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Psychotic ponies need love to ! >:)

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Derpy Hooves day today · 6:32pm January 21st

Today is Derpy Hooves day and my Bday!!

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Thank you for the favorite on Luna's Marehood! I really hope you'll enjoy it and drop an upvote.

If you liked that one, try Bone Daddy, it's in the same vein and you may find it just as heart warming.

Hope to see you on my discord.


Glad you liked Waifu!

Psssstttt! Hey! Hey you! Yeah you! I see you reading my stories and putting them in your libraries!.....

Thank you :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading The Secret Life of... Apple Bloom!


Hey, thanks for adding my story to your 'Two Starts' library. Hope it wasn't too bad to read. Until next time,

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