and the race car exploded. Indigo cried out as the shockwave of the blast washed over her.

-Indigo Life Points: 100-

“Now that the monster wearing the Powered Jersey has destroyed your monster in battle, its second effect activates – it can attack again!” Eyes glowing bright blue, Rainbow pumped her fist and pointed. “U.A. Marvel Victor Prime, attack F.A. Motorhome Transport!”

Victor Prime, fists still held out, turned them towards Motorhome Transport. With a smirk, another beam of blue light fired.

The blast pierced Motorhome Transport’s cab through the grill. The mechanical arms sparked and fall apart to the ground. The length of the truck shook, panels bursting and windows shattering, before the entire length collapsed and exploded.

-Indigo Life Points: 0-

Rainbow’s eyes ceased glowing and she stumbled slightly. “Whoa…” She put a hand to her head. “That’s a rush.”

“You’re telling me!” Indigo ran up to her. “Right here!” Rainbow looked at her and grinned. When Indigo was close enough, she brought her hand forward and clasped Rainbow’s. “That was a heck of a duel.”

“You’re telling me,” Rainbow replied.

“Rematch after the tournament,” Indigo said, giving a small smile. “You got lucky this time.”

“Are you crazy?”

The two parted and turned their heads; Twilight was staring at Indigo. “Did you not see what happened?” Twilight demanded, pointing at Rainbow.

“She got a good topdeck and beat me.” Indigo held up her hands. “Eh, how the game goes sometimes. A win’s a win.”

“You…” Twilight shook her head, bringing her hands to her temples. “You can’t be serious…”

“Chill, Twi.” Indigo patted her on the shoulder as she walked toward the Shadowbolt bench. Twilight stayed in place, breathing deep.

Sunset cautiously approached. “Twilight?” At her voice, Twilight’s head snapped up to stare at her. Sunset took a step back.

Twilight swallowed heavily. “I know I’m not crazy. I know I’m not imagining things. What was that?”

Before Sunset could respond, Rarity stepped up next to her. “Wait. You saw that? What Rainbow did? And you remember it?”

“Glowing eyes, glowing deck, using cards that I am one hundred percent certain don’t exist? That’s hard to forget.”

“How is this possible?” Rarity looked at Sunset. “Sunset?”

Sunset looked around and rested her eyes on the school.

“I think we need to find somewhere private to talk.”

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