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Pokemon Turquoise Johto is back · 2:18am February 8th

That's right I finally got my inspiration back so that means I can resume the journey and the story.

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I’m working on a Pokémon story of my own. It’s titled “Sunset Shimmer’s Journey through Kalos”. Nine chapters are already written.

Turquoise beneath the Silver woke some feelings up inside me that I didn't know I had. Thanks to you, I realised I'm trans, and I'm okay with that.

Hi, foxmaster. I have a surprise for you. I just posted a video on YouTube titled "Flipnote intro to 'Pokémon Turquoise' ". It's my way of saying good work on that story.

I'm still working on the details for the contests in Johto. Please be patient with me.

When will we see Chapter 4 of “Pokemon Turquoise: The Johto Adventure”?

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