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Mostly everypony knows that having other ponies read your stories is alot better then having yourself read it. (I know this from alot of times from other places) Plus, ponies can have great ideas but are not the best in grammar. Please be nice and still do constructive cristim. Also no over posting and no random comments. Thanks!

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Howdy I'm new to all this and I need some help with proof reading I know i made mistakes in the story but I'm kinda dumb and need help fixing it

I have a new story awaiting approval, I was wondering what I need to do to have it proofread by this group?

I need some help.

My proof reader has not logged in for awhile, so I would like to have someone look at the chapter for my fic, I can't start on the next one until I can publish the finished one. If someone would not mind being my proof reader,please contact me.

Ok so I need a proofreader for my story Here it is

Hello I need a proof reader for my first ever story

I need a new work proof read but it needs to be someone who knows something about MLP and Super Sentai.

can some one read my first story if so i will send you the code if you mail me :scootangel:

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i need some one to proof read the xcom project:last hope pm if interested?

hi I need someone to proof read night-at-the-the-musuem-secrets-of-the-sun-and-moon PM me if your interested

Can someone please proof read Light in our Souls? PM me if you're interested.

Hi im a new writer on this site and my first mlp fic can someone prof read it for me please pm me if you can or are interested

Can someone please proof read my story pm if interested

Hey could someone proof read for me? It's a sad one-shot bout Futtershy. Just PM if your interested. Thanks:twilightsmile:

I could use a proof reader for my story Ah miss ya... Thanks

Hey could I please get a proof reader to look at this story of mine? Also,if you find errors could you tell me what they are and where?
Acronyms everywhere

I need a proof reader for my first ever story.

I need a proofreader

If someones available for a quick read through I would appreciate it and can return it in kind :)
would someone kindly proofread this?
i suck at proofreading and kinda need some help with this. PM if interested
-signed, reign of mayhem

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