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I like Luna. I like MLP. And I like blood.

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To you clop lovers · 5:24pm Dec 21st, 2018

I have been considering something that I’m not entirely sure people will like. I have been deciding to keep clop out of my stories as much as possible, unless of course I’m writing a porn story (More on that in a moment). My idea is to put all of the clop from all of my stories that don’t already have it in one grouping, the title of the story it is from will be given to avoid confusion. I wasn’t sure weather or not you would like this so I’ve decided to ask you. Would you like this to happen,

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It’s going, but generally slowly, I’m working on it but there are other things that I need to work on and classes aren’t helping.

Is it ok to ask how is the story coming

Is it ok for you to do it please I don't know how to do it

Private message right is that you mean

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