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We Try to read every Story. From Grammer, to spelling. Compliments to advice.

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Clears throat

Glory to Arstozka, Comrade Writers!

I need a proof reader. Is anyone willing to help

Would someone like to proof read my story Twilight loosens up pm if you are

Would someone please proof read my pulling heart strings story

Hey, anyone interested in proof reading my half life crossover fic? PM me if you are interested.

Hey uhh... can someone please proof-read my story? It's my first fanfic... well my first in terms of being on the internet that is... that and I'm kinda knew to this whole... "contributing to a fandom" thing :derpyderp2: ... I just want to know if it's... decent really... no scratch that I want to know if it's good. PM me at some point maybe? It's my OC's backstory and I want my first story to be... well let's shoot for the stars here, I basically want it to be amazing... well as amazing as I could make it... anyways I'm just hoping somepony could... help me get started.

Hi, I'm currently writing this story, I would like to get some opinions on it. If there is someone willing to read it, I would be very thankful. :twilightsheepish:

Could someone proofread for me? It's a sad one-shot about Fluttershy. If your interested, just PM me. Thanks:twilightsmile:

hey i need a proof read ti check out my story and help me fix any problems

Well I uploaded my first story into the first fanfic folder... I hope someone if they get the time will proof read? tell me if it sounds good? :twilightsmile:

Wrath of derpy, avoided :derpyderp2:

Alright I need help with my story :ajsmug:

I also require a proof reading :] many thanks

could you guys proof read my story?

need someone to proof read my story :twilightsmile:

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