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I'm a simple anime trash man who occasionally writes things.

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New Chapter is Done! · 10:45am Aug 25th, 2018

Only took three months. Two of those were deciding if it was even worth it. And then suddenly I wrote 3,500 words in a night. I mean that literally by the way, it took a whole night. It's almost 7 am and I didn't sleep because I was doing the thing, just now. Should I have done that? Probably not. Am I happy I did that?

... yeah. Yeah, I think so. Right now, anyway. Hope you are, too.

More to come, hopefully?

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Just another thing I meant to do a while back but forgot on the pretense that it was just such an obvious thing to do that there was no way I was going to forget.

And thank you once again now for the watch!

No problem -- they all more than deserved the title! I meant to do it steadily as I read them one by one, but completely forgot so I went back and did it all at once. Sorry if I clogged up your notifications a bit, though...

Thank you very much for all the faves!

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